Does a Garage Need Ventilation? 6 Considerations to Create Ventilation or Not

You may wonder does a garage need ventilation since you will not stay in this room for a long time compared to other rooms.

Some old garages often don’t have ventilation. So, do you need to create ventilation in your garage or not? The explanation below will help you to decide the best one.  

Your Living Area

Each country has different rules related to creating ventilation in a garage. Those who are living in the United States should follow ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2. This standard explains that residential garages are not required to have ventilation. 

It doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to create ventilation in your garage. You can still create ventilation based on the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. The ventilation standard for a residential garage is 100 cm or 80 cm fan. 

You Often Smell Something So Bad or Not

Although it is not required to have ventilation in a residential garage, you should check your garage. Ensure that there is no bad odor inside the garage.

You are recommended to create ventilation if you smell something so bad every time entering the garage.

The bad smell can be dangerous for your health and life, such as toxic fumes and carbon monoxide. Ventilation keeps the airflow of your garage well-managed. 

The Garage is too Hot in Summer

Does a garage need ventilation? Yes, if the temperature in the garage increases dramatically during summer. The higher the temperature, the hotter the garage.

Having ventilation will stabilize the temperature in the garage during summer. It means you have a comfortable garage whether in summer or winter.    

The Water flow in the Garage

Check also the water flow in the garage. You need a hydraulic ventilation system if the water passes through the garage.

This ventilation prevents potential flood damage. The ventilation system will direct the water to get out of the garage in flood-prone areas.

Detached Garage Models

How about if you have a detached garage? Does your garage need ventilation? You don’t have to create ventilation in a garage that is separated from your house.

It is because the toxic fumes or carbon monoxide will not flow to your house. Indeed, you can still create ventilation to create a better airflow and cooling system.   

An Unused Garage

In case you have an unused garage, it may not require ventilation. It is because you don’t spend your time in the garage.

The condition of the garage will not affect the condition of your house. The function of the garage is more like a warehouse instead of a place for your vehicle. 

So, does a garage need ventilation? It is not always. Check the condition of your garage based on the explanation below.

You can create overhead doors, windows, exhaust fans, roof vents, and others. Remember to also learn how to create the best ventilation for a garage to get more benefits.

You will have a comfortable and safe garage whether using it or not. Best of all, you know that the ventilation works maximally in the garage. 

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