Best 15+ Amazing Bathroom Shower Ideas

Bathroom Shower Ideas – Do you know bathroom can turn into a room where you can be freed from all problems? If you have good design for your bathroom, you can create a great atmosphere inside your bathroom. With great and relaxing atmosphere, when you use your bathroom, you can relieve all stress.

The design can be applied on all parts of your bathroom. Your bathroom shower is one of them. Most of people never paid too much attention to this part. However, if you can apply the best design on this part, you will get the best experience in using your bathroom.

Now, are you looking for the most perfect bathroomshower designfor your house? If you do, there is a list of 15 ideas that might give you inspiration. Just keep reading the article to find the most suitable design for your need and style. 

1. Earthy Design

Bathroom is always link to water. This is one of natural elements needed the most for human life. Thus, designing shower spot which is created from natural elements is the best choice.

You can choose to use stony walls and floors which are combined with wooden elements. Picking up earth – tone colors for the bathroom will bring design much closer to the nature.

2. Green Walls Bathroom

Green is nature color that can bring warm and fresh ambience to every design. This color will also be perfect the most for your bathroom. In this picture, you will find out that the walls are dominated by green color. The glass door used in the bathroom makes it looks larger than its actual size.

3. White Bathroom Shower

White is always linked to cleanness and applying the color will be a great way to help you create clean environment inside the bathroom. The room is dominated by white color with little black color added to make it looks more elegant. The glass partition blends well with the white color.

4. White and Blue Bathroom

To make your white bathroom shower looks much fresher you can add blue color on of the wall’s sides just like shown by the picture. The combination of the two colors is so perfect to carry warmness inside the room. You will love the natural element used for the floor. The earth – tone color chosen makes the design looks more natural.

5. Grey Bathroom Design

Grey is another earthy color that is pick up by most people to decorate their bathroom. The color creates peaceful atmosphere to the room. The glass door used in the bathroom is so simple but gives elegant touch to the room.

6. White Design

This is another sophisticated bathroom shower dominated by white color. The bathroom’s size is not so big but the color makes it looks more spacious. To give more accent to the room, little black color is added such the one used in the mirror frame. The glass partition is also smart additional item to the bathroom.

7. Bathroom with Natural Design

bathroom shower ideas

Do you want to bring natural atmosphere outside into your bathroom? The design shown in the picture can be a good idea to apply. All the natural elements used in the room will give you the feeling that you are taking a bath outside. The green color chosen for the wall painting strengthen the natural look of the design.

8. Opened Sky Bathroom Design

Look at the unique design of the roof used for the bathroom and you will love it. The roof is made of wooden elements with glass on top of it to enable you look out the sky out there while taking a bath. Not only that, the glass roof will also enable you to get natural lightings for your bathroom.

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It will give you different experience of taking a bath in bathroom which is like the one conducted in wild nature out there. The wooden elements are also applied on the walls and floor to blend it with outside nature.

9. Small Bathroom with Monochrome Accent

To decorate small bathroom elegantly, adding monochrome accent can be good solution. You can apply the accent for the floor. The walls which are dominated by grey color also looks perfect with combined with the monochrome accent.

10. Bathroom Design with Beige Color

bathroom shower ideas

Beige is one of the natural color that can be perfectly combined with most colors. In this bathroom design, beige dominates the whole look of the shower spot. The perfect type of lightings chosen make the room looks so elegant and more spacious than it should be. The design will be perfect the most for you who adore simplicity and elegancy.

11. Monochrome Bathroom Design

Again, monochrome is chosen for bathroom deign in the list. The combination of white and black color applied in the bathroom creates perfect mixture. To give more accent the bathroom two showers and towel hanger with gold color are added. The gold color chosen also adds luxury impression to the room.

12. Close to Nature Design for Bathroom

The design of the bathroom is minimalist and mainly uses natural elements and colors. The stony wall applied makes it looks more natural. Meanwhile, the black and grey colors used create elegant atmosphere to the room. The lightings applied also make the whole appearance of the bathroom looks so fancy.

13. Opened Nature Bathroom

Why not choosing something out of box for your bathroom design? Instead of building it inside you house you can create it outside. The design is so great that will allow you to keep a big tree grow inside the room to shade it.

It will be a great place to take a bath during summer time and the wooden as well as the stony elements applied unite perfectly with the nature.

14. Stoney Bathroom

bathroom shower

Marble stone will be a perfect choice for you who want to bring nature and luxury into your bathroom. The brown and black marbles stones used for the wall and floor are so perfect. The lightings also make the whole design looks so fancy.

There is also a stony bench made of grey marble where you can shower your body by sitting down.

15. Eco – Green Bathroom Design

Eco – green bathroom design is another bathroom shower ideas in the list. Just like the name suggest, there are various of plants involved in the design. They make the bathroom looks so close to the nature.

The shower which is designed like a little fish pool is so great and makes you feel like you are taking a bath in small pond. The white color dominates the room creates luxury ambience into it. You will really love the white oval bath up placed in the middle of the room.

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