Best 15+ Kitchen Flooring Ideas – Tile Designs For Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Floor TIle Ideas – If you’re considering kitchen area floor covering suggestions to upgrade your food preparation area, make feature and longevity a priority. A lot of floor covering today is made to be low upkeep and also sturdy.

The range of stunning product options as well as styles readily available can make selecting a kitchen floor a frustrating experience. We have actually written this guide to assist you locate the ideal flooring for your kitchen.

The most crucial choice when thinking about kitchen floor covering ideas ought to be the feature of the flooring. The kitchen area is a high-traffic location, susceptible to spills ranging from water to oils, recipes and also wine. You intend to try to find kitchen flooring products that are low upkeep as well as could hold up against usage gradually.

The top resilient floor covering choices include: Concrete, Rubber floor covering, Rock, Ceramic tile, Plastic, Wood laminate.

Besides longevity, food preparation usually requires long periods of standing and also walking to and fro. Floor covering that has some cushioning is valuable, especially if you experience back issues.

The most ergonomic floor covering alternatives consist of:. Bamboo, Rug floor tiles, Cork, Rubber floor covering, Plastic, Wood, Wood laminate. Let’s take a look at the products available for your cooking area flooring ideas (in indexed order) and also weigh their benefits and drawbacks.


1. Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Bamboo is a fantastic kitchen floor covering product, especially if you like green products. Bamboo expands so rapidly it’s an excellent, sustainable resource for floor covering. Besides the eco-friendly aspect, bamboo’s stamina is among the highest possible of the all-natural materials on the marketplace.

When picking bamboo floor covering, go with a reputable brand with the longest warranty possible. The top quality of the bamboo floor covering is shown by the size of the guarantee.

2. Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Carpet has actually not traditionally been a preferred cooking area flooring alternative as a result of its problem in upkeep and also cleaning. But the current rug tiles are a modern kitchen area floor option.

Designed and also checked to be industrial quality for high traffic areas, made of long lasting, easy to clean products and also very easy to mount, they could be the ideal cooking area flooring concept. The very best part is that a carpet floor tile could be gotten rid of for cleaning or replacement.

Choose a rug ceramic tile from a business like Flor, developed for the modern, Do It Yourself consumer. Get an extra box of tiles and keep for future replacements. For a modern look, use carpet floor tiles precisely in particular areas of your kitchen like the picture above, rather than wall to wall. 

3. Concrete Kitchen Flooring


Concrete has a modern look as well as tone that is difficult to match. Sturdy, it can hold up against task in the busiest kitchen areas and look excellent.

There are different coatings you can provide concrete to customize its appearance. Newly put concrete could be marked, while all concrete could be tarnished, polished, stenciled as well as waxed.

If you like concrete floor covering and also stay in a colder environment, think about including glowing floor heating under the concrete to warm up the product’s chilly surface. 

4. Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork is a great cooking area floor covering concept for a special appearance and a cushioned feeling underfoot. Cork is an all-natural insulator against both temperature adjustment as well as noise, making it an excellent option if you’re worried about either issues.

It’s naturally anti-microbial, thanks to a waxy substance in the cork, which wards off bugs as well as parasites. And also if you get on a spending plan, cork tiles are a fantastic Do It Yourself remedy that’s very easy to set up.

Pick a top quality cork that like wood, can be fined sand and also refinished regularly. Confirm that the cork has a sturdy surface that will certainly repel water and also dampness. If deciding to mount cork floor tiles, get a couple of spares that could work as future replacements should a ceramic tile ended up being damaged 

5. Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring


Laminate wood flooring is a budget-friendly and also durable cooking area floor covering idea. The leading layer could withstand the majority of misuse. If you include padding under, it’s a soft, ergonomic floor covering option. Easy to install and available in a wide array of styles, laminate wood flooring is a straightforward, contemporary solution for cooking area floors.

Select laminate flooring with the longest guarantee feasible. Many included a 25 year assurance. For added padding when standing, install a producer advised thin foam sheet layer underneath. 

6. Rubber Kitchen Flooring


Rubber has comparable properties to cork, however is available in a larger range of shades and also appearances. It’s simple to mount adhesive-free many thanks to it’s high-grip residential or commercial properties making it a great short-lived floor covering upgrade in a rental home. It’s pleasant, long lasting and also has a non-slip surface area. Offered in sheeting or floor tiles.

Select richer, darker shades which hide oil discolorations better. Rubber floor tiles are much easier to mount compared to sheeting. For an earth-friendly kitchen floor, choose recycled rubber floor covering, which is additionally less costly.

7. Stone Kitchen Flooring

There’s a wonderful variety of rock flooring offered including the most prominent marble, travertine and slate. Because of the variants in pattern as well as color, rock gives your cooking area floor covering a special, earthy look.

Stone flooring is naturally cool, which is best in hotter areas. If mounting rock floor covering in a cool climate, take into consideration adding sub-floor radiant heat to warm the floorings in the winter season.

Purchase at least 25% more than you need and also conserve your invoice to return the turned down rock. Browse all your rock ceramic tiles before having them professionally mounted. It’s likely that the grain and coloring of the rock will vary considerably and also you’ll intend to hand choose the items you desire mounted for a similar appearance as well as tonal match.


8. Tile Kitchen Flooring

Tile is a terrific, low-maintenance solution for a kitchen area. It’s simple to clean, sturdy as well as has a reflective top quality that expands the look of area in a kitchen.

The current ceramic tile designs simulate timber and also various other textures and patterns. Tile no longer comes exclusively as a 12″ square. A few of the latest modern designs are big, rectangle-shaped forms.

Hire an expert to mount ceramic tile, especially if the subflooring is not flawlessly degree. For convenience of maintenance, mount ceramic tiles with grout lines that are as little as feasible.

9. Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

10. Wood Kitchen Flooring

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Timber has actually typically gotten on the top of purchaser’s checklists for floor covering selections. Wood has a high-end, cozy appearance that’s unique, inning accordance with grain as well as age. Yet wood in the cooking area needs unique protection from excess moisture.

Include an added layer of coating in the kitchen area to keep the wood sealed. If residing in a high moisture or seaside area, prevent larger slabs, which will cup and warp gradually.

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