30+ Pictures of Roses That You Have to See (White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple & Orange)

Pictures of Roses – Red rose can bloom in varying shade of red, and of course with fragrant scent. Sometimes, people also related this different shade with different symbol. For example, bright red rose is to symbolize romance, on the other hand, burgundy signifies love that has to be realized yet.

Red rose become the right choice if you want to let other people know about your feeling of affection. It can be for friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, parents, someone who just celebrated a success, and many more. Whether it is sending a single rose or a bouquet of roses, red rose never miss to surprise people.

1. Red Roses

Based on history record, people started to know about red rose through the symbolic history in Greek and Roman iconography. It is tied to Venus, or Aphrodite, which is the goddess of love. When the Christian time comes, it is then related to the virtue of Virgin Mary.

After that period, Shakespeare then come and make red rose as a poetic standard. Added with the work from Gertrude Stein, red rose become the symbol of passionate affection. Since that time, red roses often appear in literature, poetry, classical work, or even in film.

Red rose can bloom in varying shade of red, and of course with fragrant scent. Sometimes, people also related this different shade with different symbol. For example, bright red rose is to symbolize romance, on the other hand, burgundy signifies love that has to be realized yet.

Red rose become the right choice if you want to let other people know about your feeling of affection. It can be for friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, parents, someone who just celebrated a success, and many more. Whether it is sending a single rose or a bouquet of roses, red rose never miss to surprise people.


Pictures Of Red Roses

pictures of flowers


2. Pink Roses

A study revealed that the first trace of pink rose is from fossils aged 40 million years ago. More recent historical evidence also found that pink rose originally grown in China’s Imperial rose garden started from 5,000 years ago.

Following this finding, pink rose keep showing in many other historical evidence. Pink rose is the very first variety of roses to cultivate. It is because this rose is the most common in the wild of many countries in the world.

Back in the Victorian era, pink rose usually used to decorate many things such as wallpaper or greeting cards. The use of pink rose keep growing widely in showing affection. As pink rose also has different shades of pink, people make use of it in making this flower show its true beauty through magnificent arrangement.

Pink rose is commonly used to show the feeling of thoughtfulness, sentiment, as well as passion. In some occasions, people also use pink rose to show contemporary color punch, as this flower can match any types of purpose. 

Pictures of Pink Roses

pictures of pink roses


3. Purple Rose

Purple rose is one of the most favorite among rose lovers. Since it has varying shade, each level can show different meaning as well. in general, purple rose means enchantment. It can also be inferred that people who give purple rose to someone wants to convey that they already fell in love with that person from the first sight.
Purple rose shows deep charm and magnetism. It makes almost all of the recipient could not resist what this flower seeks to convey. It means that the first meeting between the giver and the receiver is totally impressed the sender. The meaning of enchantment conveyed by purple rose also means that it suggest transcendental or fleetng. It also feels magical at the same time.
Besides enchantment, purple rose also has the meaning of glory, opulence, as well as majesty. From time to time, purple rose already known of its elegant and grandeur color. This flower also has strong emotion of enthrallment, more specifically at the very first sight.

Even though there is no indication of permanent feeling of this attraction, a deep impression is enough to make this flower suits that moment. Therefore, anytime you feel bowled by someone on your first meeting, you can give few purple rose to him or her.

Pictures of Purple Roses

the most beautiful purple flowers rose flower


4. Blue Rose

Blue rose is actually do not exist in nature. It just started in 2004, when scientists used genetic modifications in creating roses with blue pigment called delphinidin. It is because roses are lack of specific gene, which has the ability to produce a true blue color.

On the other hand, the conventional hybridization method actually resulted the blue moon color. In which, it is more accurately described as lilac color. A traditional way to make blue roses was even by dyeing white roses. Blue dye was placed in the bark of the roots so that it can absorb the color.
In many cultures, blue roses often related with blue royal blood.

As a result, blue roses also denote the regal majesty as well as splendor. In line with the absence in nature of this flower, people also symbolize blue roses with mystery and longing to attain the impossibility. Some cultures also said that the holder of blue rose is able to have his or her wishes granted in the future.
Even so, the term of blue roses already appeared in many literature works. For example, The Glass Menagerie play by Tennessee Willia had Jim make a nickname of Laura as ‘Blue Roses’. It happened after he misheard her explain that she had been out of school with peurosis.

Besides that, the blue rose term also appeared in the work A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. In that work, a character named Rahegar give it as a present to Lyanna. This present makes anyone who breath the fragrance will forget everything.

Pictures of Blue Roses


5. White Roses

People started to make use of white rose since 14th century. Mostly in England, white rose was used to show the heraldic sign of the Duke or York who faced off with the red rose (as the sign of Lancaster family). It gives the renowned War of Roses its name.

From that time, white rose grew and often symbolized with innocence and purity. These characteristics makes white rose associated with bridal bouquets and wedding ceremony.

Nowadays, white rose grows with being associates with both formal ceremony and pure love. Ot makes this flower has great and varying purpose of use. It is also a perfect decision to use white rose during formal ceremony such as anniversary, christening, or even graduation.
As you can see, white rose does not have vibrant color to upstage it. However, the structural beauty of this rose can be showed to its best advantage simply by making it a bouquet of elegant white rose. White rose can suit reverent occasions well. While at the same time, white rose also can fit the way you want to show honor to your friend or for the loved one during a new beginning or a farewell.
White rose stands in the highest place when it is related to show purity. Completed with its elegance, white rose never fail to convey respects. It is also a right decision to make this flower as a pays homage to a new start or even to express hope for the future.

Pictures of Roses


6. Yellow Roses

During the 18th century, people experienced the full swing of roses. However, at that time, the type of roses cultivated were only in the shades of pink and white. An evidence showed that the first trace of yellow rose found in the Middle East in the same century. Slowly, European started to grow their love affair with this yellow rose.
Nowadays, yellow rose is famous for its fragrance scent, however, the early yellow rose actually was lack of sweet scent. People who realize that this beautiful new variation of rose might not stand a long time in the market then keep developing special method to make this flower has stronger fragrance. Various method was developed and refined.
At last, people could find the best method and finally was able to make yellow rose has sweet and spicy rose scent. Soon, this new invention spread vastly. All good characteristics of flower had been achieved by yellow rose. It makes people grew more of their affection and love to this flower. During that time, yellow rose continually used to show optimistic and aromatic glory.
In present time, yellow rose usually associated with good cheer. This flower become the most perfect choice to toast friends, send general wish for well being, as well as to lift spirits. Besides that, yellow roses is also famous for its simple yet architectural beauty.
Yellow color also associated with the sun, as it has the life giving warmth. Yellow rose also can speak the warm feeling you have towards other. Specially in Eastern cultures, yellow roses represent the feeling of wisdom, joy, as well as power.

Pictures of Yellow Roses


7. Orange Roses

If yellow rose found in the 18th century, orange rose is way younger than that. Cultivators just began to experiment with crossbreeding of red and yellow roses in the turn of 20th century to create orange rose. When the method finally succeed, this invention bloomed widely throughout the world. It brought a fresh and modern looking look compared to the traditional flowers.

In a sudden, orange rose became the favorite choice on the rose scene. Moreover, this flower also has the perfect mix of classic and contemporary, which makes it a great gift to light up someone’s day.
As today there have been more and more color variation of roses, orange rose still gains its popularity during the bright summer months. This flower can show a sweet summer romance or wish for your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s birthday. As this flower suggests fire, glowing sunset and citrus, orange rose becomes the most perfect choice for summertime to bloom amazingly.

The unique and vibrant of this flower makes it able to bring invigorating energy of joyful occasions during summer.
The meaning has by orange color usually associates with friendly and emerging love of friendship. As this flower also gets the brave color from red rose, it also has fiery tones. It makes this flower indicates passion as well as intensity.

Orange rose is the perfect choice if you want to send any message of enthusiasm. The reason behind can be varying, such as love, friendship, gratitude, or even congratulations.
In addition, orange rose also has intense hue, which makes it a one of a kind charm. Sending a bouquet of orange rose to someone can be a perfect gift. Moreover, if you want to show that he or she is special person for you.

Pictures of Orange Roses


8. Black Roses

Black rose is one glorious rose with many symbols. In many fictions, it usually related with such meaning as black magic, black beauty, and many more. The black color of rose is actually caused by the combination of roses with very dark shade of red, maroon, or purple.

Other method to create this flower also from placing it in a vase of mixed water with black ink or blackened by certain method such as burning.
Based on the language of flower in the 19th century, black rose has the meaning of death, despair, and hatred. In some occasions, it also used to signify the rebirth or farewell for good. A true black rose is almost impossible to find in nature. Therefore, black rose also emphasize the utmost devotion and exclusivity in a relationship.
Regarding with romance, black rose also can represent a tragic story. Black rose almost never used to show happiness. In many samples of literature work, it always stands for sadness or even a type of relationship, which will would not work. Based from tarotology, black rose also has everything in opposite with white rose. Black rose represents ugliness, revenge, immortality, disrespect, and even state of despair.

Pictures of Black Roses

Even though black rose has such meaning as mentioned before, it often used as the spot light of many literature works. It often used as the title of many romantic novels. Some authors who used it are Nora Roberts, Debra Mullins, Christina Skye, as well as Harlequin. It also became the title of a song performed by Clear Light and Barrington Levy.

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