5 Inexpensive Crown Molding Alternatives

Crown molding has been used to give your interior a clean and elegant look. However, this option can be expensive and rather tricky to install. Homeowners can find crown molding alternatives that work amazingly to cover cracks between the ceiling and the wall.

1. Water-Resistant Polyurethane Crown Molding

Crown molding alternatives

Polyurethane is a water-resistant material that has been used to manufacture crown molding. It is easy to install and requires low maintenance, suitable for homes with mold and moisture problem. This alternative is cost-efficient and decorates as greatly as crown molding.

Installing polyurethane molding not only adds a decorative flair to the interior but also gives you some peace of mind. Multiple options of this type of molding allows you to choose one that fits your style. If you need a minimalist crown molding alternative, this one is just for you.

2. Inexpensive Foam Crown Molding

Inexpensive Foam Crown Molding

Foam molding is among crown molding alternatives to spruce up your interior without breaking the bank. The inexpensive option is available in multiple styles and heights, allowing you to pick a style that looks good on the ceiling. Despite the low price, their quality is unquestionable.

Similar to basic crown molding, this type comes in a strip form that you can install on the intersections of walls and ceilings or over the window.

You may need a special glue to secure the strips and keep them in place. Foam crown molding is maintenance-free so you can forget it after installation.

3. Hardwood Crown Molding

Hardwood Crown Molding

Hardwood crown molding is suitable for any room including kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even bathroom. It brings a beautiful natural element to the interior while maintaining a balanced look, suitable for any interior styles.

The price of this molding type may be a little higher than polyurethane or foam but the final result will amaze you. It comes in a great selection of heights, sizes, and styles from high relief to smooth ones. Some extra maintenance may be required to keep it in a good shape.

4. Aesthetic Wallpaper Border

Aesthetic Wallpaper Border

The most practical crown molding alternatives for your budget project are here. Wallpaper borders surprisingly create an adorable decoration in your room. It manages to cover the cracks between the ceiling and the wall, providing a sleek and clean look.

Wallpaper borders are available in strips with various length and prints. They are super easy to install as all you need to do is just peel and stick them on the wall-ceiling intersections.

5. Rubber Molding for Easy Installation

Rubber Molding for Easy Installation

Rubber molding is a clever solution for homeowners who need an affordable and easy cornice. The peel-off system promotes simple installation without special skills. The rubber material is naturally flexible so it won’t break easily.

This molding alternative is cost-efficient and ideal for any room. Available in a variety of sizes and length, you can find them with or without reliefs.

Crown molding draws the attention to the ceiling and makes the interior visually higher. But when you are on a tight budget or you need other options that are easy to install, these crown molding alternatives can be your best answer.

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