19+ Animals That Start with the Letter E | Names & Pictures

Animals that start with E – You must agree that there are thousands and even more species of animals living around us. They are started from the big ones like the whale and elephant to the small and even tiny animals like the ants and microbes.

Although the habitats of some of those animals are probably not in our areas, it is surely not bad to learn more about them. Well, on this page, here are some animals with E initials along with the explanations. So, just check them out.

1. Eagle


Eagle refers to the big-sized predatory birds. This hot-blooded animal features the wings as well as the feathers covering the body. It breeds by laying the eggs with very hard shells. They protect their eggs on the nest they make by themselves.

Some of the preys are the smaller animals including the rats, chipmunks, lizards, fishes, and insects. Eagles are also often being a problem for the poultry owners for their habits to eat animals like chickens and ducks.

2. Echidna


Echidna is the only animal from the order of Monotremata that still survives after platypus. In general, the animals of Monotremata orders are the endemic animals of Papua and Australia. The naming itself is based on the appearance of the animal that is full of thorns. Echidna is indeed originally a monster’s name in the Greek mythology.

The body, in general, is like the ball of thorns. Meanwhile, it is equipped by a snout functioned as the mouth and nose. The legs are short but strong with big paws. They eat the soft stem peels and insects.

3. Elephant


The elephant is one of the most popular animals for the big appearance it has. It is under the family of Elephantidea. In general, there are only two sub-species that are classified in the group of Elephant; they are the African and Asian Elephants. Meanwhile, there are some other species close to elephants but they have been extinct; they are mammoth and mastodon.

The main characteristics of the elephants are the trunk and a pair of ivory. Although this animal is actually wild and quite aggressive, they can be friendly toward human after a particular training.

4. Elk


Elk is the biggest species from the family of Cervidea. It is along with the deer and any other typical animals commonly living in the meadows and bushes. In the areas of northern America and eastern Asia, elk is considered as one of the biggest mammals.

Elk stays in the jungle by eating grass, leaves, and the peels of wood. The males have big horns used as the weapons. In the mating seasons, the male elks fight for the females by butting their opponents using the horns.

5. Emperor Tamarin


Emperor Tamarin is one of the small and cute primates. Sure, its body length is only around 23-26 cm and the weight is only up to 900 grams. However, it has long claws and tail to protect them from the predators. Indeed, there are many bigger animals that want this animal as their prey.

This primate lives in the tropical rainforest in the American continent mainly in the southern area. The body is grey with silver grades along with the hands that are in black. Meanwhile, the face is white and the tail is brown. The term emperor is used for this animal for its long moustache; originally, it was a nickname for the last emperor of Germany, Wilhelm II.

6. Eland


Eland is a common term to mention the parasite worm or the worms that live by attaching to and they tend to be disadvantageous for the other organisms. Therefore, this animal finds the foods and protection from the host’ body. Meanwhile, they absorb the nutrition from them.

Generally, the worms of eland are classified into some groups namely Cestoda, Nematoda, and Trematoda. Some types of eland easily found around are the roundworm, pinworms, liver worms, and the tapeworm.

7. Earth Worm


The earth worm is a common animal to be found in the fertile soil. In general, it has so many advantages for farming for its ability to naturally fertilize the soil. It eats the organic stuff and breathes through the surface of the skin. In general, this animal is actually not dangerous at all for the human for the exception of its shape that tends to be loathsome.

The shape of the earthworm is cylinder. It is segmented into many parts namely the Lum Annelida. Meanwhile, it moves using the belly.

8. Earwig


Earwig is a sort of insects under the category of Dermaptera order. It is considered the biggest insect in its order. Meanwhile, the animal is found all around the world since it can survive in any conditions.

People may feel disturbed by the presence of the earwig at home. Yes, when it uses its claws to bite you, it is indeed very itchy and painful. Make sure to get rid of it using the spray that is not dangerous for your family’s health.

9. Elephant Seal


There are basically two variants of the elephant seals; they are the northern and the southern elephant seals. Both are included in the family of Phocidae along with the other seals. This animal found the name due to the size that is indeed much bigger than the common seals. Meanwhile, they also have a proboscis that is very similar to the elephant’s trunk.

The proboscis of the elephant seal is able to produce sounds like roaming. The sound is mainly produced in the mating season. This animal is polygamous. A male elephant seal is able to mate up to 50 females.

10. Emu


Emu is a native bird of Australia, well-known for its size which is quite big. In the group of the non-flying birds, Emu is the second biggest in the world after its relative, ostrich. This animal is also the only species remained from the genus Dromaius. It means that the family has been extinct.

The main characteristic of the emu is the soft and brown feathers. The height is up to 2 meters as well as the weight is around 45 kilograms. It eats various types of plants and insects.

11. Emperor Penguin


Emperor Penguin is the biggest type of penguin with the height of more than a meter as well as the height of around 35 kg. Just like the other penguins, the legs are covered by membranes and the body has the waterproof thick fur.

The characteristics that distinguish this penguin with the others is the yellow line around the neck. The line looks more vague and faint, quite different from the king penguin in which the line tends to be bolder and visible.

12. Elephant Shrew


Elephant shrew is a tiny insectivore mammal originally from Africa. It is included in the family of Macroscelididae and the order of Macroscelidea. Traditionally, there is the term elephant on the name for the similarity of the nose with the elephant’s trunks.

Uniquely, this animal is really typed closer to the elephant than to the shrew. It is based on the discovery of another species believed as the link between those two animals. Elephant shrew is found in the southern area of Africa in any habitats.

13. Eel


Eel is something like a fish is simply found in the farming area in the eastern and southeastern Asia. For the local people, this animal can be processed into various foods due to the delicious taste and the high content of nutrition.

However, eels are actually such dangerous predators for other animals in their environment. They aggressively eat worms, small fishes, and insects. The animal is more active at night and it takes the oxygen directly from the water to survive months without water.

14. Edible Frog


A frog is the other type of animals that can be simply found around us. Its habitats are the water and some other areas around. Interestingly, some sub-species of frogs are edible for the human. It is even a good alternative to the protein source after the chicken and beef.

Some types of frogs that are common to be consumed are the green frogs (Rana macrodon) and rice field frogs (Rana cancrivora). Although both are edible, the consumption is limited in some countries since the frog hunting is considered damaging the ecosystem.

15. Egyptian Mau


The Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest and the pure breeds of cats. The main characteristic of this animal is the fur pattern; they are the black dots on the white or grey fur. There are many stories and myths regarding this cat including its relationship with the Pharaohs in the past.

Although the Egyptian Mau is now a sort of the domestic cats, it is still a great predator. It can run very fast up to 36 meters per hour. Interestingly, this breed is quite rare for only around 6,000 in the world but demanded much by the cat and pet lovers. That’s why; the price is also really expensive.

16. Eared Seal


Seal, in general, is a marine mammal with medium size and dark-skinned color. Meanwhile, there is a sub-species of this mammal, this is the eared seal. Just like the name, the main characteristic of this animal is the ear flaps that are floating from the head.

Under the family group of Otariidae, it has a semi-aquatic lifestyle, means that it can live both on the land and in the water. The groups of eared seals are often migrated from one place to another via the ocean. Then, they breed on the particular lands or ice areas.

17. Eastern Lowland Gorilla


The eastern lowland gorilla is also known as the Gorilla Graurer. It is one of the sub-species from the endemic of the eastern gorilla. The groups of animals are found the most in the mountainous areas of the Congo Republic. They are protected in some national reservation park so that the extinction possibility can be reduced.

Gorilla Graurer has a medium-sized body covered by the fur of black, white, and the gradients of those two colors. The palms are strong to grab the twigs where they commonly live on.

18. Eulophophyllum Kirki


Eulophophyllum kirki is a relatively new species found in Danum Valley Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia. It is enlisted in the Top 10 New Species of 2017 published by some scientific journals and magazines. Naturally, the habitats of this insect are in the area of Borneo’s tropical rainforest.

This bug is quite unique for the all-pink colors, particularly for the females. Then, the body is segmented as well as it has a pair of unique wings.

19. Eriovixia Gryffindori


The other new species discovered is Eriovixia gryffindori. The animal is named that way is for the unique shape that is quite similar to the unique hat described and seen in the Harry Potter’s books and film series. They name it after Godric Gryfindor, the owner of the hat anyway.

Uniquely, this species is a part of the spider groups in the family of Araneidae. Meanwhile, to find this animal in the nature, the habitats are in the areas of the tropical rainforest in Asia.

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