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Yellow Flowers and Orange Flowers- Wanting to make your garden instantly brighter? Try planting yellow flower. The bright color is identical with sun and summer, so flowers with this color will be immediately visible among shrubs and grasses.

Many yellow flowers require full sun, which makes them perfect for summer plants. If you want something more intense, try adding orange flowers with the yellow ones. These blooms are perfect to add extra zest to your garden all year long.

Here are 30 of the most popular yellow and orange flower names you can consider for your garden:


  1. Yellow Flower | Sunflower


    Probably one of the most popular yellow blooms in the world, sunflower consists of large daisy-like yellow petals, which surround large brown center that serves as seed holder. The flower is famous for always “looking” at a light source, in an effort to find direct sunlight.
    Sunflower is a summer bloom that requires full sun, and it can brighten any garden. This flower is also perfect to create a visual statement in the arrangement.


  2. Fritillaria Flower

    orange flowers

    Orange fritillaria flower has bell-like shape and large, striped petals, making it very prominent if you plant it in the garden. The flower is easy to grow, but it needs partial shade to ensure good growth.

    Fritillaria is also called with various names, such as “snake’s head” and “guinea hen,” because of the bloom’s unique shape. This flower blooms in spring and gardeners love it to create more distinctive look in a spring garden.


  3. Orchid (Phalaenopsis Amabilis)

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    The Phalaenopsis amabilis orchid is one of the most famous orchid types for a houseplant. The yellow one is especially beautiful, with patterned petals and oval-shaped leaves.

    Orchid has a very prominent look and will immediately brighten your garden or house, but the plant needs six hours of bright or partial sunlight every day.


  4. Beautiful Flower | Bird of Paradise 

    orange flowers
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    Bird of paradise is one of the most unique types of orange flowers. The actual bloom is shaped like a crane’s head, and the foliage has fan-like shape. Bird of paradise is a native flower of South Africa.

    So it requires full sunlight for 10-12 hours a day to stay healthy. The leaves are long, pointy, and waxy, creating a sharp visual element that makes this flower great in arrangement or as an ornament.


  1. Yellow Tulip Flowers

    yellow flower
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    Yellow tulip is an elegant flower that has a simple yet distinctive cup shape. Tulip is a great spring flower, and it needs full to partial sunlight every day to stay healthy. Although the flower requires proper moisture, it should not be excessive.

    Tulip has an elegant look when arranged in a vase, and it can also be grown indoor if necessary. Tulip makes a great garden plant in areas with frosty and dry weathers.


  2. Ranunculus Flower


    Ranunculus is one of the most popular orange flowers for vase arrangement. The blooms are round and full, and they also last quite long in a watered vase. Ranunculus is a summer flower and requires full sunlight every day.

    Ranunculus is also famous for easy maintenance. It only needs little watering, and there are great amounts of blooms when the flower is fully grown.


  3. Yellow and Pink | Gentianella Hirculus Flower

    yellow flowers

    Gentianella hirculus is a type of yellow-orange flower that grows in high altitude. This flower is native to Ecuador, and it has unique bulbs with (often) two-colored patterns. The flower is also quite rare as house or garden plant.

    Especially since it grows in the mountain and hill areas. Some garden lovers in Europe and North America have been trying to plant these flowers, although they are still rare to see in most gardens.


  4. Orange Flower | Freesia

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    Freesia is one of the most coveted types of yellow flowers. Aside from its beautiful shade, freesia is also famous for its fragrant aroma. Freesia is a popular option for filling a vase, and it looks great when arranged in a tight cluster (especially if combined with other colors).

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    Not only the flowers smell great, but they also create pretty circular shape when tied up together into a bouquet. Freesia has easy maintenance and only needs light watering, although it requires full sunlight every day.


  5. Types of Yellow Flowers | Daffodils 

    yellow flowers

    The daffodil flower has a unique appearance because it looks like a small trumpet resting on star-like large petals. The colors of the trumpet and star are sometimes different, creating distinctive color schemes. The small but bright daffodils are a common sight during spring and summer.

    These trumpet-shaped flowers can grow wild or cultured, and they require full sunlight every day to be healthy. People who want to grow daffodils must make sure to plant the bulbs really deep, or the blooms will bend.


  6. Beautiful Flowers | Orange Rose Flower

    orange rose
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    Roses come in various colors, but the orange one has its own special charm. Since orange is brighter but less intense than red, orange roses are often considered as a symbol of friendship. Roses require full sunlight for at least five hours every day, complete with well-moisturized soil.

    Orange roses are great as vase arrangement since they are bright, deep, but not as intense as red flowers. They are great to decorate everything, from the dining room to wedding party tables.


  7. Yellow Flower | Dandelion 


    Dandelion is a type of wild flower that grows abundantly during spring and summer. It is famous for its teeth-like leaves and parachute-like seeds, which are blown by the wind and grow where they land. There are many different opinions about this flower.

    Some people think it is as weed or even allergen, while others consider it as a plant with health benefits. Dandelion is often made into tea, and it is especially popular as herbal medicine in China.


  8. Types of Orange Flowers | Marigold 

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    Marigold is one of the most famous yellow flower names among gardening lovers. The flower is famous for its round-shaped bloom, bright shade, and great adaptation with various types of soil.

    Marigold requires full sunlight and good moisture to be healthy. It is popular as a cut flower because it grows all year round and has a great shape to be inserted into the arrangement. Traditionally, marigold is often made into skin ointment, especially to cure light inflammation or sunburn.


  9. Small Yellow Flowers | Ixora Flower

    small yellow flowers
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    Ixora, also known as West Indian jasmine, is a unique small flower. It grows in round cluster, making it very distinctive, despite the size of each individual flower.

    The flower is often used as herbal medicine ingredient in East and Southeast Asia regions, especially to cure fever and diarrhea.

    Ixora requires full sunlight and acidic soil to grow well. Ixora also attracts bees and butterflies, which flock to the flowers because of the honey.


  10. Beautiful Orange Flower | Black-Eyed Susan

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    Black-Eyed Susan got its name from the distinctive dark center, which is surrounded by bright petals, Black-Eyed Susan is a sturdy flower that does not require too much attention. Although it needs proper moisture to grow beautifully,

    Black-Eyed Susan is especially popular for the summer garden, especially among shrubs, because the flowers create bright spots around the greens.


  11. Perennial Flowers | Yarrow Flower


    Yarrow is considered as a pesky weed, food, and herbal medicine ingredient at the same time. A native of Europe and Asia, yarrow usually grows wild and has clustered flower heads that look like several bulbs on top of a thin stem.

    Yarrow flowers are often made into herbal tea and medicine. Yarrow flowers look great as shrub plants in the garden, and they can create bright look among larger flower clusters. However, garden owners must control the growth carefully, so the flowers do not become invasive.


  12. Orange Plants | Lion’s Tail


    Lion’s tail is a perennial flower that is great to brighten a summer garden, especially during a drought. The flower also requires full sunlight every day to stay healthy. Like the name suggests, the flower has a striking appearance, with thick orange petals surrounding a thorny center.

    While this flower does not require too much maintenance (since it only needs light watering), garden owners must wear gloves when tending this flower, because the thorny part is large and can graze the skin.


  13. Lantana Flower


    Lantana is one of those types of orange flowers that grow abundantly in between summer and fall. This flower loves sunlight, and people who live in four-season countries are advised to plant them in space that is protected from frost.

    This flower is small but grows in brightly-colored clusters, which create great view during summer. Lantana is especially great in small pots or hanging plant baskets.


  14. Hibiscus Flower

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    Hibiscus flowers have a lot of color variants, and the yellow ones are very striking in appearance. The flower has large, trumpet-like shape, and it grows from a small tree instead of shrubs or individual stems.

    Hibiscus is a temperature-sensitive flower, which requires protection from extreme cold and heat. It also needs full sunlight or at least partial shade every day to stay healthy. However, the distinctive appearance of hibiscus will brighten any garden.


  15. Bright Yellow Flower | Loosestrife


    Yellow loosestrife is a perennial flower with a striking look, especially if put in the arrangement. Several small flowers grow from one main stem, surrounded by serrated leaves that have white edges.

    Yellow loosestrife typically blooms in early summer, creating a great addition to flower bouquet or garden. The flower needs full sunlight every day to grow well.


  16. Yellow Flowers | Wild Senna


    Wild senna is a native perennial plant of North America. The flower grows from shrubs and typically blooms in mid to late summer. The small, yellow blooms grow in small clusters from the main stem.

    Wild senna is famous for attracting butterflies and bees, so they are great for adding more life to a garden. The plant needs moderate watering and full sunlight to be healthy. During fall, this plant often attracts birds that look for its seeds. Wild senna also has firmly-planted horizontal roots, making it impervious to hard wind.


  17. Small Yellow Flower | Impatiens Oncidioides

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    Impatiens oncidioides was originally found in the forest of West Malaysia, where they thrived in the cool and dark area. The striking yellow flower has recently become popular among gardeners due to its resemblance to the orchid, and it is often called “the poor man’s orchid.” This flower requires high humidity and cool temperature to grow. The flower is great as a garden plant for coastal or hill cottages.


  1. Black and Yellow Flowers | Gazania Flower


    Gazania is a unique flower with bright petals, daisy-like appearance, and leathery leaves. A native to South Africa, this flower is sturdy and easy to grow even in a rather dry area (the hard leaves are a sign of the flower’s drought-proof status).

    Gazania is a great flower to brighten a garden with difficult soil since it requires little maintenance. The flower blooms during summer, and they are famous for attracting butterflies.


  2. Yellow Flowers | Tansy 

    yellow flower
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    Tansy is a native perennial plant from North America that is often considered as weed, due to its rapid growth and spread. However, tansy also has great decorative per, thanks to its button-like cluster flowers.

    Tansy usually grows wilds on meadows so that the flowers will look great in a wild-style garden. However, garden owners must pay attention to the flower’s growth rate, to prevent tansy from overtaking the entire garden.


  3. Orange Flowers | Lewisia Flower

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    Lewisia is a flower type famous for its bright pastel colors, including orange, Lewisia has small petals and leathery leaves, and the flowers usually bloom in April, May, and June, Lewisia is a native to North America.

    And it can grow in slightly tough soil, including the sandy or pebbled one. Gardeners often plant Lewisia flower to create edges, or as decoration in the rock garden.


  4. Yellow and Pink Flowers | Zinnia Flower

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    Zinnia is a common flower to find in a garden because it is easy to grow. The flower has thin petals that surround a darker center, a little like the common daisy. Zinnia is a typical summer flower, with brightly-colored petals that rest on a slim stem.

    The plant can grow to three feet in height, which makes the zinnia a great center of a flower arrangement. Zinnia needs full sunlight every day, with well-drained soil to ensure healthy growth.

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Orange and yellow are bright, lively colors that have a summery feeling. They add life to a garden or room, albeit not as intense as red flowers and they also increase the mood. Many types of orange flowers or yellow flowers grow during summer, which makes them perfect to make any garden brighter.

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