13+ Animals That Start With The Letter N | Names & Pictures

Animals that start with N widely comes in many types and species. There are maybe unknown popular name or you have not heard before. The animal that starts with N can be carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore and they live spread among around the world.

The animal also can found in sea, land, mountain or the forest. This is a knowledge to add when you want to tell a story to your children as a parent or your student if you a parent. The Animals That Start with N below is just a little species that you can find in around of worldwide.

1. Newt


Newt is semi-aquatic amphibians that have a small size and the look like a cross from lizard and frog. Newt has interesting characteristics, such as they can be dangerous although it has a cute and harmless look. The toxins that secreted out from their skin that functioned as a defense mechanism can kill a human.

The poisonous newt can be seen from their bright color skin.  Newt also has capabilities for regrown their limbs and organs. Because of that capability, newts become the most important subjects in regeneration medical research.

Newt sometimes gets wronged with a salamander. Newt is a member of the Salamandridae family. All of the newts are salamanders but not salamander’s categorized as a newt. The habitat of newt can be found in all over of Northern Hemisphere in North America, North Africa, and Asia.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat


Norwegian Forest Cat is a beautiful cat that has fluffy coats, big and also has social dispositions. The origins of their breeds are still unknown and mystery. But this cat can be related into black and short white haired cats from Great Britain or as a descendant from a long-haired cat that brought to Scandinavian by Crusader.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is the national cat for Norway. The typical male from Norwegian forest cats can reach up to 13-30 pounds. This car is a great tree climber. Because their sturdier claws, it makes them have impressive climbing feats. The Norwegian Forest Cat lifespan is Animals That Start With N that can last for 15-17 years.

3. Numbat


The numbat is kind of marsupials that have a small size and found in Western Australia. Numbat inhabit is in woodland and forests where it particularly made up from mainly eucalyptus tree. The animal is also can be found in grassland that closes to water.

The numbat is considered an endangered species as there are only a few colonies left in Western Australia and it estimated only about 1500 numbat left. The numbat is solitaire animals and they have wide range home and it makes them able to spend their main hours in daylight for hunting termites and night for hollow logs and burrows. Numbat has strong claws and strong tongue that make them able to get out the termites from the nests.

4. Nile Crocodile


Nile crocodile becomes one of the largest family members of crocodilians. The Nile crocodile is adapted as an aquatic predator with the amazing appearance with long, strong tail, streamlined body, powerful jaws webbed hind feet that make it perfect for holding and grabbing their prey.

This crocodile has excellent vision in the night and good sense for smelling as the Nile Crocodile possess their sensory pits in the along of their side jaws that used for detecting the vibration and movement in the water.

The total length can reach up to 6 meters and the weight cans up to 1000 kg. The habitat of Nile crocodile has spread in throughout of sub-Saharan African and Madagascar. Then Nile Crocodile inhabits in ranges of the aquatic environment such as rivers, mangrove swamps, freshwater lakes, freshwater swamps, and coastal estuaries.

5. Nightingale


Nightingale is also known as common nightingale or Rufous nightingale. This is the small size of passerine bird that becomes the member of Thrush family of Turdidae and considered as Old World. The male nightingale is best known for his singing capability, with loud singing and impressive ranges of whistles, gurgles, and trills.

Nightingale is the national bird of Iran. In modern culture, nightingale becomes announces for spring comes and symbol of love. Nightingale has estimated declines by 50% from the last 50 years because of climate change and increased number of deer nibbling away the understory and woodland that becomes the land for nightingale nest in and feed.

6. Nurse Shark


Nurse Shark has become the coolest shark recently. This shark same as all other sharks is a giant fish that interesting and becomes important for the marine ecosystem. The nurse sharks get this name because when they searching for their prey in the sand they have strange sucking sounds. The sharks can reach up to 4.5meter length for adults and weight as 150 kg.

The lifespan of this animal can last for 25-35 years age. The nurse sharks can remains their motionless and rest into sea floor by face against the water flow and then pump up into the water through their mouth and gills. The habitat of nurse sharks is in the tropical water around the channels, reefs, and the coastal shelves.

In general, this includes as shallow water fish. The nurse sharks live as a big group as large as 40. When they come in the large group, the sharks mostly remain and hidden under submerged ledges and in around of the reefs.

7. Narwhal

mediablix via videoblocks.com

Narwhal is also known as unicorns of the sea. Narwhal is beautiful big creatures that streamline with long tusks protruding from the heads. This animal can grow up long into 17 feet length and can weigh up to 4200 pounds. Some narwhal has one tusk and some others have none. Narwhal spends their lives in Russia, Greenland, Norway and at Arctic water on Canada.

In winter, most of the narwhal live for 5 months under sea ice in Baffin Bay Davis Strait area. Narwhal can dive about 1 mile of deep in the ocean. The crack in the sea ice surface allows them for pop up and gets air when they need to breathe.

The color of the narwhal is changed as they get old. The newborn has blue-gray, juveniles become blue-black and adults will turn their color to mottled gray. The old narwhal is almost white.

8. Nighthawk


Nighthawk is not a real hawk. This bird is classified in nightjars, frogmouth, and allies in the order of Caprimulgiformes. The appearance length to 15-35 cm and this bird usually fly at night. However, the name of “night” might not perfect as this bird mainly active at evening or dusk.

9. Nyala


Nyala is antelope types that have spiral horn and native into Southern Africa.The antelope is secretive and becomes easier to see in the night. Nyala is non-territorial animals but both of their sexes are overlapped their home ranges. Nyala can be found in private farms in South Africa, Kruger national park and reserves game. 

The weight can reach 68 kg for female and 126 kg for the male. The body length can reach to 135-195 cm. Nyala is shy animals and prefers to water holes rather than into open areas. Nyala is animals that very cautious.

The old males will live alone and the single or mixed families group as 10 can found in the colony. Nyala’s habitat is range into Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Swaziland.

10. Nautilus


Nautilus is mollusk that related to squid, octopus, and cuttlefish. Nautilus becomes the only species that have visible shells from the cephalopod family. The nautiluses shell can grow up into 6-8 inches.  The shell form adult nautilus has over 30 chambers and the chambers create logarithmic spirals.

Nautilus has more tentacles rather than their related family of squid, cuttlefish, and octopus. The Nautilus has 90 tentacles and these tentacles have no suckers. The shells of nautilus can up to 8-10 inches across. The color underside is white and it has brown stripes in the upper part. The coloration blends make nautilus able to blend into the environment.

Nautilus cannot dive deeply because it can implode the shell. Nautilus habitat is in warm and tropical temperate water in Indopacific region near around the reefs. In the night, nautilus feed closer into the surface of the ocean.

11. Nudibranch


Nudibranch is derived from Latin word of “Nude” that means naked as this refers to the flower type protrusions in the back of the nudibranch when it exposed as naked gills. Nudibranch is a kind of sea slug. It has a very small size and extreme beautiful color. There are about 3000 species of Nudibranch and this sea slug can found in very swallow to a depth of 2500m.

The Nudibranch is found in temperate and tropical seas as well as into Antarctica seas, however, this sea slug is most common to see in shallows. The nudibranch is tended to poisonous and some pretend to be poisonous that can be seen from the vibrant colors. The Nudibranch is hermaphrodite so these reproductive organs by fertilizing each other.  

12. Nuthatch


Nuthatch is the plum bird that has size resembles just as like the small woodpecker. The bird is characterized by short tails, large head, and has strong bills and feet. Nuthatch is best to see in mature woods forest and the parkland throughout Wales and England, in the underside of branches and the sides of the tree trunks.

The greatest diversity from the bird is in Southern Asia. The natural habitat is in woodland, urban and suburban areas. The length of this Animals That Start With N can reach 14 cm and the weight can reach 20-25g.

13. Nilgai


Nilgai is active mainly at day. The major populations are present in the lowland of Himalaya Mountain in northern India, but the antelope also has spread into Nepal and Pakistan and less apparent in Bangladesh. The lifespan from Nilgai is about 10 years.

Northern C|ardinal is a songbird that has the lengthy body about 21-23 cm. This is a beautiful bird that also known colloquially with Redbird and common cardinal. This bird can found in woodlands, wetlands, shrubland, and gardens as their nature inhabitant.

The male bird will mark their territory by singing. The color of male sexes is vibrant red and the females have the dull reddish olive. The measurement of both sexes has the lifespan to 15 years. This bird can found in southern Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Maine to Texas, and the eastern United States. 14-15. (ONPRCS)

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