30+ Animals That Start With the Letter B | Names & Pictures

Animals that start with B – Nature never stops showing its beauty and greatness. Some of them are drawn in the animals spreading all around the world. Many of those animals are cute and adorable indeed. However, there are also many others that look wild and terrifying.

Whatever it is, they just live well in their own habitats. So, it is just our duty as human to save them from the danger of the extinction. Below, some animals in which the names are initiated by the letter B are collected and enlisted. What are they and how do they live? Check them out.

1. Butterfly


Undeniably, this flying animal is very beautiful. The wings have various stunning patterns and when they fly around the flowers, it is just incredible scenery to see. However, Butterfly was not born that way. There is a cycle or metamorphosis to be passed through before they perfectly have the wings. The metamorphosis is started from the egg, caterpillar, cocoon, and the butterfly. At the final stage, a butterfly looks for a mate to lay eggs and continue its life cycle.

There are more than 20,000 species of butterfly all around the world. There are some countries with the habitats of most types of butterfly. They are Brazil with around 3,000 types and Indonesia with around 2,500 types.

2. Bear

animals that start with b

Bear can be categorized into the wild animal. It is supported by some features of the body including the string claws and sharp teeth. Meanwhile, it also has a really good olfactory system. With those all things it has, it is more than enough to hunt the prey, chop them, and then finally eat them.

To protect their body, bears have long and coarse fur and even the colors of the fur are varied depending on the species. Although there are bears in blonde and black, mostly, the bears are in brown. In all the species, the males tend to be bigger than the females. The bear is also well-known for its ability to hibernate. It is basically to save the energy mainly during the winter when the foods are usually limited.

3. Beetle

animals that start with b

Beetle is one of the insects commonly known as the bug or the pest. However, the beetle actually has so many benefits for the plants mainly in term of pollination. Meanwhile, its body is unique and resistant towards the outer attack. It is seen from the hard wings, functioned not only to fly but also to protect the body from the hit and blown.

Beetle itself has various species and almost all areas in the world are their habitats except in the water and the poles. Even the number of beetle species discovered is up to 350,000. Of course, it means that the body shapes and the colors are various as well.

4. Bee

animals that start with the letter b

Bee is widely known for its lifestyle of always living in groups. Besides, the bee’s popularity is also due to its ability in producing honey. In the classification of the animal world, the bee is included in the Hymenoptera classification, means the transparent wing.

Although it is predicted to be more species found later, currently, there are only 9 species discovered. Two of them were just discovered some years ago only in the areas of Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

The honey bee lives in a colony. In one colony, there are around 60 – 70 thousands of bee only in one hive. The bee population is very crowded indeed. Uniquely, they can do all their jobs regularly. In a population, there is the queen bee, the drones, nurse bees, scout bees, and collector bees.

5. Buffalo


Buffalo is one of the mammals widely farmed by many societies in the world. In some areas of Asia, buffalo was initially a kind of wild animal but then it passed through the process of domestication. Meanwhile, the wild ones can still be found in the jungles of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

There are many food ingredients produced by buffalo. The most common one is, of course, the meat that has an almost similar texture with the beef. The buffalo milk is also famous as the main ingredient for the Mozzarella cheese. Even the leather is advantageous also as the material for the bags and shoes.

6. Bornean Orangutan

animals that start with b

Based on the genetic study of Bornean Orangutan, there are sub-species that has been identified. They are Pongo pygmeaus pygmeaus, Pongo pygmeaeus wurmbii, and Pongo pygmaeus morio. From those three sub-species, the wumbii relatively has the biggest body size. Each part of its body also has important functions. As an example is the arm, it is not only functioned to grab the fruits but also to hang the body to the trees.

Unfortunately, the population of Orangutan is getting less and less. It is due to the hunt done by people around. Orangutan is often considered the pest that damages the farm. To solve this problem, it needs further action and cooperation from the government and any other related parties.

7. Beaver


Believe it or not, in fact, beaver is categorized as the smart animals. This semi-aquatic animal is able to make their own houses. Meanwhile, it can be survived in any weather and conditions and even it is not afraid of the extremely low temperature. Sure, it is due to the waterproof hair that enables the body to be always dry and warm.

There are around 13 sub-species of beavers spreading all around the world. However, it is randomly not found in only the Australasian areas including Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea. The house of beavers is namely lodges that are made from the mud and tree branches. The door is underwater anyway.

8. Binturong

pictures of animals that start with b

Binturong is a sort of ferret but it has a bigger body. Recently, this animal is demanded as the pets for the uniqueness it has. One of them is regarding the tail that is functioned as the fifth foot. Then, the female has its specific organ which is very similar to a penis in male. This organ is then known as the pseudo-penis.

The animals can be found in some areas in the world starting from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Myanmar, Nepal, and many other countries in Asia. Binturong has a long fur in black or dark brown. But there are some strands of hair that are longer than the others in white or red.

9. Bird


Everyone knows what the bird is. Yes, it is a kind of animals that have wings so that it can just fly around. The types of bird itself are also various. Even the duck that spends its time mostly on the land is also classified as the bird.

Based on some research, the bird feathers are the results of the modification of the reptilian scales. Both the feathers and the scales are formed from creatine. Bird also has an ability to set its own body temperature (homoeothermic). Therefore, it can just still be active in the cold season. The vision of every bird is quite sharp; it is able to see to all directions only by shifting the head a little bit.

10. Bison

animals that start with the letter b

Bison is indeed a gallant and strong animal. The habitat is mostly in the area of Northern America and it also becomes the symbol of the Great Plains. When it stands up, the height is up to 2 meters measured from the shoulder to the feet. Even the horns themselves can be up to 61 cm. Uniquely, although the size is quite big, bison is able to run faster with the speed of around 65 km per hour.

This animal is an herbivore with the main foods of the grass, bushes, and twigs. The male bison is known as bull and the female one is named cow. Both live in the separated groups and they come together during the mating season. The male bison commonly fight to win the female. A good thing about this fight, they never hurt each other.

11. Bongo 

animals that start with the letter b

Bongo is another name of the African antelope. The appearance is very similar to the deer but it has long horns without branches. Different from the other antelopes, the bongo’s body is brown with a little red gradation. Uniquely, it also has some vertical white lines around the body. That’s why; many people may call this animal very beautiful.

Bongo is active in the day and night. However, in the day, this animal tends to be more careful and it spends many of the time within the bushes. When it feels the danger, Bongo can run very fast and enter the jungle. Yes, its population is mostly in the areas of Sahara desert and the inland of Kenya. This way, there are also numerous wild animals around.

12. Barracuda


Barracuda is one of the fishes in the class of Actinopterygii. It is infamous with its hideous appearance as the body is covered by the scales with the length of more than 6 feet. This fish is more easily found in the tropical and subtropical oceans in the world.

In term of how they prey, barracuda is also very aggressive. A group of barracuda may go around the smaller fishes. Next, they swim more deeply and then chop the preys using their teeth before the preys are eaten. This species also has a high ability to survive in any water conditions. Even they are the sea species, this fish can live in the fresh water as well.

13. Baboon

animals that start with b

Baboon is a kind of big mammals found in Africa and some parts of the Middle East. They habitats are basically varied but groups of baboons are more often seen in the areas of meadow and desert. There are mainly 5 species of baboons namely olive baboons, guinea baboons, Chacma baboons, yellow baboons, and Hamadryas baboons.

The yellow and Hamadryas baboons are a little bit different from the others. Their body shapes tend to be larger as well as the face is red. Baboons use around 10 different voice vocalizations to communicate with the members of their groups.

14. Bearded Dragon


Bearded Dragon doesn’t literally mean the dragon that has the beard. Well, even the real dragon has still been questioned whether it had been once lived or it is only a myth. The bearded dragon here refers to a kind of lizard with thorns naturally arranged in the neck area. This species is also often called as Pogona.

The thorns simply show its emotion. When it is angry, suspicious, or even trying to attract the female, Pogona then heads up and bloom its thorns so that slightly, it really looks like the beard. Originally, this animal comes from the middle area of Australia. They live in the arid forest, savannah, and the coastal area.

15. Bat

animals that start with b

Bat is a flying mammal from Chiroptera with two front feet that can be bloomed into the wings. Although it can fly anywhere around, the feet are not designed for walking and even standing up well. The easiest way for this animal to stay is by hanging down with the position where the head is on the lower part while the feet grab the tree twigs or wall.

Bat is also known as a nocturnal animal. It means that they are more active at night and spend their days for sleeping. That’s why; this mammal is gifted with a great vision. Meanwhile, when they are flying, this animal releases sound with a very high frequency. The extremely high frequency causes the sounds cannot be heard by the human hearing system.

16. Babirusa


The number of babirusa is very limited in this world. It is an endemic animal of Sulawesi island, Indonesia. Sure it means the animal can just be only found in this island and some other small islands around like Togian, Sula, Buru, Malenge, and Maluku. Unfortunately, this animal is getting closer to the extinction.

The term Babirusa itself is formed from the Indonesian language. Babi means pig. Yes, this animal is very similar to the pig but the size is much smaller. Meanwhile, babirusa also has long fangs that stick out and pierce its snout.

17. Booby


Booby is the name of a typical animal in the subtropical area. It is one from the 6 species included in the Sula genus. What makes Booby is easily recognized is the bright blue feet it has. Interestingly, the blue feet are not only about how the bird looks beautiful. This color is important in their mating ritual. Well, the males use the feet to attract the female by lifting them up and down and the shake them continuously.

This bird cannot be easily found in any area. Although it is said it can live well in the subtropical area, most of the boobies have habitats in the Galapagos Island. The preys are fishes that are found by swimming and diving under the sea.

18. Badger


Badger or Paradoxurus hermaphroditus is known as an animal that is very capable in selecting and choosing the qualified coffee seeds. In Indonesia, this animal is used to choose the seeds in which it may directly eat them. Then, the best seeds are then taken out along with the poop. After the seeds are washed and cleaned, it is processed into the best coffee commodity, known as Luwak coffee.

Badger has a medium body size for only around 50 cm with the tail of 45 cm. It is covered by the fur in grey or brown with the snout and tail in the similar colors. This animal is classified into mammals with Arboreal characteristic or it lives in the trees although it can be on the land also. The digestive system is quite simple so that the seeds it eats tend to be out in a full condition.

19. Bandicoot


Bandicoot, slightly, is very similar to the mouse or rat. The body is covered by the fur with varied color. The tail is like a cable but it is getting smaller on the tip. There are around 22 sub-species of animals under the bandicoot category. All of them are included in the family of Peramelidae.

Although it is almost the same with the mouse, a bandicoot is surely not a mouse. This is a marsupial animal, a name for mammals with pockets without the placenta and umbilical cord when they are still infants. Bandicoot itself is an omnivore. As a pet, the owners may feed it with the insects, plants, and mushrooms.

20. Bobcat


Babcat, known also as Felis rufus, is a wild cat species that is usually found widely in the area of northern America. This cat is easily adapted towards the habitats in the form of forest, desert, swamp, and even the urban area. They move from one place to another depending on the season.

Since it is indeed a type of cats, the appearance is similar to the cats around. It is just twice bigger. However, there is a particular sign in the form of black circles on the front feet and the tail. The ears are quite big with the fur behind. The fur is closely related to their hearing ability that is very sharp and sensitive.

21. Bald Eagle


The bald eagle, actually, this eagle is not really bald. Well, it is due to its appearance in which on the head area, the feathers are in white. They are different from the feathers in the other areas like on the body. This bird is also very popular as it becomes the symbol of USA.

Aside from its bald-looking head, the spreading wings are very large even more than 2 meters. Since it is classified as a carnivore, the bald eagle eats meat and fishes. Most of the bird lives in the southeastern area of Alaska. Meanwhile, the groups of bald eagles can be found also in the Columbia estuary in Oregon. Yes, it consumes the fishes there.

22. Bonobo


Monkeys are said having many similarities to human. This perception is undeniably true. At least, it can be seen in Bonobo monkey. Based on the research published in the Journal of Current Biology, Bonobo is known as an animal that really loves helping others. It is quite in contrast with Chimpanzee that tends to be more aggressive.

The other characteristic of bonobo that is similar to the human is the nosiness. Besides, it is also claimed to be more tolerant and cooperative. In other words, it has more sensitivity to others. It is quite surprising since the physical appearance of bonobo is much smaller than human. However, the emotion is undeniably human-like.

23. Black Panther

animals that start with the letter b

Panther, in general, has the similarity to Jaguar and Leopard. the size is various and some other are even found in a quite big body, just like the tiger.

Meanwhile, how can it be black? It doesn’t refer to a particular species but it is more about the color variants. Due to the excess of melanin, this panther has a black color in almost all parts of the body. Sure, this just makes the animal more special. In fact, the panther with more melanin is indeed rare.

24. BlueBird

Blue bird indeed cannot be seen anymore in real life. Yes, sadly, this species has been extinct. Based on the analysis of the Bird Life International conservation, Blue bird is one of 8 birds that are confirmed to be extinct due to the deforestation. The tropical rain forest has lost around 39 million hectares of trees in 2017. Sure, it is really disadvantageous for the animals that use it as a home.

The blue bird itself has a simple but very beautiful appearance. Just like the name, it has blue feathers that cover its small body. Well, the event of blue bird extinction should improve our efforts to save the environment more.

25. Brachypelma Hamorii (Mexican Redknee)

animals that start with the letter b

The term of Mexican Redknee should be familiar in the realm of tarantula lovers. Yes, although the species is considered as dangerous for the venom, it seems many people just want to keep them as a pet.

The tarantula is so-called red knee since the knees are indeed legs. Meanwhile, the other parts of the legs are black. For the foods, Mexican Redknee commonly eats crickets and several types of insect. Meanwhile, it should not be kept in a very moist area. If there is a temperature measurement tool, the humidity level for this animal should be around 50-60%.

26. Black-tailed Jackrabbit

animals that start with the letter b

In the areas of the American desert, there is a sort of bunnies known as the Black-tailed Jackrabbit. It is surely very similar to the other rabbits commonly kept in the farm or in the house. But for its wild habitats, the appearance of this rabbit tends to be bigger and even the ears are longer. That’s why; it is commonly classified as hares, not rabbit.

Although Jackrabbits, in general, indeed have a large body, the females are actually quite larger than the males. Meanwhile, it eats the plants and fruits growing in the desert area.

27. Black Rhinoceros

animals that start with the letter b

Black Rhinoceros or Diceros bicornis is a kind of mammals under the classification of Perissodactyla. Different from other types of rhinoceros that are mostly the endemic of the tropical areas, this one can be simply found in Africa, mainly in the eastern and central areas. Just like the name, the rhinoceros has entirely black body even the horns.

Several years ago, this mammal was proclaimed as extinct after some species were found to be dead. Then, for a moment, there were no black rhinoceros seen in the usual habitat. Interestingly, the some species were re-discovered by African parks, an organization that is responsible to keep the rare animals.

28. Bearded Vulture


One of the big and wild birds to be discussed here is the bearded vulture. This bird is indeed gallant with the colors of fur that are also very beautiful; they are the browns, the dark and the lighter ones.  Then, there is also an orange blush on the neck area.

If any other big birds may eat the meat, the bearded vulture is quite different. It prefers the bone and it eats this thing mostly. In some cultures, there is a tradition not to bury the human body after he or she is dead. Well, it can be the food for this animal, anyway. The bird is widely found in Africa as well it is not known to be tame even toward the human.

29. Black Stork

animals that start with the letter b

Compared to any other storks, this one indeed has a relatively big body size up to 86 cm. Besides, there is a part on the head which is quite similar to the crown in black. The neck, on the other hand, is dominated by white.

This animal makes its own house by collecting the twigs and grass. Once it lays, there are around 4 eggs that can be produced. Although this is indeed tame, Black Stork is a kind of carnivores that eat the fishes, frogs, lizards, and the big insects.

30. Bull


Bull is the other big animal that must be familiar for all of us. In many cultures, it is used as the ride and a part of the festivals or rituals. The most popular one is Matador in Spain. The height of the bull is up to 1.6 meters as well as the length is even more than 2 meters.

In the areas of Southeast Asia, the bulls have been domesticated and they are now a part of the farming and poultry. They tend to adapt as the nocturnal animal. However, there are some types of bulls that can be really active at both days and nights.

31. Bush Cricket

animals that start with b
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Bush crickets are the insects commonly living in the bushes areas. This animal that start with b is basically a type of grasshopper but the body tends to be wider and bigger. Meanwhile, the colors are various including the green and the brown.

Just like other grasshoppers, the plants are the main foods for them. Once they are on the leaves, it can be ensured that they may chop them using their mouth, teeth, and even the hands and feet.

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