37+ Cute DIY Cork Board Ideas for Your Bedroom, Office & Kitchen

Cork Board Ideas

Are you looking for some DIY cork board ideas? Well, this page will give you a lot of ideas that go beyond your expectation. This kind of functional board is mostly found in an office or working space. You can also find it in the kitchen, bedroom, and somewhere else. 

The total of 37 ingenious ideas covers the corkboard for the whole house. It will give certain area of the wall some characters and colors.

Let’s make the cork board be more than just a functional item on the wall. 

1. Girly Triple Circle Cork Boards

cork board ideas
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A hot pink color is an easy pick for girly decoration. It consists of three little circles in different schemes. The one in the middle offers a space just like a chalkboard. You can write any words you like to make this cork board not only functional but also more personal. 

You can stick some of your reminders on it. It’s an ideal cork board for girls’ bedroom and work station. 

2. Framed Cork Board for School

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It’s a thoughtful cork board idea for school. It’s placed right above the backpack of each student. The framed cork board is filled with the information of the student and the initial letter, for example, T for Tommy and H for Hannah.

It’s a great idea to organize the backpacks storage for the class. It also makes the students easier to reach their backpack anytime they want. 

3. Cork Board Wall Ideas with Squares

cork biard ideas for kitchen
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It’s a large framed board that has a total of 14 squares. Each square can be filled with things in the same category. You don’t have to stick the cork board in every square. Just fill some squares that you think need pins. 

For example, you can pin your notes, reminders, and other paper things on the corkboard. It’s a good addition on the wall of your living room. 

4. Simple Cork Board with Chevron Accent

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The chevron accent becomes the one that adds interest to the cork board. It makes the board more decorative than before. The original brown color of the cork matches with the style of the room. You can stick out your photos to personalize the board. 

There you have it, the cork board in front of a desk to keep the things in reach. The potted plant on the table is probably too big. It also distracts the charm of corkboard design.

5. Hexagonal Pin Boards of Cork

cork board ideas
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The geometric theme of cork board decorating ideas adds instant interest to the wall. These small pin boards are like no others. Each of the hexagonal boards has different colors. That’s what makes the combination looks so fresh and well-designed.

You can stick your notes, key, pictures, and more. This concept of the board on the wall won’t be a disappointment. It prevents the space to look like an office.

6. Hanging Circle Boards Like the Moon

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This DIY decoration of cork board will look got on the wall of the work station. You can even add some kind of pocket that allows you to stick things to the cork board without a pin. The original dark color of the cork becomes a nice base for the accessories. 

The white wall that connects the desk makes a perfect backdrop to all of that stuff. The moon cork board colorizes the plain white wall, obviously.

7. DIY Office Cork Board Ideas

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In a large frame, the cork board pieces are placed in a herringbone pattern. That’s what makes this board is so impressive. The big “A” letter is really what this cork is all about. It’s designed to be the great office decoration. 

The letter A may represent the brand of the company. Or, it may refer to the office room’s name. The cork board is pretty successful to add accents into the wall. 

8. Wall Cork Board for Office Bulletin

cork board ideas
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It’s totally different from the previous idea. The cork is filled up the whole wall from the floor to ceiling. There will be a lot of space to stick to any papers necessary. It will be a perfect office bulletin. 

Having too many papers on the cork wall offers a colorful decoration to the room. As you can see, the wall is filled with colors from the paper. From this point of view, it looks like abstract but colorful wall art.

9. A Cork Board in an Eclectic Bedroom

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Inside your eclectic bedroom, the right design of the cork board will fulfill the style of the room. A cork board in a frame will eventually be significant in the bedroom. It will look like a decorative painting in your bedroom.

The board is placed right in front of your desk to support your work every time. Personalize the board with pictures of you and your family. Pin up some notes for your reminders of schedule and deadlines.

10. Visually-Appealing Wall with Framed Cork 

cork board decorating ideas
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The corkboard concept of this home office is very interesting. The chic geometric pin board has an uncommon arrangement. It looks it’s about to cover the whole wall but it’s just not enough. The key is in the simple pattern of each framed board. 

There’s an ample surface area to let you attach or pin up your bills, notes, reminders, and other important papers. All of the cork board can be used to attach the papers but only a few of them able to reach. 

11. Elegant Home Office with Cork Board

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The L-shape desk can accommodate two people. This home office is designed for those of you who work in a partner. On one desk of the wall, there’s a large window that incorporates nature to your working area. 

On the other desk, the wall is filled with cork board. That’s what makes the office looks so alive. You can attach any important papers that are related to your works. As you can see, there are two cork boards on the wall for each of you.

12. A Square Small Pebbled Peach-Colored Cork Board

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The white and blue decor of this eclectic home office looks perfect to be added with that peach-colored board. The board will be so useful in this home office corner. It will support the workflow with the L shaped desk that has a lot of storage cabinet. 

The white cabinet with the black countertop is just what you need for your home office. It features a space for small photo frames with the same size. It creates its own charm in between the cabinet. 

13. Cork Headboard in the Bedroom

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Having a cork board as the headboard of your bed is a very thoughtful idea. It creates a perfect base for attaching anything you like. As you can see, you can even turn it into a canvas to be filled with colorful papers. It’s a cool personal decor in the middle of the bedroom. 

Using a golden frame, that large cork board looks so special. It’s not even ready to be something functional. That’s why it becomes the main decorative items in this bedroom. 

14. Creative Office Room Ideas

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Instead of using a cork board, a chalkboard wall can be a great alternative. You have the whole wall in front of the desk to be painted black using the special paint. The chalk wall allows you to write your reminders, schedules, and notes instead of using paper. 

The open shelf above the desk really opens up the space to make it less crowded even though there are a lot of things on each shelf. The wall area right in front of the chair above the table can be filled with photos or stickers you like. 

15. Cork Board in a Simple Working Area

cork board ideas
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This workstation is sitting right next to the kitchen. It could be a perfect match since both of them are the busiest. Obviously, the interior design of this house is in a French style. The using of wood material and the typical textural molding design are so French.

The cork material is well-used on the wall right in front of the desk below the cabinet. You can attach any papers you think necessary. It would decrease the amount of clutter on the table. 

16. Large Entryway with Cork Board

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The necessity of having a cork board in an entryway is not that high. But, it’s quite functional to be used for attaching some reminders or bills when you don’t have one in your room. However, the board in this space must be the less personal one. 

The color of the board gives a contrasting center for the entire entryway. It doesn’t connect with the original color scheme of this space. However, that one pillow with floral patterns just saves the day. 

17. Twin Large Cork Board for Decoration

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Instead of being functional, cork board can be your wall decor in the living room. You can fill up the cork space with the collection of your photos while on vacation. The board can also be decorated with necklaces and other accessories to make it more festive.

It really adds a lot of color to the plain wall. This neutral living room doesn’t really need a lot of colors on its furniture. So, adding an element that gives such mixed colors will make the entire space more energized. 

18. Space-Saving Jewelry Organizer with Cork

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It’s a chic way to organize your jewelry. There’s a chance of being tangles when the jewelry is storing in a box or drawers. It’s recommended to hang it on a space like this board. You can attach some hooks to hang the necklace. You can make this special space as your jewelry station. 

When the jewelry is stored, it makes amazing decor to the room. The chevron pattern of the cork looks so interesting. It doesn’t even look like a cork board. It’s just a framed jewelry organizer. 

19. Cork Board in Teen Girls Bedroom

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The bedroom’s scheme consists of coral, cream white and turquoise color. It’s just what the teens love. The whole design of this bedroom is so beautiful. The well-patterned window cover looks so stunningly colorful. 

Another bunch of colors pops up in front of the desk. The wall is attached by a large framed board. It consists of nine squares to categorize things they want to stick on the board. 

20. Study Table with Cork Wall

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This area can both be used for study and play by the kids. The organization is the most important part of this idea. This is the area when your kids need to do homework, study, play and read. The cork wall in front of the table gives the kids an area to showcase their works.

This kind of area should be placed away from the TV and media tools. As you can see, this study table will make the kids focus on their creative work without even thinking about watching the TV.

21. Common Office Bulletin Board

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It’s probably the easiest choice you can make in order to get the cork board. A common bulletin board is just what people’s need in every office. All of the pins you need are available on the board. You can attach any papers anytime you need. 

There’s no need to beautify or even colorize this kind of board because it’s only designed for formal use at the real office.

22. Travel-Inspired Photo Tag Map Board

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The idea is simple, hanging a photo tag on the pinned location of the map.  It’s a tasteful way to showcase the photos of your travel. This minimalist idea is originally designed by Rotkehlchens. They avoid tackiness with a minimal approach. 

However, you still can show off your love of traveling. It’s a showcase of places you have been. If you are a traveler, you should have this on your wall. It’s like showcasing your travel journal with style.

23. Magnetic Bulletin Board in the Office

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When a working area or office has a bulletin board, it means the working area is still active. For some people, the bulletin board is like the soul of the office. It shows how busy the office is when there are a lot of attachments on the board.

A magnetic board is somewhat loved by many office workers. It’s a lot safer than the pin. There’s a chance of getting pierced in using the pin. So, it’s quite recommended for an office that uses a lot of space on their bulletin board.

24. USA Map Made of Cork

cork board ideas
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It’s another travel-inspired board to showcase your journey. But, this time it’s focused on the map of USA country. If you live in the US, traveling around the states is a lot more affordable. You can even fulfill the journey of the entire country in no time. 

The precision of the shape is in high quality because it amps up the value of your wall. With the blue background, the cork map has a lot of opportunities to shine as an amazing focal point of the room. 

25. Cork Board in Wall Organizers

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The corkboard of this work station is used as a pinboard. It stands in the middle of wall organizers. The other boards are used as little shelves, storages, tiny cabinets, and whiteboard. 

Above the lower corkboard, the whiteboard is filled with a monthly schedule. It will keep you on track with the deadline. The whole organizer looks so creative knowing the fact that it’s all DIY. It will be very helpful to organize office things. 

26. Simple Cork Board with String Lights

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There’s a lot of ways to decorate a cork board. Some people don’t like the original brown color of the cork. So, they painted the board all the way with colors or patterns they like. Some other people like to leave its original color and decorate it in some other ways.

Adding string lights to cork board is pretty new. It’s quite popular to be used on the wall. So, it makes the board more fascinating than ever. Obviously, this simple corkboard is attached on the wall as decoration. Fill it with your personal pictures.

27. Corner Desks for White Small Room

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This style of work station doesn’t take a lot of your room space. It’s a perfect idea to add in your small room. It’s a minimalist option that can go well in any kinds of room including bedroom and living room. The small cork board is enough to accommodate all the important papers.

28. Unicorn Cork Board

cute cork board ideas
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The unicorn character is adored by a lot of kids especially girls. If you need an accessory for your girly bedroom’s wall, this is probably the one you’re looking for. 

The unicorn is beautifully painted and shaped. It’s guaranteed to be loved by your kids. You can attach the photos on the unicorn, or you can call it “Unicork”.

29. Cute Circle Boards on White Wall

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Fill the entire white plain wall with colorful decor like these cute circles. These circle cork boards have various patterns. Pink and blue pastel is just a perfect color choice to make everything so cute. Using the pin, the paper can be attached on the circle. You can use tape to attach papers on the wall.

30. Cork Board Filled with Power Words

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To keep yourself motivated every day, you may need some power words to read on. Take a look at the powers words attached on this board. You have to keep in track with your work in order to succeed. Pick your favorite power words to be pinned on the board.

31. Creative Corkboard for Working Space

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The hexagonal boards are attached attractively in this wall. It won’t be that impressive when you arrange ordinarily. That arrangement and color choice is what makes this hexagonal piece so special. 

The pink color will attract the eye when going against that crisp white background wall. Using pins and tapes will allow you to attach almost every little thing you want. That scissors can hang there because of the pin and strings.

32. DIY Cork Board Ideas Calendar

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See? You can even make a calendar using the cork board. You just need some patterned paper as the cover and some blue tapes. It can be used for the whole year; you can just change the name of the month and the position of the date. 

With this calendar, you will love to set up your monthly schedule in order to keep you on track with your deadlines. 

33. Cork Board with Old Mirror Frame

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The antique and vintage shape of the frame is what makes this cork board so charming. It’s a small board but it can give a big impact on your wall. There’s a limited space to attach your papers. So, you have to take it off when it’s not important anymore. The yellow wall really brings out the charm. 

34. Small Cork Board with DIY Rustic Frame

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The love of rustic can be denied in the design of this cork board. The frame is full of rustic wood pieces. This decorative item shouldn’t be the only one on the wall. There are some other rustic items should be nearby. 

35. Hanging Cork Panel as Decoration

diy cork board ideas
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Instead of attaching the cork piece on the wall, you can opt to have it hanging on hooks. This way allows you to replace the cork piece anytime you want. You can either have it as photo frames or any other purposes as you’d like.

The cork panel doesn’t have to be framed to achieve this minimalist look. It’s enough to impressed people. 

36. DIY White Cork Board

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The Geometric pattern on the board is accentuating for the wall. The design is simple and modern. You can achieve this look by yourself as your cork board projects. Using painter’s tape and white paint, add your own charm in the pattern. 

37. A Cork Board in the Kitchen

cork board ideas
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A small piece of cork board can be used as the hooks for your kitchen tools. This one is painted with red paint. It’s attached on the black inner side of the cabinet door. So, when you close the cabinet door, the tools will be away from sight. 

After exploring all of those cork board ideas, you must be having a lot of inspirations in mind. Almost all of those ideas are DIY friendly. So, you don’t even have to consider wasting a lot of money to have your own decorative corkboard. 


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