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animals that start with the letter s snake

Animals That Start with S – Due to the rapid development of the information, knowledge, and technology, it seems that the animal world is getting closer to us. Yes, it is now possible for the human to acknowledge and learn more about the animals even in the depth of the sea.

So, are you one of them who are interested to know those animals more? Below, there are some animals enlisted with the S initial. Of course, the uniqueness and the characteristic features are explained to improve your knowledge. What are they?

1. Squirrel

animals that start with s

Squirrel is a type of small mammals that eat insects. That’s why; this animal is also under the category of the insectivores. Although the body size is small, uniquely, this animal has the brain size that is relatively big. Even the ratio between the squirrel’s brain and body is bigger than it in the human.

Many people may refer the term of squirrel to a particular animal. However, scientists consider this name being for some other species. The squirrel itself is included in the genus of Scadentia together with some types of primates. Meanwhile, Kalimantan Island, Indonesia is known as the center of the various types of the squirrels with around 12 species from the total of 20.

2. Snail

animals that start with the letter s

The snail is a term used to mention some species in the family of Achantidae. Originally from eastern Africa and spreading all around the world, this mollusk is considered one of the worst invasive species on the earth. The animal indeed carries parasites except them used as the pets.

Snails are often found in humid areas like around the waters and plants. In some countries and cultures, snails are known as good and nutritious ingredients. They are even processed into many kinds of delicious foods.

3. Sheep

animals that statt with s

The sheep is one of the ruminants, known for its thick and long but curly hair. Later, the hair is processed to form the wool thread. Meanwhile, the meat and the milk are also consumed by the human. The most popular sheep is Ovis Aries or the domestic sheep, predicted to be the descendants of the wild Moufflon from central Asia.

Aside from the domestic sheep, there are 7 wild sheep that are divided into 40 varieties. This species is really close to the antelope goat in term of the physiology.

4. Seal


The seal is a big mammal from the order of carnivore living in the cool and low climate area. Initially, this animal is included in the order of Pinnipedia. However, this order has been switched into the super-family while the seal has been included in the sub-order of the Caniformia.

Commonly, this mammal has a big and slippery body. It can be adapted well in the aquatic habitat as seen from the legs and hands that look like the fins. The main foods of the seal are fishes along with any other smaller sea creatures.

5. Spider

pictures of animals that start with the letter s

The spider is one of the segmented animals or Arthropod with the main 2 segments, 4 pairs of the legs, and without wings. It is also classified into the order of Aranidae along with the scorpions and mites. Aranidae itself is the biggest order in the Arachnidan. It means that there are numerous species in it and many of them are called as the spider.

This animal is also considered having a very strong survival and it can be found in all continents around the world except Antarctica. They are carnivores and active predators with the prey from the realm of small insects.

6. Shark

animals letter s

Shark is a name of the super-order groups of the fishes with the complete cartilage skeletons. The body is quite slim and it breathes through the 5 or more gills. The body is also covered by a layer namely the dermal dentil skin. With the layer, the inner skin is protected from the damages and parasites as well as it improve their dynamics in the water.

The shark involves many species in various types and sizes starting from the Pygmy Shark with the length of only 22 cm to the whale shark of 12 meters. It eats plankton through the filter naturally installed on the mouth. The bull shark is considered the most popular species for its ability to survive in both the salt and freshwater.

7. Snake

animals that start with the letter s snake

Snake is a legless reptile, well-known for its long body. Meanwhile, there are scales all around the body just like the lizard. This animal is predicted for having passed through many phases of the evolution. Many scientists believe that the snake and lizard have the same ancestors.

In general, all snake species are carnivores. They eat other animals starting from the small ones like the frogs and rats to the big mammals like the goat and deer. Uniquely, it is able to eat the prey with the size of three times bigger than its own head. Based on many research, the snake is a kind of the most successful animals in term of breeding. It lives in almost all habitats unless the poles and other snowy fields.

8. Starfish

starfish - animals r

Although it is named starfish, the animal is actually not close at all to the fishes, in general. Starfish is one of the invertebrate and included in the phylum of Echinodermata. The shape is indeed similar to the star along with the radial symmetry. Commonly, it has 5 hands or more.

The animal doesn’t have any skeleton to support its movement. The outer framework is functioned as the protector and they move by utilizing the water vascular system. There are thousand species of the starfish that have been known. They are the real predators that eat the tiny clams, fishes, and other mollusks.

9. Scorpion

animals that start with s
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The scorpions refer to a group of rooted animals with 8 legs or the octopod. They are included in the class of Arachnida along with the other animals like the spiders, mites, and ticks. There are around 2,000 species of scorpions and they are mostly found in the southern hemisphere except for New Zealand and Antarctica.

All the scorpion species have venom. Commonly, the scorpion’s venom is classified into Neurotoxin unless the species of Hemiscorpius lepturus with its Sitotoxin. The neurotoxin is a type of toxin that attacks the nerves while the Sitotoxin is known for attacking the cells.

10. Swan

animals that start with s - swan

Swan is one of the water birds in which the body tends to be bigger than its relatives; duck, goose, mallard, and so on. There are mainly two types of swan; the long and the short-neck swans. Both come from the family of Anatidae but the sub-families are then different.

Generally, the swan lives in the temperate-climate area. 5 species of the swan are found in the northern hemisphere while there is only one of them that is in the southern hemisphere. Although the swan is considered an omnivore animal; they are also seen eating the other animals like worms and insects.

11. Sea Urchin

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Sea urchin is one of the sea animals with a round shape with many thorns on the movable skin surface. The animal itself can actually still be divided into 950 species and they are widely found in any depth. Sea urchin is well-known as the ocean version of the porcupine. Just like this land animal, the thorns are poisonous to protect themselves from the enemy’s attack.

This sea animal is classified into the omnivore’s for the ability to consume both the other animals and plants. But most of the time, they only eat the alga, seaweed, dead fishes, and clams.

12. Squirrel Monkey

animals that start with s - squirel monkey

Squirrel monkey is one of the new world monkeys coming from the sub-family of Saimirinae. It mostly lives in the tropical forest areas of Central and South America. The naming of squirrel monkey is based on the behavior in which this type of monkey acts just like the squirrel. Meanwhile, in term of the physiology, this animal is almost similar to any other monkeys in general.

This primate has short and close fur with some color variants. The shoulders are black and the back is yellowish orange. The adult squirrel monkey has a length for around 25-35 cm and the males tend to be bigger than the females.

13. Scarlet Ibis


Scarlet ibis is one of the birds in the family of Threskiornithidae. Just like the name, the entire body feathers are red so that they are more recognizable than any other similar animals. The other characteristic features are the long and crooked beak and the medium legs.

They live and look for the foods in colonies. In the way they feed themselves, the birds firstly check the mud whether there is any food or not. Then, when they find the crustaceans, they will directly eat them up. Most of the Ibis species live on the trees. Then, they go down to the ground just for the consumption.

14. Salamander

animals that start with s

Salamander is the general name for around 550 species of the amphibians. The physical appearance of salamander is quite similar to the lizards along with its slim body, short nose, and the long tail. Almost all Salamanders species has been extinct anyway and they are included in the order of Caudata. On the other hand, the survived species are grouped in the order Urodela.

This animal has some characteristic features. They are the four fingers on the front legs and the other five fingers on the rear legs. The skin is very moist to make them live in the areas with the high level of humidity like around the water.

15. Seahorse

animals that start with s
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The animal is called seahorse for the head shape that is indeed very similar to the horse. It has the snout but in a much smaller size. It comes from the genus of Hippocampus and the family of Syngnathidae with the various lengths up to 35 cm.

Seahorses are mostly found in the tropical waters all around the world. This animal is very unique as it is the only species in the world in which the males are able to be pregnant. They are the eaters of the zooplankton and any other tiny animals like shrimps and small fishes.

16. Sea Lion

animals that start with s

The sea lion is a species in the genus of the modern Pinnipedia. The habitats include the subtropical and tropical oceans in both the northern and southern hemisphere unless the Atlantic ocean. There is also a typical sea lion from Japan, known as the Japanese sea lion. The body’s color tends to be lighter and this species was once claimed to have been extinct.

Slightly, the sea lion looks like the seal along with its wet and slippery body as well as they live in groups with black color. The differences are that the sea lion doesn’t have the earlobes and long canine teeth. The sea lions body is also covered by the long and bushy hair. While swimming, this animal moves by moving the front fins.

17. Stingray

animals that start with s - stingray 1

Stingray is the general name of around 560 species of fishes with a pair of large “wings”. Most of all the species are known to have a flat body and there is no bone inside. Although the animal is actually tame enough, the stingrays often sting the enemy to protect themselves. Well, if you are accidentally stepping on its body, you will be automatically attacked using its tail.

Although the venom of the stingray is not always fatal, it is indeed really painful. It is because the venom contains some dangerous enzymes including the serotonin neurotransmitter that can cripple the body tissues.

18. Squid


The squid is included in the group of cephalopods or a sort of mollusk that lives in the sea. The term of Cephalopod itself comes from Greeks that means the legs of the head. It is because of the appearance of the animal itself in which the legs are attached right on the head.

One of the deep sea squids has the ability to produce the light. In this case, the squid is actually not literally able to make any light radiation. However, there is a phenomenon namely Lumination that happens on some particular squid species. There are many types of squid in this world and some of them can be consumed by the human.

19. Sloth

pictures of animals that start with s - sloth

Sloth is surely not a new animal but it seems that its popularity is increased after its appearance in one of the Disney’s movie; Zootopia. Indeed, this animal is very cute but also slow. Its laziness is also proven by the habit of sleeping up to 18 hours.

Sloth is the member of the megalonychidae family and considered an Arboreal animal as it stays mostly on the trees. The main foods are the small insects like the ants. Meanwhile, its body is a good habitat for other species like the moth, beetle, fungi, alga, and even cockroach.

20. Sparrow


Sparrow lives all around the world in a large number. Being involved in the family of Passeridae, the bird is considered one of the tamest compared to any other wild birds. In general, this bird is small with a brownish grey color, short tail, and a chubby body shape.

Although sparrow is small and tame, the beak is very strong. It supports them to eat their favorite foods like the seeds and small insects. Originally, sparrows are endemic of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Later, they are spreading to Australia and America.

21. Salmon


Salmon is one of the animals from the family of Salmonidae. There are some other fishes included in this group including the trout. In general, this fish is an anadromous animal; it is a term for the animals that migrate to breed. In fact, this animal was birth in the freshwater areas and then they migrate to the ocean. Next, they go back to the freshwater for the reproduction.

Uniquely, they always come to the same place after going for breeding. It is still a big mystery how this animal can remember the place along with the routes. For the foods, this fish eats insects, amphipods, and crustacean.

22. Skunk

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Skunk is one of the mammals with black and white hair. It is known as a loner animal that looks for the prey at night. Meanwhile, from the morning to the evening, the skunk prefers hiding in the dark place like the cave.

The habitats of the skunk are the secondary forests on the height up to 2,000 meters above the sea level. It is an omnivore that likes eating some smaller animals like the insects, worms, rats, snakes, birds, and eggs. The adult skunk’s weights are varied around 1.4-3.6 kg while the length is up to 50 cm.

23. Sugarglider

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Sugarglider is one of the rodents originally from the area of Papua, Indonesia. It is included in the groups of small mammals, omnivores, and nocturnal marsupials. It means that the animal gives a birth to the babies as well as it is quite small with a pocket just like the kangaroo. One more thing, it is more active at night.

Sugarglider is slightly like the flying squirrel but both are actually different. This animal is much smaller than the squirrel and the fur is smoother. To fly, it spreads something like the coat to form a unique wing. Many people just love it as a pet for its unique look and the easy treatments.

24. Swordfish


The swordfish or Xiphias gladius is a type of the fishes in which the upper jaw and snout forming like a flat and strong sword. Even the sword’s size is around one-third of the entire body. The body is layered by a smooth and scaleless skin. This is the only fish that still survives in the family of Xiphedae.

Swordfishes are commonly found in the tropical and the temperate-climate waters. Meanwhile, it is also edible and cultivated. The weight of this fish is up to 650 kg anyway.

25. Shrimp

animals that start with

Shrimp is an animal that lives in the water particularly in the sea, river, and lake. This animal can even be found in most of the big puddles whether it is the salt or the freshwater with varied depth. The term of shrimp itself rivers to various kinds of Crustacean.

It has been mentioned above that there are shrimps in the freshwater area indeed. However, the cycles of being adult and laying eggs are only passed through by the sea shrimps. Meanwhile, this animal group is also well-known for being consumed. The shrimp is rich of the calcium and energy but it is also a source of the cholesterol.  


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