4 Best Cedar Deck Skirting Ideas

Owning a functional and attractive deck is the dream of many homeowners. In this article you will get information about cedar deck skirting ideas and all things related to it.

So, what are the best deck skirt ideas? Here are a few options worth considering.

Deck Skirting Ideas and Options

Rustic Cedar Deck Skirt

If you are looking for a rustic style that works well in a farmhouse or cabin, a cedar deck skirting ideas could be the option for you. It features a beautiful red cedar section, with multiple ventilated areas for airflow.

The vent has a simple wire cover to ensure that animals don’t work under your deck. They also break down the skirt visually, giving it a little extra interest.

While the wood looks very alive outside of the cabin, as it ages it will blend more together. As a result, in the end it may look as though this deck skirt has always been where it belongs.

Simple Deck Skirting

This idea is reminiscent of a white picket fence, this option can work well for covering the bottom of a shed or deck. It features simple vertical slats, with little space between each for ventilation.

By painting the slats white, this deck skirt blends in with the trim and fence of the house. It will work well in a traditional home, as well as a farmhouse style home or a contemporary home.

Horizontal Slat Surround

This deck skirt gives a modern twist on the slat idea. The white slats are mostly horizontal which creates long, clean lines and creates a contemporary vibe. Plus, it visually lengthens the deck, making it look very spacious.

The design is very simple, and the style is flexible, so you can also add it to a traditional or transitional home. By painting it to match the deck trim, it visually recedes, ensuring other features can take center stage.

This deck skirt puts a modern twist on the slat idea. Instead of running vertically, the white slats are mainly horizontal. This creates a long, clean line, creating a contemporary vibe. Plus, it visually elongates the deck, making it look particularly spacious.

Feature-Worthy Cedar Skirting

Many homeowners choose to combine their deck skirts. In contrast to this style, the solid-colored cedar stands out between the white trim and fence posts, and the blue-grey house makes the skirting a feature as well as a functional element.

Like the previous option, this style uses a horizontal slat. Visually, the deck looks more spacious. While this deck is quite modern, especially with the cables running through the railing system, these cedar deck skirting ideas can be used in any home style.

That’s all about cedar deck skirting ideas. Hopefully this inspires you.

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