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Most Beautiful Flowers – There are hundreds or even thousands types of flower that spread in all over the world. Some of them are unable to grow outside from the origin place and some of them can grow easily in worldwide.

The biggest flower is Raflessia which it can reach up to10kg. There are some flowers that can be used for medicine and cosmetic treatment and there are also some flowers that edible and can be added into cuisine. Here is the list of some popular flowers in around the world.

1. Anemone Flower


Anemone is flower that also known as windflower. This flower has various species that bloom in spring and fall season. Some of them have fibrous roots and can be found in perennial sections in nurseries and in garden center. The other types grow from tuber.

The spring anemone plant is low growing plants that perfect choices for those who looking for rock garden and woodland plant. The tall growing anemone in fall will add the border’s color and woodland garden from the late summer into late fall with color shades of pink and white.

2. Allium


Love to have colorful flower plant? Allium is flower plant that not only comes in broad colors option, but it also easy to grow. This flower is perfect for cut flower both of fresh or dried bouquet flower.

Even if your garden already crowded, it can grow because it does not take much space. It is easy to care in most soil condition, as long as it has well-drained. It adore sunlight and can be left untouched in same area.

3. Azalea


4. Black Bat Flower


Black Bat Flower or Tacca Tanchieri in Latin is a unique flower with sinister tentacles that come in long size. The flower is originally from Burma and Thailand. When it grows, the leaves of the flower can reach up to 40 cm long in size.

Meanwhile the maximum height of the plant is about 36 inches. The flowers comes with various colors include black, marron, green, and brown. The Black Bat Flower is considered since it is really hard to grow and can only survive under particular environment conditions.

5. Begonia

small beautiful flowers

It has big blooms and great plants strength. Begonia has more than 1800 species and some of the species are common to grow at an indoor place as ornamental plants in-house in a cooler climate.

The larger variety is perfect for landscape and can result in dramatic effect when the plant comes in masse amount. Small begonias are perfect for the container gardens. 

6. Bird of Paradise


Bird of Paradise is an exotic flower that beat other beautiful flower. The flower is native from South Africa derives the origin name as it resemble the brightly colored birds in flight.

This plant needs regular watering in first growing season that required establishing deep and extensive root. After the plant established itself, watering can be reduced.

7. Bleeding Heart


8. Corpse Flower


9. Cherry Blossom


10. Camellia Flower


Camellia is evergreen shrubs plants or small trees that able to reach up to 20 m. the flowers usually comes in large, to 12 cm diameter, with 5 petals and leaves arranged in thick and glossy looks. It has varies color from white, pink, red, yellow and red. It able to grow in acidic soil that rich with humus and need large well drained water.

11. Columbine Flower (Aquilegia)


Aquilegia atau Columbine Flower is plant that has beautiful physical looks with small, tall flower stalks and rounded leaves that hold the blooms flower. The blooming flower from Aquilegia shaped as bell and popular with hummingbirds, gardeners and bees.

This beautiful purple flower will bloom in mid-spring and the early spring bulbs will becomes the peak garden season. Most of this flower is planted as woodland garden plants but it widely adaptable to plant in anywhere.

12. Dandellion


Dandelion flower have health benefit. It is source of antioxidants; relieve depression feeling, relieve stomach cramps, headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps. This flower is able to eat. The roots and leaves have stronger properties than the flowers.

13. Fuchsia


Fuchsia flower consider as shrubs or small trees. Most of fuchsia natives are come from Central and South America. There are small number that found in certain region such as Hispaniola, New Zealand, and Tahiti. It is low maintenance and proven to survive in winters.

14. Garbera

beautiful tall flowers

15. Hydrangea

pretty flowers

Hydrangea is flower that offer magic color to show in your garden. The flower blooms will change the colors start from blue in acidic soil, and then becomes pink in more lime. The flower blooms as large balls that will make you amaze to see.

This plant is easy to grow and hardy resistant to pest and diseases. Most of Hydrangea able to live in full sun or partial shade. However, most of the plants do not likes extreme hot weather. This plant requires deep watering at least once a week.

16. Hibiscus


Hibiscus flower is big and they come in various colors. In many cultures, hibiscus has been used for many conditions as a natural remedy. The Egyptian has used hibiscus tea for treating heart disease, lowering the high body temperature, nerve disease and as a diuretic and increase production of urine.

The recent medical purpose uses hibiscus to reducing high blood pressure. There are modern researches that show indication hibiscus tea and the plant extract can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

17. Iris Flower

most beautiful blue flowers

Iris Flower is original put from beautiful goddess from Greek who rode the rainbows into magical
colors. This is perennial flower that every gardener wants to grow because it is reliable, hardy and
easy to grow. The popular iris flower is the tall bearded iris (iris germanica). Most of iris bloom in early summer.

18. Lantana

types of small flowers

Lantana is annual perennial plants that have various color of pink, purple, yellow, red, white and orange. Sometimes, the flower has a color combination from these colors. It is a flower that will attract birds and good to plant in containers.

It is easy to care as this plant need lots of warmth and full sun. The plants are likely to have fewer blooms and tend to have the disease when they get too much shade.

19. Love in a Mist

pretty flowers colorfull light flowers

20. Lilac


Lilac is a flower that has wide range colors start from the burgundy purple, lavender, and rich, lavender, blue, and even yellow. And white color. Lilac is a common shrub flower and has hundreds of varieties.

It has a nice scent into the warm spicy scent. Lilac is best to grow in full sun and it is important to preventing planting the plants in a location that shaded more than half day. When spring comes, lilacs often come to dormant and form the bare-foot. the plants are not dead, it just sleeps and waits for the plant to emerge and blooming again.

21. Lavender

most beautiful flowers

Lavender is herb plant that use for many culinary purposes and also for borders and perennials plants. It gives sweeping drifts colors when spring in early summer into fall. It has silvery-green foliage, the small shrub-like form, and upright flower spikes make this flower perfect to create an informal hedge.

Contrast to the name, not all lavender flower species is purple. There are some hybrids that have lovely pastel color hues such as pale pink, white, violet-blue, and rose.

22. Morning Glory (Ipomoea Purpurea)


Morning glory has more than 1000 species and these flowers are best w-known as decoration flowers plants for walls and fence. Suitable with the names, morning glory is flowers that vines and saucer-shaped that open their flowers when morning comes.

Most of the species from Morning Glory is comes from Tropical America natives, and some of this flowers also found in Asia that grows in the temperate area and subtropical regions.

23. Magnolia

most beautiful pink flowers magnolia

Magnolia has a beautiful tree that well adapts to many soil types and different climates.  There are many southern magnolias that you can choose based into the size that you want. There is “little gem” that have small foliage and flowers with a dwarf tree about 10-20 feet tall.

“Goliath” is the giant estate magnolia that fastest to grow. It has a fragrant smell that perfect to use as a centerpiece when summer comes.

24. Orchid

beautiful flowers

Orchid is beautiful and addicting plants. There are some orchids that have good sweet fragrance and some are like rotten meat.  There are more than 22.000 species of orchid flowers are available and spread through over the world.

This plant is attached to other plants and has a spongy root that covers the velamen which absorbs water. Orchids are found in arctic tundra, equatorial tropics, and everywhere in between the regions. It has high adaptability to the environment that makes this orchid has wide diversity.

25. Passion Flower

beautiful rare flowers

Passionflower has more than 500 species. This is the perennial flower that native in the southeastern United States. This flower has fruits that sizes-egg that called with maypop. The plants can grow as 32 feet high with bluish-white petals.

The plants for long tradition have been used in medical uses for its calming effects. Passionflower is used to reduce stress, overcome insomnia and also calming the herbs when it combined with other plants such as lemon balm and valerian.

26. Pansy

most beautiful small flowers

Pansy is fragrant and edible flowers that most desirable in your gardens. It has a single flower with 5 petals that round-shaped. The pansy flower has three patterns of basic color from their flowers. The first is bloom in single and clear color, such as blue or yellow.

The second pattern is the single color flower that lines with black lines in the center. The 3rd pattern is the one that has a dark center that popular to know and called with “face” flower.

27. Petunia

most beautiful pink flowers

Petunia has divided into 2 large groups, the multiflora, and Grandiflora. Grandiflora petunia is best to grow in hanging baskets or pots and this flower type has the very large flower.

The Multiflora lower are smaller and this is the more abundant flower and prefer for summer bedding or mixed in a border as this plant more tolerant to wet weather than the previous one. Recently, most petunias that sold is hybrid species.

28. Poinsettia

most beautiful red flowers

Poinsettia is also called with the lobster flower because it has a red color. The red color of the showy parts from Poinsettia is actually the colored bracts or the modified leaves that turn to red.

The color from the bracts is created as result from a process called “photoperiodism”  where the leaves need darkness at least 5 days each 12 hours daily for turn the color.

29. Protea Flower


30. Plumeria Flower


31. Roses

most beautiful flowers rose

Rose is the woody perennial plants that come from genus Rosa and the family of Rosaceae. There are about more than 300 species of Rose and thousands of cultivar species. The rose flower is widely varied which is usually large and showy, with the color ranging from white, red and yellow.

Most of Rose is the native species from Asia, and few numbers are native to North America, Northwestern Africa, and Europe. The rose plants also come in wide range size, from the compact into climber that can reach 7 meters in height.

32. Rafflesia Arnoldii


34. Ranunculus Flower

the most beautiful flowers in the world

35. Snowdrop


36. Sunflower



37. Tulips


Who does not know tulips? Netherland is known for their Tulips garden and becomes the national flower. It has a wide range of colors and different colors present different meaning. Tulips flowers actually are native to Central Asia but it popular as Netherland flower.

Once time in past, tulips becomes one of the most expensive flowers because of it rare in around 1634 to 1637 where the period called with “Tulip Mania”.

38. Wisteria

the most beautiful flowers in the world

Wisteria is actually the name of vine trees with long flowers hung on it. In some areas like Japan, the trees are often grown up together in two rows to form something like magical gates. Yes, when the flowers are blossoming, there are only purple shades anywhere and they are just magnificent.

Although the flowers need a long time to blossom, wisteria is considered as a strong tree. More than that, the trees can grow up faster even in bad soil. 

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