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Big Eyed Animals are a kind of animals with big eyes. With its big eyes, those have sharp vision ability. It makes them able to see in the dark and look at the difficult objects that can be seen by a common animal. 

Sometimes, its eyes tend to be bigger than its brain. It means that it has a plus point of having big eyes. But, it usually has a small body in which it doesn’t represent its eyes.

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1. Slow Loris

animals with big eyes

The slow loris is a small nocturnal primate from the genus of Nycticebus and belonging to family Lorisidae. This animal is usually called Kukang. The spreading area of this animal is in Indonesia. It has the body weight for 0,375 to 0,9 kg and the length 19 – 30 cm.

The fur color of this slow loris is ash black and brown with the lines on the back to the head. Generally, the slow loris will eat arthropods, water plants, fruits, fruit essence, small birds, and lizards. This is a shy animal living in the place with the rich leaves and branches for a hidden place.

2. Tarsier

big eyed animals

Tarsier is a small nocturnal primate found in the forest of Southern Asia. This animal is the only one predator primate in the world. It often eats insects or lizards and even it is detected to hunt flying birds. Tarsier has a very flexible neck so that it is able to turn its head up to 180 degrees like an owl.

This animal has a very big couple of eyes and it is heavier than its brain. It has an amazing night vision and even sees an ultraviolet light. But, it has a bad vision ability to see the colors. There are no other mammals having bigger eyes than Tarsier. The Tarsier’s eyeball is unable to move and see straightly.

3. Lemur

animals with big eyes

Lemur is an animal from the living ordo primate in Madagascar, Africa. It is a nocturnal animal. It has a great vision in which it has big eyes. The eyes are able to reflect light at the night with its scream. It is belonging to the big eyed animals with the best night vision.

This animal enables it to capture objects at low light. It makes this animal catch preys at night easily than the other animals.

4. Tree Frog

small animals with big eyes

The tree frog is a species of frog coming from the Neotropical rainforest in Central America. It is like its name in which it has red eyes and a green body with blue lines. The legs are red or orange. The frog’s skin is fragile and soft and its back is thick and rough.

It has three eyelids and becomes an arboreal animal. It is expert to jump and spends its time on the tree. This animal has a great visibility so that it can catch a prey quickly with its vision.

5. Galago (Bush Babies)

big eyed animal


Galago is a small primate from a family of Lorisidae coming from a rain forest of Africa. The living animal, Galago, are staying in the trees and active to find meals at the night. The preys are insects, small birds, and fruits.

The size of this animal is similar to the squirrel. Because it catches preys, it has a great night vision. Galago is famous for being a professional jumper. It is able to reach 2 meters from the branch to the branch easily.

6. Four Eyed Fish

andreas werth via google images

Though the name is four-eyed fish, it only has two eyes. But those eyes are divided by network cells and every eye has a separated pupil. This is a weird adaptation enabling it to see perfectly and can catch its preys and predator at the same time.

The upper eyeballs are adjusted to their vision in the air and the lower one is adjusted to the underwater vision. Though both eyes have the same lens, thickness, and different lens curves on the upper and lower eyes, it is able to correct some light habits in the air and water. It means that when it is swimming deeply, the lower eyes are not focusing.

7. Leaf-Tailed Gecko

animals with big eyes
paul via filckr.com

A leaf-tailed gecko is a unique lizard. This has a couple of surrealist eyes and vertical pupils. The eyes have more sensitive light cells than a human making it able to detect an item or color in the night. This lizard has an amazing visibility. Every species of this animal can see 350 times better than a human so that it is able to see at low light.

8. Dragonfly

cute animals with big eyes

A dragonfly is one of the big eyed animals with great vision ability. It is a great hunter among the insects so that it has a really amazing vision ability. The eyes are so big so that it almost covers all head areas. It gives a visibility area of full 360 degrees.

The eyes consist of 30.000 visual units called ommatidia containing lens and a series of sensitive light cells. Their visibility is so awesome. It is able to detect colors and polarized light. It is also sensitive to the movements.

Some species of the dragonfly can see perfectly though it is at low light. It also has three small eyes called Ocelli that can detect the movements quickly. It is able to send a visual information to the dragonfly’s motoric central enabling it to interact for few seconds.

9. Kinkajou

Zoological Society of London via youtube

The kinkajou is a smart animal from Central and South America. It oves eating fruits and plants. It belongs to an animal with the great vision so that it is able to see difficult objects at the low light condition.

10. Ogre-Faced Spider

big eyed animals pictures

This spider is famously known to have many eyes. There are some having 2 eyes, 4 eyes, 6 eyes, or 8 eyes. Ogre-faced spider has 6 eyes but it looks like having 2 eyes because the central couple of eyes is very big. It has an amazing night vision because it has very thin sensitive cell layers covering its eyes. It has a vision 100 times better than a human’s night vision.

11. Owl

birds with big eyes

The next big eyed animal is an owl. It is like the other predators. The owl has big eyes on its face so that it gives a better deep perception for its hunting expedition, especially at low light. It is so interesting in which it has big eyes but its holes are almost unable to move. That is why it is able to turn around the head flexibly.

12. Potto

chris dulaney via flickr.com

Potto is a strepsirrhine primate from Lorisidae, It is the only one species in Perodicticus genus. It belongs to a kind of big-eyed animals with an amazing vision and also has a night vision in which it is able to capture an object at low light. It means that it eases it to seek preys in the dark.

13. Mantis Shrimp


Mantis Shrimp is an animal having the most amazing vision in the world. This shrimp is actually not belonging to the family of the shrimp. It is a type of crustacean that is different from Stomatopoda order. It is famous for the great aggressivity and weapon features.

The eyes are solid like dragonfly though a number of the eyes are smaller than ommatidia. But, in mantis shrimp has particular functions such as detecting lights, detecting colors, and many more. Mantis shrimp, big eyed animals, have a better far vision than a human.

The eyes have 12 coloring receptors and a human only has three colors. It is able to see an ultraviolet light, infrared, and polarized light. The eyes are located in the tip of the stalk that can move separately and turn around up to 70 degrees.

The visual information is processed by its eyes. Every mantis shrimp eye is divided into three parts so that it is able to see an object with the three different parts of the same eyes. In another word, every eye has a trinocular vision and complete deep perception.

It means that if a mantis shrimp lost its eyes, the remaining eyes can see clearly. Those are some kinds of the big-eyed animals having the best vision abilities. Those usually have a special night vision in which those are able to hunt at the night.


Animals With Big Eyes

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