15+ Animals That Start With the Letter R | Names & Pictures

Animals that start with R – How many Animals That Start With R that you can find? From the exotic unique animals that you rare to find and only found in certain native apart from around the world.

Until the animals with R that you can find in farm or even becomes your pet. here are the animals that start with R list that you can read now.

1. Rabbit

animals that start with r

Rabbit is Animals That Start With R that probably you often see in your neighborhood and environment as a domestic animal.  This is small mammals that come from Leporidae family. Rabbit has been domesticated for long. In middle ages, European use rabbit as livestock.

The selective breeding generated the wide varies of rabbit breeds that also kept a rabbit as pets. As livestock, rabbits are bred for the fur and meat.  The domestic rabbit now is range size from a dwarf into giant size.

Rabbit fur has values as it has softness and available found in a broad range of coat colors and the patterns. The Angora rabbit, for example, developed as well this uses for their long and silky fur that often used into yarn.

2. Red Panda


The red panda is the mammals that native into Southwestern China and in Eastern Himalayas. This mammal has been listed as endangered species as the population recorded fewer than 10.000 and continues to decline because of inbreeding depressions, habitat loss, and poaching.

The red panda has a beautiful appearance with reddish-brown fur, shaggy tail, and waddling gait that related with the shorter front leg. This is solitaire animals and most active in the dusk to dawn and sedentary during their day.  This animal is specialized as a bamboo feeder.

3. Roseate Spoonbill

animals with the letter r
pictures of animals that start with the letter r

Roseate Spoonbill is the medium-large water bird with long legs and football-shaped body. This bird flies with their outstretched long necks and when they rest, they often curled their long necks into S shape.

The color pattern is pale pink with pink shoulder and rump. Their habitat is in brackish water, shallow fresh, and the marine waters include wetlands, forested, and mangroves. They build their nests and roost in three and shrubs in the water edges.

4. Rock Hyrax


Rock Hyrax is also called with rock badger, cape hyrax, or rock rabbit. This is the animals That Start With R that have medium size mammals and can reach 4-5 kg with short tails and ears. This Rock Hyrax is able to found in the Middle East and Africa. The habitat is rock crevices that use to protecting them from predators.

This animal usually lives in groups of 10-80 and forage as animal groups. Rock Hyrax is highly adaptive. This animal can found at sea level and in altitudes of more than 14000 feet. The habitat is in dense rain forests to dry savannah in cold afro-alpine moorlands.

5. Racoon

animals that start with r

The raccoon is the mammals in a medium size that native to North America. The raccoon is the largest member of Procuonid family as their body length can reach 40-70 cm and the body weight can reach 5-26 kg. There are 3 types of common raccoon, northern raccoon, and American raccoon.  The raccoon is nocturnal and omnivorous.

6. Rat

pictures of animals that start with the letter r

Rat is medium and s-long-tailed rodents. The entire species of rats are found as a member of order Rodentia but there are some of the stereotypical rats that also become a member of genus Rattus.

The best-known species of the rat are Black and brown Rat where these two groups of rats are included as Old world Rat and originated in Asia. Rats have the larger size of most of Old World mice.  Rats often use as objects for scientific research.

7. Rufous Treepie

pictures of animals that start with the letter r

Rufous treepie is the bird that includes a member of the crow family. This bird has long-tailed and loud musical calls. This bird most often found in open scrubs, forests, agricultural areas, and urban gardens.

The range habitat of this animal is quite large, start from the entire mainland India and cover to Himalaya’s area, Pakistan and broadband to Southeasterly in Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Thailand. The length is about 46-50 cm include the tail that can length up to 30 cm. the weight can reach up to 130gr. 

8. Reindeer

Torbjrn / Fotolia via sciencedaily.com

Reindeer is the species of deer that also called as caribou in North America. This animal can be found in Arctic Tundra, boreal forest in Scandinavia, Greenland, Alaska, Russia and also in Canada. Reindeer also have been domesticated in some region in Europe. There are 2 species of reindeer, the tundra reindeer, and the woodland (forest) reindeer.

The reindeer is a good swimmer. The lifespan of reindeer is last to 15 years old. This is the only type of deer that both male and females grow antlers. The habitat is in woodland, tundra, and mountains. This animal feed, travel and rests in animal groups called herds that can include 10-few hundred animals.

9. Rockhopper Penguin

animals that start with the letter p

Rockhopper Penguin is distinguished from other penguins with their smaller size and has thin yellow supercilium.  Their feather plumes are colored yellow, not orange such as macaroni penguins and have thinner rather than other Eudyptes species.

Southern rockhopper penguin has narrower supercilium from northern rockhopper penguin. The vocalization from both southern and northern also has different ways.

10. Roadrunner

animals that start with r

The last Animals That Start With R is roadrunners. You might familiar with this Looney Tunes bird. The roadrunner recorded the speed that can reach up 20 miles per hour.  Roadrunner is a desert bird that never needs water to drink.

This bird gets their moisture from their diet which consists of insects, grasshoppers, beetles, small mammals and reptiles, snails, and fruits and seeds. This bird will absorb as much as water from their food as possible through the effective digestive system. The roadrunner is cuckoo bird member.

11. Red Wolf

magnus manske via wikipedia.org

Red Wolf is small and thinner wolf that becomes the world most endangered canid. This is the candid animal that native to Southeastern US. The Red wolf has been protected by law and considered as the rarest species of wolf.

The last natural population of red wolf is found in coastal prairie marshes, agricultural fields, and swamps that used for grow cotton and rice. Red wolves are nocturnal and communicate by marking the area with their scent vocalization body posture and facial expression.

12. River Dolphin

animals that start with the letter r

River dolphin is aquatic mammals that live in freshwater or brackish water. River dolphins are relatively small from other dolphins and survive in shallow water, warm and strong river current. The measurement of these dolphins is range from 5-10 feet of south Asian river dolphin to 8 foot and can reach 220 pounds or 100kg.

13. Raven

animals that start with the letter r

Raven is a big, black bird that becomes the biggest bird from the crow family. This is the bird that has all black color look, with a large bill and long wings. The length of the bird can reach up to 60-68 cm and the wingspan is 120-150cm with weight can reach 1000-1500 gram.

14. Royal Penguin


Royal penguin is a migratory bird which has a beautiful and attractive look. When migrate season, they will leave the colonies and move away to some regions of oceans. The royal penguin life expectancy in the wild environment is about 12 years. 

The approximate population is about 2.1 million. Although royal penguin has similar plume with Macaroni penguin the royal penguin is easily recognized by their white face while macaroni has black. Their habitat is in the soil, mud, vegetation, and large green areas.

15. Rainbow Lorikeet

animals that start with r

Rainbow lorikeet is parrot species that only found in Australia. This is a bird that common to see in northern Queensland to South Africa. The natural habitat from this bird is rainforest, woodland areas, and coastal bush.

There are 3 species of rainbow lorikeet the Lake Eyre lorikeet, Swinson lorikeet, and northern Moluccas lorikeet. This bird has medium-small size; with length ranges from 25-30cm include the tail. The bird often travels together in pairs and defends their feeding and nest areas aggressively from other rainbow lorikeet and other bird.

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