25+ Animals That Start With the Letter G | Names & Pictures

Animals That start with G – It is really fun to see the behaviors of some animals around like cats, dogs, bunnies & birds. Sure, outside there, there are still so many animals that are not only cute but giving so many benefits for the human and the environment.

Indeed, it cannot be denied that some animals may tend to be disadvantageous like the cockroach and fly. Below, some animals with G initial are enlisted along with the description. So, let’s check them out.

1. Gorilla

animals that start with g

Gorilla is one of the biggest primates and it is classified as an omnivore. This animal comes from the tropical forest area in Africa. Around 97-98% of the DNA of the gorilla is identical with the DNA of the human. It means that this animal is on the second rank in term of the DNA closeness to the human after Chimpanzee.

The foods of gorilla are various. In their daily life, the animals need around 25 kg of foods that consist of the leaves, flowers, seeds, stems, and other parts of the plants. Since it finds enough liquid from the foods, gorilla rarely drinks.

2. Giraffe

animals that start with the letter g

The giraffe is one of the most popular animals, known for its long neck. This is an omnivore and widely found in the tropical and subtropical areas. The height is up to around 5 meters with the weight of more than 1,000 kg for the males. Meanwhile, the females tend to be shorter and lighter.

Giraffe itself is divided into some sub-species. The naming of each species is based on the place where they are commonly found. Some of them are the Somalia giraffe, Angolan giraffe, Nubian giraffe, and more. Since most of them are seen in Africa, it is claimed that this animal is an endemic of this continent.

3. Gecko

animals that start with the letter g

Gecko is an animal that is quite similar to the home lizard but the size is bigger. The term gecko itself is the general way to mention many types of lizards that are able to climb in the wall. Some of them are now considered as the pets for the beautiful appearance as well as the easiness to take care of.

The animals are active from the evening to the night. They live in the holes of the tree and the cavity of the stones. That’s why; they can also be found at home.

4. Grasshopper


Grasshopper is a herbivore animal from the order of Orthoptera. This animal has a pair of antennas as well as the Ovipositor that are much shorter than the body. It is able to produce sound by swiping the rear femurs on the wings and abdomens.

Most of the grasshoppers are winged although some species are lived without any wing. It eats the grasses and leaves and they move from one place to another by hopping.

5. Giant Panda


There are many types of this cute animal. One of them is that having bigger sizes than the others. Therefore, they are so-called the giant panda.

The giant panda is actually a kind of passive carnivores. It rarely eats animals or meats as well as 90% of the foods are bamboos. Compared to the smaller pandas, its appetite is indeed much bigger since they may eat even 5 or 6 times in a day. That’s why; the weight is always more than 100 kg.

6. Grey Crowned Crane


The grey-crowned crane is a type of bird that is classified in the family of Gruidae along with any other cranes. The appearance of this animal is very beautiful with the domination of grey color on the body with gradations. Meanwhile, it has a crown with the lighter color.

The bird is commonly found near Sahara desert, particularly in the more humid area. Meanwhile, they are found also in the swamp and farming areas. There are 2 sub-species of this crane; they are Gibbericeps that live in the area of Congo Democratic Republic and Regulorum in the areas starting from Angola to South Africa.

7. Grouse

animals that start with g

Grouse is the name of a group of birds from the order of Galliformes. The family is this group is still unknown yet but they are considered in the family of Tetraaonidae. The animal lives in the areas with temperate climate and sub-arctic on the northern hemisphere.

The physical appearance of this bird is close to the chicken with the grey and white feathers. Their legs are covered by the fur to protect them while walking in the snowy areas.

8. Grizzly Bear

animals that start with g

The grizzly bear is one of the bears widely found in the Eurasian and Northern America. The weight is quite heavy for starting from 130 kg for the young to 700 kg for the adults. The animal is considered one of the biggest bear type in the world along with the polar bears.

Grizzly bear itself is basically a common term for more than 90 species of the bear with brown colors. Some of the species are proclaimed as the national animals in some countries including Sweden and Finland.

9. Glow Worm


In New Zealand, there is a stunning cave that can shine brightly even in the dark. Uniquely, what causes the glow is the worm. The glow worm is indeed a rare species only available in the country. The worms can only survive in a very dark and humid place where their glow can be seen.

The research regarding this species is still limited. But due to the presence of this beautiful worm, the cave is now always full of tourists.

10. Gray Langur


Gray langur is one of the primates that were previously predicted to be extinct by the International Conservation Organization. Interestingly, they are re-found in the area of Wehea forest, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The physical appearance of this animal is not different from the monkeys particularly in term of the body size. But there are some characteristic features including the black fur on the face as well as the rest of the body is in the light grey.

11. Gerbil

animals that start with the letter g

Gerbil is another term to call the desert mouse. Yes, the original habitat of this animal is in the desert area. It is common also for them to hide under the soil with the depth up to 1 meter. Gerbil is also one of the animals currently popular as the pet. Its appearance is similar to hamsters but it doesn’t have the neck.

The way to feed gerbil is easy enough. They are omnivores that can eat the plants and small insects. The peels of the stem are also good for them since they have a high level of vitamins and minerals.

12. Gharial


Gharial is a big reptile commonly found in the water areas of Northern India and the countries around. With the appearance that is similar to the crocodile, it is indeed has a relation to some other big reptiles including caiman and alligator.

This animal spends most of the time underwater as the legs are not designed to live on the land. In general, Gharial is a solitaire predator without any bad reputation. Although it is aggressive sometimes, it cannot eat any big animals for the snout which is too long.

13. Golden Lion Tamarin

animals that start with the letter g

The golden lion tamarin, known also the golden marmoset is a small primate, the endemic of the southeast areas of Brazil. The main characteristic feature is the reddish golden hair covering the body. The scientists believe that the animal finds the color from the carotenoids contained in the foods.

The golden lion tamarin is a social animal and they live in groups. There are some conservations of the animal built in some countries. It is a good step by remembering that the tamarin population is getting less and less.

14. Galapagos Penguin

animals that start with the letter g

Galapagos is one of the famous islands related to the world of biology and its development. Many animals there are the objects of the research including the penguin. It is actually such a unique fact. This animal commonly lives in the poles that are cold but here, they live in the tropical islands.

The Galapagos penguin is indeed the endemic of the islands. The physical appearance is not different from the pole penguins. Then, they still need the low temperature to stay survive. The waters of the islands tend to be cold anyway. That’s why; they become a good habitat for this animal.

15. Guinea Pig

animals that start with g

The guinea pig is one of the rodents in the family of Sciuridae that lives in the mountainous areas. Some of the places where guinea pig is simply found in nature are Alpena and Perennial in Europe and Rocky Mountain in the USA.

This animal makes the house by digging the soil and they can communicate with each other by whistling loudly. The guinea pig has some favorite foods; they are the grasses, berries, moss, roots, and even flowers.

16. Gazelle


Gazelle is a type of antelopes with a very graceful appearance. The body size is small enables it to run faster to avoid the enemies. The main characteristic features are the long horns right on the head and the brown fur along with the lines.

The habitats of gazelle are all around the world except in Australia and Antarctica. They live in the forests and meadows since those are where the foods are produced.

17. Goal

animals that start with g

Goat is a member of the Bovidae family. It is a kind of ruminant animals that are bred by the human so that the meat and the milk can be taken. There are more than 300 types of goat in the world. Despite those that are farmed, there are also wild goats living in the forests.

This animal basically can eat anything including the non-edible stuff like the tin and plastic. It is because their behavior wants to try anything around. Sure, it doesn’t mean that they are indeed allowed to eat those things.

18. Goose

animals that start with g

Goose is one of the non-flying birds who mostly spend its time on the water. The size is quite bigger than the duck while the fur colors are varied; starting from white, brown, to grey. It is included in the family of Anatidae with some well-known species including the swan and whooper.

Goose is generally found in the areas with the temperate climate whether in the northern or southern hemisphere. However, both hemispheres tend to have different types of the goose. The southern hemispheres’ goose is commonly in black except the wins. Meanwhile, the northern hemisphere’s goose has white and clean feathers.

19. Gila Monster

animals that start with the letter g

Gila monster refers to a type of lizard classified in the family of Varan. The main characteristic features are the thick skin, fat body, and the short tail. The body colors are unique as they have varied patterns starting from the dots to the lines with the domination of browns and mustard.

Despite the uniqueness, Gila monster is one of the most poisonous lizards. The venom is placed on the jaws and the animal uses this venom to poison the prey while biting them. Additionally, it is a carnivore that eats other smaller animals including the rodents and birds.

20. Galapagos Tortoise

animals that start with the letter g

Galapagos tortoise is known as the biggest tortoise in the world that still survives nowadays. The length is up to 1.2 meters as well as the weight is around 300 kg. They are claimed as one of the animals with the longest lifespan it is even for 150 years old.

Just like the name, this animal is endemic of Galapagos Islands and it was first documented by the famous scientist, Charles Darwin. It is predicted that there are 14 species of Galapagos tortoise but unfortunately, there are only 4 of them that still exist.

21. Geoffroy’s Tamarin


The geoffroe’s tamarin is one of the small primates with the height for even less than 250 mm. It makes them quite light also for only around 500 grams. The physical appearance is almost similar to the monkey but the body is covered by the white fur with a big black area on its back.

The animal can live in various habitats but mostly, it lives in the dry and moist tropical forest. The behavior is not much different from the monkeys; they love climbing the trees but sometimes come down to the ground.

22. Giant Clam

The giant clam is an animal from the class of Bivalvia. The term Bivalvia means that the creature has a soft body but it is protected by a pair of shells that can be opened and closed. The clams are widely found in the coral areas particularly in the south Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

The size of the clam is up to 120 cm with the weight for more than 200 kg. This animal is functioned a home for another species namely Zooxanthellae. Both conduct the mutualism symbiosis in which the clam also gets additional nutrition from Zooxanthellae.

23. Groundhog


Groundhog is one of the 14 species of the guinea pig. The way a groundhog life is by eating all the foods during the summer to accumulate the fat as the backup during the winter. In the winter also, this animal is hibernated in the lodges they have made before.

This animal is generally found in the areas of Northern America. Being classified in the rodent group, the appearance is not really big; it is around 50 cm with the weight of 2-7 kg. In nature, the lifespan of a groundhog is up to 6 years. Meanwhile, it can even reach 10 years in the conservative areas.

24. Golden Oriole


The golden oriole is a species of tweeting bird or Passeriformes that is also famous for its beautiful golden feather. It is considered as a dandy animal that always wants to look beautiful, neat, and clean, including in the ways they make their nests.

People may find it more difficult to distinguish the male and female one. Besides, they just love to keep them in the birdcage as a pet as the home decoration. The origins are from the mainland of China and it spreads to other areas around in Asia.

25. Goldfish

animals that start with g

Goldfish is a freshwater species from the family of Cypriniforms. This fish is considered one of the fishes successfully domesticated and farmed by the human. Some varieties of this animal are functioned as the decorative fishes. Meanwhile, there are the bigger ones that are also to be consumed.

In nature, a goldfish eats any other smaller creatures including the Crustacean, insects, and many other animal plants. It is also an opportunistic animal that continuously eats when the foods are available. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed them too much since it may damage their digestive systems.

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