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Deck Ideas – Whether you have patio, pool, or porch, then you can use this post as a guide to creating a wonderful outside space that also helps you to get benefits of warm weather. Of course, you cannot miss these ideas below.

No matter how much will you spend, there are many ways to create your outdoor space looks beautiful, practical and even entertaining as well. This is no matter if you only have small or expansive outdoor space, then you can combine these ideas with your creativity.

These ideas below will help you add charm and beauty surround your outdoor space. Share this post if you want to get other gorgeous ideas for your outdoor spaces.


1. Creating your Stylish Privacy Spot

You should know that one of best keys to get successful outdoor space is privacy. As you can see on the picture that the wooden tiles and decorations offer you with privacy and provide you with great space for an outdoor kitchen. Then the lush planting will take this privacy spot. As you can see that almost all of the furniture share the same shade in common – brown shade.

2. Hanging your Cozy Chair

This inspiration is so simple and you can use this idea for any setting as well. You can use a hanging chair to add more comfy feeling while you enjoying the view around your house. The white color is the same as the white classic wall and match perfectly with the wooden tiles as well.

3. Set the Deck Close to the Pool

This is a great way if you want to enjoy your time while you get relaxation. You can place your deck with the comfortable sofa near the poolside which is directly pointed you to the pool’s view. You can hear the water flowing sound which is so calming and lighten up your mood as well.

4. Spacious Deck with Sofa

If you want to use your outdoor space as the entertaining spot where you gather all of the guests here, then you can try this idea. Of course, you should have a spacious outdoor area and place many sofas, coffee tables, dining tables and couches on there. This deck has nature or more rustic scene – as you can see that this deck was surrounded by a wide green field in the more rural area. This deck adds fresh elements in the green field.

5. Try to Make a Focal Point

Well designed indoor space usually builds up one element, such as a sofa that provides the eye with something to land on. This is also the same principle that you can apply in outdoor space. You can try to make a focal point in the surrounding of green features. The deeper brown scheme in this deck adds more natural sense in this environment.

6. You Can Try Affordable Updates

Orange can be your favorite shade along with the stripes. This is relatively easy and affordable by adding pillows in your outdoor living space. You can go with the new accents and build your own affordable deck by using those trees as the pillar. Even this is simple, however, it still gives you with convenience as well.

7. Recycle Woods

You are still able to create a great outdoor space with remains materials if you have constructional skill. This image shows you that recycle woods can be made into unique patio or chair. You can add the wooden divider that serves more personal space for you. Place the coffee table and add flowers inside it.

8. A Half Covered Space

If you want to divide your deck into two sections for a shady spot and sunbathing spot, then you can go with this idea. This idea offers something different that help you get two section areas. You can cover the area that you want to avoid the sunlight, then another side provides you with a patio to enjoy the sunlight. The patio matches with the yellow rug and overall wooden accent.

9. Deck for Small Outdoor Space

If you only have a small area for outdoor living, this idea is a good way for you. You can utilize this small space become the coziest spot as well. You can decorate your sofa with colorful colors and share the same gray nuance. To add natural feeling, then you can place floras surround your space.

10. Involves the Sense of Discovery

A path is a good way for outdoor space for more than just finding your way. Then you can add a path which instantly turns the walkway becomes encouraged discovery in your garden. This way leads you to the secluded sitting areas. Actually the design is pretty simple by using the same woods to make the bench, however, it encourages anyone to discover this spot. 

11. Modern Outdoor Living 

This is very simple way that you can try. You only need to place the set of chairs and table in front of your house. Although simple, however, this thing still can add more nuance that your modern design also has modern outdoor living spot.

12. Mini Deck with Mini Pool

This is another great way if you only have small or limited space for deck.  You can build up the deck with the mini pool in the center as well as focal point. You can enjoy your day by bathing in that pool and relaxation.

13. Connect to The Indoor Space

You should know that outdoor living spaces which were easier to be accessed into the indoor room were the most widely used as well. Therefore, when you design your deck or patio, then you can try to place it in within the traffic pattern or a place that offers you with refuge as you can see on the image. The deck is covered and connected to the indoor space.

14. Minimalist Decorations

If you someone who always goes with minimalist principle, of course, this idea is something you can try for next project. This is just simple by placing the chairs and small table on that area, to add more comfortable feeling then you can place the hanging chair.

15. Deep Brown Deck

This idea offers you with something darker nuance that serves you to get the feeling getting deeper inside the forest. The green scene surrounds this deck adds more that feeling of being deeper go into forest. You can use deeper accent for wood selection and combine with furniture in deeper color.

So, there are  best deck outdoor ideas that you can try, of course, you need to choose the best one that can complement its size. Even you can play with the power of pairs in chair selection. Then symmetry is one of the classic ways to make the basic furniture look chic and offers you with cohesion sense which also looks effortless.

Do not forget to define your space by arranging the furniture placement properly. So, there are many amazing ways that you can try regarding of the size itself. 

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