7 Best Recliner Chairs for Tall People You Want to Check Out

Best Recliner Chairs for Tall People – Nothing can compare to relaxing on a recliner chair after a tiring day at work. While we all enjoy doing so, there’s a problem with recliner chairs.

Namely, most of them are designed with the average size in mind. As a result, it is difficult for taller people to find recliner chairs that fit their size.

Don’t be disheartened, however.  There are manufacturers that design their recliners for taller people. To make the search easier for you, we listed the 7 best recliner chairs for tall people.

1. GDF Black Leather Recliner Chair

Best Recliner Chairs for Tall People

If you are looking for a recliner that allows you to relax comfortably, you don’t want to miss this one.

This comfortable chair is completely adjustable and comes with expanding mechanism. It also looks stylish and elegant, making it an excellent addition to the living room.

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Recliner

Best Recliner Chairs for Tall People

The next best recliner chair for tall person is Yandel by Ashley Furniture. This recliner is a good balance of functionality and style. Indeed, it looks stylish while at the same time, is capable of providing the utmost comfort for the user.

The Yandel recliner has a sturdy metal frame, allowing it to support up to 300 pounds. It features a power lift-reclining system, which enables you to adjust the chair as well as lower and raise the seat to your liking.

3. Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

Best Recliner Chairs for Tall People

Most of the best recliner chairs for tall person have a weight capacity of around 300 pounds. This recliner, however, has a weight capacity of a whopping 500 pounds.

The recliner is also covered in easy to clean and stain-resistant soft fabric and comfy cushions, which make it all the more convenient.

4. Best Recliner Chairs for Tall People: Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner


This recliner is fantastic in more ways than one. Firstly, it has an excellent design and looks.

Secondly, it has a mechanism that makes it easy to use. Thirdly, it has leather upholstery, which further enhances its stylish look as well as provides comfort.

5. Seatcraft Pantheon Recliner Chair


If you want more than just a recliner chair, this one is for you. This recliner chair features high-quality leather, a high weight capacity (up to 400 lbs), plenty of storage, and provides top-in-class comfort.

It is great whether used individually or as a part of a home theater setup.

6. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Coombs Recliner


Unlike the other recliners on the list, this one is a wide-seat recliner. Meaning, not only can you sit on it comfortably, but you can also move around comfortably.

Plus, the recliner is designed with comfort and style in mind, allowing you to enjoy the utmost comfort the comfy and stylish recliner has to offer.

7. Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner


Lastly, an adjustable rocker-recliner. If you want to relax and sleep on a recliner, this is for you. The recliner provides comfort with its soft cushions and upholstery and allows you to relax and sleep as it rocks you back and forth.

That’s our list of the 7 best recliner chairs for tall people. They are worth checking out because they offer a lot, from comfort, good weight capacity, various features, and ease of use, to style.

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