Tips to Start Bench Swing Ideas in Your Backyard 

How to start bench swing ideas in your backyard? People have a dream of adding a bench swing in their backyard area. It will become the best place to be free from daily stress. You can buy a bench swing from some stores, or it is a good idea to make your bench swing.

You need to prepare some tools and materials, and, of course, you need to have a little knowledge about making benches for your backyard area.

Bench Swing Ideas-Cut Your Wood

The first thing that you must do when you want to make a bench swing is cut the wood. You, who have limited money, can try to use an old bench or used window to make a bench swing. It helps you save more money.

You can cut the wood based on the space that you have. You need to measure the area first before you cut the wood. For those who have more money, you can choose the right wood.

If you place your bench swing in the indoor area or on your patio, you can choose to use any type of wood that you like.

For those of you who want to place your bench swing in an outdoor area that gets direct sun and rain, you better choose sturdy wood.

Get the Old Bench Ready

You can use your old bench for your bench swing. What you need to do is remove the back and front legs of the bench. You can use a sander to remove material. You can make it look new by repainting your old bench.

Assemble The Swing Part

The next part that you need to do is assemble the swing for the bench. You need to make a V shape. You can search for the step-by-step to make a V shape in some sources.

Attach the bench swing hooks that came with the brackets to the uncut piece of 4-inch by 4-inch cedar. As a guide, measure the length of the bench.

At either end of the beam, attach a leg assembly. To complete the project, connect the chains to the swing hooks.


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For all of you who are looking for other bench ideas, such as reloading bench ideas, you can check some sources. You, who can’t make your bench swing by yourself, can order a bench swing from some furniture stores.

There are some designs of bench swings that you can buy. You can choose one that is suitable for your home too. Now, it is time for you to start working on DIY bench swing ideas for your backyard.

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