Decluttering Your Home in a Week

Decluttering your home can seem like a Herculean task, especially when life in Shreveport, Louisiana, already keeps you busy. Between the local festivals, football games, and soaking up the rich musical culture, who has the time to give their home a makeover?

But what if you could declutter your home in just one week? Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible. Here’s a comprehensive guide to making your home a sanctuary in seven days, right here in the heart of the Ark-La-Tex.

Day 1: Create a Decluttering Plan

Create a Decluttering Plan

Planning is crucial. Before you even think about cleaning, jot down what needs to be done and how you intend to go about it. Make a list of the rooms that require attention and prioritize them. Decide on what you intend to keep, donate, or toss.

This initial phase sets the tone for the rest of the week and gets you mentally prepared. You could do this sitting at a local coffee shop like Rhino Coffee or in the comfort of your home. Either way, once you’ve mapped out a plan, half the battle is already won.

Day 2: Make Use of Self-Storage Facilities

If you find that you have items you can’t bear to part with but don’t have the space for, consider renting a self-storage unit. Shreveport has a variety of self-storage options that are both affordable and secure.

Start by looking up storage Shreveport LA on any popular search engine to find a facility near your location. Self-storage is an especially good idea for seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations or summer outdoor gear.

You might also want to store valuable items that you don’t use often but don’t want to get rid of. By putting these items in storage, you’ll free up precious home space, making your day-to-day living much more manageable.

Day 3: Tackle the High-Traffic Areas

Start by decluttering the spaces you use the most: the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. It makes sense to get these out of the way early in the week, as you’ll feel the benefits almost immediately. Separate items into three categories: keep, donate, and trash.

Don’t overthink it; if you haven’t used something in the past year, it might be time to part ways. Residents of Shreveport are lucky to have several thrift stores and charity organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, where you can donate your gently used items.

Day 4: Manage Paper Clutter and Electronic Gadgets

Decluttering Your Home in a Week

We’re all guilty of it—piles of mail, old magazines, and broken gadgets. Sort through all the paper clutter and decide what’s essential. Shred or recycle the rest.

For electronic waste, there are specific e-waste facilities around Shreveport that can help you dispose of these responsibly. The idea is to have a designated space for essential documents and electronics. A clean home isn’t just about the stuff you can see; it’s also about what’s hidden in your drawers and closets.

Day 5: Declutter the Bathroom and Linen Closet

Often overlooked, the bathroom and linen closet can be a treasure trove of expired medications, old toiletries, and towels that have seen better days. Be ruthless. Dispose of items you haven’t used in a while, and organize the rest.

Use small containers or dividers to separate toiletries and medications. In Shreveport, you can safely dispose of old medication at select pharmacies; this keeps them out of our water system and is much safer than simply throwing them away.

Day 6: Revamp Your Outdoor Space

Given Shreveport’s generally pleasant weather, your outdoor space is prime real estate for gatherings and relaxation.

It deserves just as much attention as your interiors. Remove any damaged furniture, outdated decorations, or clutter that’s simply taking up space. Maybe you could use the time to visit a local nursery like Ellis Home and Garden to spruce up your outdoor area with some new plants.

Day 7: Maintain the Momentum

Maintain the Momentum

Finally, it’s crucial to maintain your freshly decluttered home. Make it a habit to routinely go through items and reassess what you genuinely need.

Once a week, take a quick inventory to ensure that clutter is not building up again. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and a few minutes each week will ensure that you continue enjoying a clutter-free home.

Day 8: Get the Kids Involved

In most households, the kids’ rooms or play areas are often the most cluttered spaces. Use this day to tackle those areas and get the kids involved in the process. Make it a fun activity; perhaps you could reward them for each bag of toys or clothes they are willing to donate.

This not only helps you declutter but also teaches them the value of organizing and sharing. Several schools and children’s charities in Shreveport would be more than happy to receive toys and books in good condition.

Moreover, involving the kids in the decluttering process can be a fun bonding activity, turning what might seem like a chore into a rewarding experience for the whole family.

Day 9: Declutter Your Digital Life

Declutter Your Digital Life

In this digital age, clutter isn’t just physical. Our phones, tablets, and computers can get just as cluttered as our living spaces. Dedicate this day to tidying up your digital life. Delete apps you haven’t used in the past six months, organize your photos into albums, and clear out your email inbox.

For Shreveport residents who might be less tech-savvy, the local library offers basic computer courses that cover file management.

Or perhaps a tech-savvy friend could lend a hand. Digital clutter can be just as overwhelming as physical clutter and can slow down your devices. By decluttering digitally, you can make your daily technology use more efficient and enjoyable.


Follow this seven-day guide, and you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable your life in Shreveport can be. The key is to take it one day at a time and not get overwhelmed.

Before you know it, your home will be a space of serenity, and who knows, maybe your newfound organization will free you up to enjoy more of what our beautiful city has to offer. Happy decluttering!

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