10+ Countries That Are Four Letter Words in The World

Four Letter Countries – On this planet, there are many countries separated into several regions. Among them, there are several countries that have a short name as the country name. You can find several 4 letter countries with their own uniqueness.

Aside from the short name, each of this country also has various good places, food, and culture. As a fact, not all of the countries are in Europe, if we are looking at the current country name.

Therefore, this article will give you some information regarding the current 4 letter countries around the world.

4 Letter Countries Around The World

There are 4 letter countries scattered around the world. These countries are mainly a developing country if we refer to today’s country name. Uniquely, on the current list of country names, there is no country name in Europe that has 4 letter.

To know more about the 4 letter countries, here are some of them that are located across the various region around the world.

4 Letter Countries

  • Laos
  • Oman
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Chad
  • Mali
  • Togo
  • Fiji
  • Peru
  • Cuba

1. Cuba

4 letter countries

Cuba is a country located 90 miles off the coast of Florida, specifically the Key West. This country is considered as the largest county in the Caribbean island nation. The country’s neighbor is the Cayman Islands, Haiti, and Jamaica.

This country’s size is a little bit smaller compared to Pennsylvania, with an area span of 44,200 miles. The geography is varied ranging from the quaint colonial small town, the white sand beaches, the rolling farmland, the rugged mountains, and the urban metropolises.

The country is splitted up into 15 provinces and one special municipality called Isla de la Juventud. The famous Cuba area is the rural Pinar del Rio. This is where the tobacco farm located. Another famous area is Santiago de Cuba, which is the second biggest city of the country  with colorful Afro Cuban influence and it is located next to Havana rife. The last is Trinidad, which is a world heritage verified by the UNESCO.

As the leading country of sustainable ecological execution, Cuba has done the transition and a change  from the agricultural imports to a more sustainable farming. This country is also among the country that ban and prohibits the sale of incandescent lighting, so the country use energy-saving compact fluorescents rather than the common bulbs. There is six UNESCO biosphere reserve you can visit ranging from forest to a dryer area.

2. Iraq

four letter county countries

Iraq is located in Asia, although it most resembles with the Middle-East. This is because this country is located a little bit far off Asia and closer to the neighboring African continents. This country borders with Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Syria, and The Saudi. It has a small share of the area on the Persian Gulf.

Baghdad is the capital city of the country, located in the eastern part of the country. There are two famous rivers, The Tigris and Euphrates that run through the center of the country. These two rivers run from the northwest to the southeast. The rivers have given Iraq a more stable agricultural source and fertile land.

As one of the most eastern Arabic country, Iraq is located on the same latitude as the southern United States. The north of Iraq is bordered by Turkey, the East is by Iran, the West is by Syria and Jordan, and the South is by the Saudi and Kuwait.

This country has a coastline of 36 miles/ 58 km on the northern end of the Persian Gulf. So the country has a little sea territorial, compared to the most Middle East country that has no sea territory.

The famous area in the country is the arid AL-Jazirah. It is some sort of plateau located at the north alluvial plains between the two rivers, Tigris and Euphrates. The most prominent hills are located at the Sinjar Mountain with a peak that reaches 4,448 feet or 1.356 meters. 

Iraq also has a watercourse that runs southward from the Sinjar Mountains to the Tharthar Depression with a length of 130 miles or 210 km.

3. Laos


Laos is a country in Southeast Asia locked within the center of Indochina area. So this country has no sea territory, unlike the other neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The country is bordered by the nation Thailand on the West, Vietnam nn the East, as well as China and Myanmar (also known as Burma) in the North and Northwest.

The majority of the area in the country is mountain and plateau area. The mountainous area in the north called The Annamite act as a border with Vietnam. At the center of the country, there is the Great Mekong River, one of the legendary river across the world. This river flows across 1900km of the Lao territory and gives the people around the river life.

Like any other country in Southeast Asia, Laos has a tropic climate with two seasons. The rainy season that starts from May to September and dry season from October to April. The temperatures and rainfall density in the country can be varied depending on the current global temperature and wind.

The country enjoys a cooler temperature as an effect of the change of the season. The temperature can drop as low as 15C in December and January. When the cool season hits, the rain intensity will go down. In February, the temperature will gradually increase up to 38C from March to May. Then, the rain will come to cool off the hot temperature.

The Lao Language is the official language of the Lao PDR. In the country, there are many accents that can create a difference, even though the language used is the same. The North and South accent can be spotted easily y the locals.

Aside from Lao, the people there also use English and French language, especially among government officials. You can find a more varied language in the Vientiane where many shop owners may speak English or French. Aside from that, there is also a minor number in the country that can speak German and Japanese.

4. Peru

4 letter country

Peru has an area of 1,285,215 square km, which make the country as the third-largest country in the South America region. It is also included in the world’s 20 largest nations. Peru has a sea territorial that spread across 200 miles on the Peruvian coast.

The country also has territorial rights of 60 million ha in the Antarctic. The country is a democratic republic with 24 departments and an additional constitutional province named Callao. Lima is the capital city of the country.

Peru is a country with mixed ethnic origins, so the people here have various culture and habit. Since a long time ago, the land of Peru is the meeting ground for different nations and cultures. The Spaniards are the first to establish Peru and later, other people came into the country.

Because of this, the various races and ethnics become an iconic character of the country. Peru is a religious country, despite the different races and ethnicities. The government allows various beliefs to hold religion-related events.  

Aside from the religion, mixed ethnicity also make Peru has multiple languages. The official language of the country is Spanish, but you can see that the Quechua language is also used especially on the Inca empire. This language is also used with various dialects in a lot of parts in the country. Probably, Peru is the most unique 4 letter countries.

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