111+ Most Beautiful Flowers In The World – (A-Z), HD IMAGES

Types of Flowers – There are hundreds or even thousands types of flower that spread in all over the world. Some of them are unable to grow outside from the origin place and some of them can grow easily in worldwide.


1. Aconite Flower


Aconite is plant that use as medicine. However, this plant also poisonous. Despite from the side effect, this plant uses with oral medication to treat facial paralysis inflammation, fever, hair loss, joint pain, cold in hands and feet, gout, finger numbness, and skin diseases.

Aconite flower is also use for disinfectant and treats wounds. The root of aconite work by improves the circulation in body.


2. Anemone Flower

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Anemone is flower that also known as windflower. This flower has various species that bloom in spring and fall season. Some of them have fibrous roots and can be found in perennial sections in nurseries and in garden center. The other types grow from tuber.

The spring anemone plant is low growing plants that perfect choices for those who looking for rock garden and woodland plant. The tall growing anemone in fall will add the border’s color and woodland garden from the late summer into late fall with color shades of pink and white.


3. Aster Flower


Aster is popular perennial daisy flower which have wide color varies. The plant has 8 inch into 8 feet tall depend to the type. The aster plant able to plant in rock garden, borders, or as wildflower.

4. Allium

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Love to have colorful flower plant? Allium is flower plant that not only comes in broad colors option, but it also easy to grow. This flower is perfect for cut flower both of fresh or dried bouquet flower.

Even if your garden already crowded, it can grow because it does not take much space. It is easy to care in most soil condition, as long as it has well-drained. It adore sunlight and can be left untouched in same area.


5. Astilbe Flower

beautiful flowers


Astilbe is colorful flower which naturalize well in the woodlands. This flower is good for fresh or dried cutting flower arrangement. The foliage becomes the most attractive arrangement. To grow the plant, choose location that have full or partial shade, well-drained soil and moist. Water in early morning to give the entire leaves dry in enough time.

6. Aquilegia (Columbine Flower)

beautiful flowers aquilegia


Aquilegia atau Columbine Flower is plant that has beautiful physical looks with small, tall flower stalks and rounded leaves that hold the blooms flower. The blooming flower from Aquilegia shaped as bell and popular with hummingbirds, gardeners and bees.

This beautiful purple flower will bloom in mid-spring and the early spring bulbs will becomes the peak garden season. Most of this flower is planted as woodland garden plants but it widely adaptable to plant in anywhere.


7. Bird of Paradise
beautiful plants

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Bird of Paradise is an exotic flower that beat other beautiful flower. The flower is native from South Africa derives the origin name as it resemble the brightly colored birds in flight.

This plant needs regular watering in first growing season that required establishing deep and extensive root. After the plant established itself, watering can be reduced.

8. Ballon Flower

beautiful small flowers

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Balloon flower is easy to plan and grow. This include as perennial plants. In one stem, it can produce several flowers. It is easy to grow and care this plant. The plant likes condition of well drained and acidic soil slightly.


9. Black Eyed Susan

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The black eyed susan is characterized with its “black eye” look of the dark/brown purple center from the daisy flower heads. The height of the plant can achieve 3 feet tall with 6 inches leaves, over 8 inches stalks long and flower that have diameter 2-3 inches. This plant is work well for border plants and containers.


10. Bleeding Heart


The bleeding heart is beautiful flower which hang down neatly in arching stem row. The flowers are typically pink or white. Bleeding heart is favorites in garden shades. it is great for planting the other plant surrounding this plant to hide the vacant spots during summer as this plant blooms in springs. You can choose hosta plants to company this plant.


11. Blanket Flower

beautiful blanket flower


Blanket flower is other perennial flower that rivals to bring to garden. It has many warm colors and bog blooms. Blanket flowers are typically loves in environment that hot and dry such as rocky and prairies. It can adapt to poor soil and even to dry soil. When the flowering starts to bloom, it will not stop.

12. Begonia Flower

beautiful red flowers - begonia

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Begonia is flower that brightens with the big beautiful blooms. Begonia will blooms continuously from summer to fall. There are so many option starts from double begonia into cascading varieties that can use for boxes, flower pots, hanging basket and planters. It is best grow in fertile and well-drained soil. By adding compost, it can improve the fertility and help retain the soil moisture.

13. Cherry Blossom

beautiful flowers cherry blossom


Cherry blossom is considered as National Flower of Japan. Now it has spread widely especially in the temperate zone. There are over 200 cultivars variety can be found. The most popular variety is Somei Yoshino which its flower is pure white tingles with pales pink.





 14. Cosmos Flower

beautiful flowers cosmos flower


You need to grow cosmos in your garden. They are easy to grow by seeds and you can have your own seeds. When the cosmos flower die, snip of the flower head. Hold the bag and rub and shake the seeds inside smoothly. 

The other easy thing, you can allow your plants to die naturally and when the condition right, the cosmos seeds will germinate and save time for seeds rising. It is good for cut flowers in bouquet or vase.




15. Crocus Flower

beautiful flower


Crocus is flower that includes as iris family and grows from corms. The flowers appear in autumn, spring and winter. The plant is native in woodland garden, shrubs, and meadow even in sea level of alpine tundra and southern Europe.  The flower is cup shaped, with narrow tube. It is grass like plants.



16. Crown Imperialis

beautiful flowers crown flower


Crown Imperialis flower is grow as perennial and it has striking flowers looks when it display in borders garden and edge to create focal point in single bed. It is low maintenance and easy to grow.

The flower features with blooms that create crown look like from 3 foot tall flower stalks. Plant between 9 to inch between plants for minimizes the fungal and leaf spots because poor air circulation.



18. Cokscomb Flower (Celosia)

beautiful flowers cockscomb


Cockscomb flower is also known as wool flowers. It bloom from late summer to late fall. Celosia is common ornamental plant for garden in China. If place in vase, it can last for 14 days. It has no fragrance and some country know this as leaf vegetable, such as in Southern Nigeria. It is great for standing dried cut flowers.



19. Camellia Flower

types of flowers camellia flower


Camellia is evergreen shrubs plants or small trees that able to reach up to 20 m. the flowers usually comes in large, to 12 cm diameter, with 5 petals and leaves arranged in thick and glossy looks. It has varies color from white, pink, red, yellow and red. It able to grow in acidic soil that rich with humus and need large well drained water.



20. Carnations

beautiful flowers carnations flower


Carnation is also known as Dianthus species. It has varies color start5 from pure white into shades of pink, red, green and yellow with striped or even variegated.



21. Calla Flower

calla beautiful flowers




22. Caladium

beautiful plants

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Caladium is flower that also known as elephant ear. It becomes favorites due to beautiful leaves. Caladium shape such as heart, arrows and lances with color combinations of pink, red, white, and green.



23. Daffodils

beautiful orange flowers daffodils flower


Daffodils flower is fall planter bulbs so it will best to plant in autumn and bloom in late winter or early spring. The origin flower is white and yellow with 6 petals, trumpet shape flower, but the hybrid can vary recently.



24. Daisy Flower

pretty purple flowers - daisy


Daisy is simple but still sophisticated. It has becomes one of the most beautiful flower in world. Daisy is perennial plants which evergreen leaves. Daisy leaves are edible and it can be used for salads. Most popular Daisy flower species are shasta daisy and African daisy.



25. Dandellion

beautiful flowers dandellion



Dandelion flower have health benefit. It is source of antioxidants; relieve depression feeling, relieve stomach cramps, headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps. This flower is able to eat. The roots and leaves have stronger properties than the flowers.



26. Dianthus Bright Eyes

dianthus beautiful flower



Dianthus bright eyes are new varieties that recently become popular. It has gorgeous color and whimsical perfumes. It is long term plants with low maintenance. It attract butterflies and handle well in cool and warmer climates.



 27. Diascia

beautiful flowers diascia flower



Diascia is relative to snapdragon and it has 70 different species where the native is in South Africa. The leaves are small with oval shaped dark green leaves. For the flower appearance, it has small but profuse look.

There is one long top petal that makes looks of the flower such as sticking out tongue. It is best to grow in partial shade, especially in afternoon shade.



28. Echinacea (ConeFlower)

beautiful flowers Echinacea


Echinacea is daisy flower family. It has 9 genus species and commonly found in North America. It grows in moist to dry prairie and open areas with wood. The flowers bloom in early to late summer and big flower shows.


29. Edelweiss Flowers

Beautiful small flowers


Edelweiss is unique high alpine plant that grows in harsh climatic condition. This is mountain flower that belonging to daisy or sunflower family. This flower prefers to grow in soil rich limestone and adapted with cold, dry hard climates. It has meaning of dedication



 30. Fuchsia Flower

Beautifulflowers fuchsia flowers


Echinacea is daisy flower family. It has 9 genus species and commonly found in North America. It grows in moist to dry prairie and open areas with wood. The flowers bloom in early to late summer and big flower shows.




beautiful foxglove flower




Forget me Not

forgert me not flower beautiful




Gerbera Flower (Transvaal Daisy)

beautiful pink flowers garbera flower


Gerbera that belongs to the genus of Asteraceae is originally from Africa, South America, and Africa. It features an immense capitulum and two-lipped ray florets having different types of colors such as pink, white, orange, yellow, and red.


Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath)

beautiful flowers baby's breath





Grevillea (Spider Flower)

beautiful flowers red


Grevillea flower is one of the evergreen flowering plants that originate from the Oceania territories such as Australia, New Caledonia, and New Guinea. It has several common names such as spider flower, toothbrush plant, and silky road.



beautiful flowers blue flower




Gentianella Hirculus

beautiful small flowers

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Gazania Flower

beautiful gazania yellow flowers wikimedia





Geranium (Cranesbill)

pretty geranium flower pink




Hellebore (Oriental Hellebore)

beautiful purple flowers oriental hellebore





Hepatica Flower

beautiful hepatica flowers





Hibiscus Flower











the most beautiful flowers





Hypericum Flower (st John’s Wort)




Iberis (Candytuft Flower)





Ipomoea Quamoclit (Cardinal Creeper)

beautiful pink flowers




Ipomoea Purpurea (Morning Glory)

the most beautiful flowers garden

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Iris Flower

Beautifulflowersflower iris flowers

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Ixora Flowers

beautiful flowers ixora





Jasmine Flower





Kalmia Flower

pretty kalmia flowers



Kangaroo’s Paw Flower

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Kadupul Flower

kadupul flower amazing flower





beautiful purple flowers lilac





Limonium Flower

beautiful limonium flowers




Lotus Flower

beautiful pink flowers lotus flower







beautiful purple flowers lavender

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Lewisia Flower

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Lily of the Valley (Convallaria Majalis)

small white flowers beautiful





Lisianthus Flower

lisianthus beautiful flower






beautiful yellow flowers loosestrife





Love in The Mist

pretty flower love in the mist





beautiful small flowers lantana




Lakspur (Delphinium Flower)

blue flowers lakspur delphinium flowers 2

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beautiful flowers marigold flower






beautiful flowers small mimosa




Magnolia Flower

beautiful flowers






beautiful flowers pink flower mandevilla






beautiful yellow flowers nastursium





Oriental Poppy

beautiful flowers oriental poppy flower





beautiful flowers Ornithogalum Umbellatum





beautiful flowers




Plumeria Flower

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Pasque Flower

beautiful pasque flower




Pansy Flower


beautiful flowers pansy flower




Protea Flower

protea flowers beautiful





Phlox Flowers

beautiful flowers phlox flower


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