Fire Pit Ideas With Benches for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire Pit Ideas With Benches – Fire pits are a brilliant feature that you can add to your backyard. But, what’s the point of sitting around the fire if you can’t sit comfortably?

If you haven’t put your effort into creating the most comfortable outdoor sitting for your fire pit, you’re missing out on the best ways of enjoying your fire pit. So, here are some fire pit ideas with benches that you can try.

1. Firepit ideas with benches and log storage

Why build separate log storage if you can integrate it with the bench? This clever idea revolves around utilizing the empty space under the bench as wood storage.

To make the storage neater, you can cut the log according to the width of the bench. So, if you want to add more wood to the fire, you can just reach under your bench.

2. Firepit ideas with benches integrated into the fire pit

This idea will only work if you use a concrete block to make the fire pit and the bench. The idea is to extend the two fire pit walls further and adjust the height to the proper sitting height.

That way, the fire pit is located at the meeting point of the benches. While may be unconventional, this fire pit bench idea is worth trying.

3. Cantilever fire pit benches

fire pit benches ideas

A cantilever bench is defined by its integration with the wall. So, the bench will only be held up at its contact point with the wall. This is a clever idea if your fire pit sits by a wall.

By adding a curve outward, you can make the bench go around the fire pit. While it may take a lot of work, this idea is worth trying if you want something new.

4. Cinder block and timber combination

Firepit ideas with benches

Like thinking about reloading bench ideas, you have to think outside the box when designing a fire pit bench. Such a way of thinking can be projected by a fire pit bench design that combines cinder block and wood.

To build this on your own, simply stack three or four pairs of cinder blocks as the bench foot and add a flat wood as the seat.

5. Curved fire pit benches

Many outdoor fire pits are equipped with a round design. So, you can add more flow into the design by getting curved fire pit benches.

Getting curved fire pit benches can also be an excellent way to complement your backyard design, especially if you have a round patio. Like the previous fire pit ideas with benches, this design idea is also worth trying.

More fire pit ideas with benches
fire pit ideas with benches
fire pit ideas with benches

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