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Beautiful Flowers – There are hundreds or even thousands types of flower that spread in all over the world. Some of them are unable to grow outside from the origin place and some of them can grow easily in worldwide.

Anemone Flower


Anemone is flower that also known as windflower. This flower has various species that bloom in spring and fall season. Some of them have fibrous roots and can be found in perennial sections in nurseries and in garden center. The other types grow from tuber.

The spring anemone plant is low growing plants that perfect choices for those who looking for rock garden and woodland plant. The tall growing anemone in fall will add the border’s color and woodland garden from the late summer into late fall with color shades of pink and white.




Love to have colorful flower plant? Allium is flower plant that not only comes in broad colors option, but it also easy to grow. This flower is perfect for cut flower both of fresh or dried bouquet flower.

Even if your garden already crowded, it can grow because it does not take much space. It is easy to care in most soil condition, as long as it has well-drained. It adore sunlight and can be left untouched in same area.


Black Bat Flower


Black Bat Flower or Tacca Tanchieri in Latin is a unique flower with sinister tentacles that come in long size. The flower is originally from Burma and Thailand. When it grows, the leaves of the flower can reach up to 40 cm long in size.

Meanwhile the maximum height of the plant is about 36 inches. The flowers comes with various colors include black, marron, green, and brown. The Black Bat Flower is considered since it is really hard to grow and can only survive under particular environment conditions.


Bird of Paradise


Bird of Paradise is an exotic flower that beat other beautiful flower. The flower is native from South Africa derives the origin name as it resemble the brightly colored birds in flight.

This plant needs regular watering in first growing season that required establishing deep and extensive root. After the plant established itself, watering can be reduced.


Camellia Flower


Camellia is evergreen shrubs plants or small trees that able to reach up to 20 m. the flowers usually comes in large, to 12 cm diameter, with 5 petals and leaves arranged in thick and glossy looks. It has varies color from white, pink, red, yellow and red. It able to grow in acidic soil that rich with humus and need large well drained water.


Columbine Flower (Aquilegia)


Aquilegia atau Columbine Flower is plant that has beautiful physical looks with small, tall flower stalks and rounded leaves that hold the blooms flower. The blooming flower from Aquilegia shaped as bell and popular with hummingbirds, gardeners and bees.

This beautiful purple flower will bloom in mid-spring and the early spring bulbs will becomes the peak garden season. Most of this flower is planted as woodland garden plants but it widely adaptable to plant in anywhere.



Dandelion flower have health benefit. It is source of antioxidants; relieve depression feeling, relieve stomach cramps, headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps. This flower is able to eat. The roots and leaves have stronger properties than the flowers.




Fuchsia flower consider as shrubs or small trees. Most of fuchsia natives are come from Central and South America. There are small number that found in certain region such as Hispaniola, New Zealand, and Tahiti. It is low maintenance and proven to survive in winters.




Hydrangea is flower that offer magic color to show in your garden. The flower blooms will change the colors start from blue in acidic soil, and then becomes pink in more lime. The flower blooms as large balls that will make you amaze to see.

This plant is easy to grow and hardy resistant to pest and diseases. Most of Hydrangea able to live in full sun or partial shade. However, most of the plants do not likes extreme hot weather. This plant requires deep watering at least once a week.


Protea Flower


Plumeria Flower



Ranunculus Flower










Wisteria is actually the name of vine trees with long flowers hung on it. In some areas like Japan, the trees are often grown up together in two rows to form something like magical gates. Yes, when the flowers are blossoming, there are only purple shades anywhere and they are just magnificent.

Although the flowers need a long time to blossom, wisteria is considered as a strong tree. More than that, the trees can grow up faster even in bad soil. (On Prcs | Update LT)

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