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Types of Flowers – Actually, there are so many types of flowers around the world. The 111 of them are on this list with a similar trait: Let’s check them out, shall we?

  1. Aconite

    Aconite Flower beautiful flowers

    Aconites are one of the first bulb flowers to bloom in the spring and are known for their cheerful yellow color.


  2. Anemone Flower

    beautiful flowers anemone
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    Anemone flower is a perennial that is able to flourish during spring, summer, and fall. What makes it so graceful is its delicate blush petals and prostrate or upright long stems.  Meanwhile, the leaves have plain shape with some sharp blades and toothed margins.

  3. Aster Flower

    beautiful pink flowers aster

    Aster uniquely has star shape, carrying a dazzling array of pleasant colors to your vast backyard garden during late fall and summer. It can thrive in varied zones and grow up from 8 inches to 8 feet.  The adorable perennial has lance-shaped leaves and is able to produce different kinds of shades of pink, white, red, and blue.


  4. Allium

    beautiful purple flower allium
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    At a glance, its bulb looks like a clove of shallot. It is not surprising because the plant is still in the onion genus. Allium is a minimalist flower—one stem can only have a single bulb, and extremely popular in a home garden. You can sow the seeds in autumn and watch it bloom in spring.


  5. Astilbe Flower

    beautiful flowers


  6. Aquilegia (Columbine Flower)

    beautiful flowers aquilegia

    Columbine flowers are categorized as the member of the buttercup family. The herbaceous perennial plants come in different types of colors such as pink, blue, yellow, purple, and red. . In a good condition, they can grow around 2 feet.


  7. Bird of Paradise

    beautiful plants
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    Bird of paradise is one of the most unique types of orange flowers. The actual bloom is shaped like a crane’s head, and the foliage has fan-like shape. Bird of paradise is a native flower of South Africa.


  8. Ballon Flower

    small flowers balloon flower
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    It’s not easy to grow these small purple flowers, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Balloon flowers look beautiful in your garden, and it can grow up to 3.5 feet high during all summer. The blooming does not look like a balloon, rather than it has balloon-like buds that grow into beautiful cup-shaped—if not trumpet-like petals.


  9. Black Eyed Susan

    beautiful flowers black eyed susan

    Black-Eyed Susan got its name from the distinctive dark center, which is surrounded by bright petals, Black-Eyed Susan is a sturdy flower that does not require too much attention. Although it needs proper moisture to grow beautifully.

  10. Bleeding Heart

    beautiful bleeding heart flowers

    Bleeding Heart flowers usually recognized as Lamprocapnos spectabilis is often found in northern China, Korea, Japan, and Siberia. The heart-shaped red flowers basically have some petals with two colors – the fuchsia-pink outer petals and white and bright white inner ones.


  11. Blanket Flower

    beautiful blanket flower

    The flower has a number of similarities with the daisy and comes with different shades such as pink, yellow, orange, and red. It’s no wonder; you will see numerous captivating butterflies sucking the nectar.


  12. Begonia Flower

    beautiful red flowers - begonia
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    Unlike most flowers, Begonia does not need too much sunlight. Begonia also does not need too much water and should stay away from the windy areas. The best place to grow them is in moist, well-drained soil and cool weather.


  13. Cherry Blossom

    beautiful flowers cherry blossom

    Cherry Blossom is also well-known as “Sakura” in Japan. The world has claimed that cherry blossom is the country’s national flower, especially since it just grows naturally there. Another flower that is also considered the same in Japan is chrysanthemum.


  14.  Cosmos Flower

    beautiful flowers cosmos flower

    The most beautiful parts of these pretty white flowers are their long stems and showy annuals. They are also bowl-shaped and greatly-cut, which attract birds and bees in the garden.


  15. Crocus Flower

    beautiful flower

    This small purple flower is among the few to bloom in early spring. Its tiny and cute shape looks almost like a bulb, except for a prettier color. It has rich purple petals that blend well with the golden throat and a sturdy green stem. To grow the purple crocus, you will need a well-drained soil and enough sunlight.


  16.  Crown Imperialis

    beautiful flowers crown flower

    Crown Imperialis or Fritillaria is also called with various names, such as “snake’s head” and “guinea hen,” because of the bloom’s unique shape. This flower blooms in spring and gardeners love it to create more distinctive look in a spring garden.


  17. Cokscomb Flower (Celosia)

    beautiful flowers cockscomb


  18. Camellia Flower

    types of flowers camellia flower


  19. Carnations

    beautiful flowers carnations flower

    Carnations coming with a scientific name called Dianthus would be your one of the most cherished flowers. Their colors vary from pink, dark red, green, and white, to purple. Best known as the flower of God, it has 5 beautiful petals and grows up to 8.5 cm in diameter.


  20. Calla Flower

    calla beautiful flowers


  21. Caladium

    beautiful plants
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  22. Daffodils

    beautiful orange flowers daffodils flower

    The daffodil flower has a unique appearance because it looks like a small trumpet resting on star-like large petals. The colors of the trumpet and star are sometimes different, creating distinctive color schemes. The small but bright daffodils are a common sight during spring and summer.


  23. Daisy Flower

    pretty purple flowers - daisy

    You may only familiar with the white daisy, but there are many types of other beautiful daisies, including the purple daisy. Among any other daisies, purple daisy can grow up to 4 feet tall and is considered as Echinaceas that mostly used in cold remedies.


  24. Dandellion

    beautiful flowers dandellion


  25. Dianthus Bright Eyes

    dianthus beautiful flower

    Dianthus is actually still related to the family of carnations. The unique part of this flower is its spicy fragrance. Coming in pink, purple, and white, dianthun can be grown in well-drained soil. They do not need so much sunlight, only six hours a day.


  26.  Diascia

    beautiful flowers diascia flower



  27. Echinacea (ConeFlower)

    beautiful flowers Echinacea


  28. Edelweiss Flowers

    Beautiful small flowers

    Hikers, mountain climbers…they all know Edelweiss. Before there was a warning no to pick them up on the edge of the mountain (for fear of reducing the population), many hikers had done so and given them to girlfriends as a sign of romantic gestures, sacrificial love.


  29.  Fuchsia Flower

    Beautifulflowers fuchsia flowers

    Fuchsia symbolizes a confiding love. It’s grown all year in tropical countries or throughout summer and autumn in four-season countries. Growing this flower, you need to be extra cautious since it’s susceptible. The plant needs adequate drainage and regular fertilization.

  30. Foxglove

    beautiful foxglove flower


  31. Forget me Not

    forgert me not flower beautiful


  32. Gerbera Flower (Transvaal Daisy)

    beautiful pink flowers garbera flower

    Gerbera that belongs to the genus of Asteraceae is originally from Africa, South America, and Africa. It features an immense capitulum and two-lipped ray florets having different types of colors such as pink, white, orange, yellow, and red.

  33. Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath)

    beautiful flowers baby's breath



  34. Grevillea (Spider Flower)

    beautiful flowers red

    Grevillea flower is one of the evergreen flowering plants that originate from the Oceania territories such as Australia, New Caledonia, and New Guinea. It has several common names such as spider flower, toothbrush plant, and silky road.

  35. Geissorhiza

    beautiful flowers blue flower


  36. Gentianella Hirculus

    beautiful small flowers
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  37. Gazania Flower

    beautiful gazania yellow flowers wikimedia



  38. Geranium (Cranesbill)

    pretty geranium flower pink


  39. Hellebore (Oriental Hellebore)

    beautiful purple flowers oriental hellebore



  40. Hepatica Flower

    beautiful hepatica flowers



  41. Hibiscus Flower




  42. Hyacinth




  43. Hydrangea

    the most beautiful flowers



  44. Hypericum Flower (st John’s Wort)



  45. Iberis (Candytuft Flower)




  46. Ipomoea Quamoclit (Cardinal Creeper)

    beautiful pink flowers


  47. Ipomoea Purpurea (Morning Glory)

    the most beautiful flowers garden
    google images



  48. Iris Flower

    Beautifulflowersflower iris flowers
    google images



  49. Ixora Flowers

    beautiful flowers ixora



  50. Jasmine Flower




  51. Kalmia Flower

    pretty kalmia flowers

  52. Kangaroo’s Paw Flower

    google images


  53. Kadupul Flower

    kadupul flower amazing flower


  54. Lilac

    beautiful purple flowers lilac



  55. Limonium Flower

    beautiful limonium flowers


  56. Lotus Flower

    beautiful pink flowers lotus flower




  57. Lavender

    beautiful purple flowers lavender
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  58. Lewisia Flower

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  59. Lily of the Valley (Convallaria Majalis)

    small white flowers beautiful



  60. Lisianthus Flower

    lisianthus beautiful flower


  61. Loosestrife


    beautiful yellow flowers loosestrife



  62. Love in The Mist

    pretty flower love in the mist


  63. Lantana

    beautiful small flowers lantana


  64. Lakspur (Delphinium Flower)

    blue flowers lakspur delphinium flowers 2
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  65. Marigold

    beautiful flowers marigold flower



  66. Mimosa

    beautiful flowers small mimosa


  67. Magnolia Flower

    beautiful flowers



  68. Mandevilla

    beautiful flowers pink flower mandevilla



  69. Nasturtium

    beautiful yellow flowers nastursium



  70. Oriental Poppy

    beautiful flowers oriental poppy flower


  71. Ornithogalum

    beautiful flowers Ornithogalum Umbellatum


  72. Orchid

    beautiful flowers


  73. Plumeria Flower

    google images

  74. Pasque Flower

    beautiful pasque flower


  75. Pansy Flower


    beautiful flowers pansy flower


  76. Protea Flower

    protea flowers beautiful



  77. Phlox Flowers

    beautiful flowers phlox flower

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