15+ Beautiful Fountains Backyard Ideas You’ll Love

Fountains Backyard Ideas – This is a great season for your outdoor improvements, and if you like any other, then you will look for the small installation that can make big impacts.  When it comes to the opened space, then there is nothing compared to wow factor that you can get through the water feature.

The calming sound is actually can change your mood and stylish design can change your design completely. So, you can check for fountain backyard ideas below for more inspiration.

There are many people love the outdoor fountain, this is can be budget friendly or completely wasteful as well. So, check these ideas as your inspiration and see what you think now.

1. Circular Fountain

fountain ideas

This is a unique way that you can try, even you do not have to spend much cost for it. You are able to utilize recycled material to transform it into the circular beautiful fountain in your outdoor space or garden. The circular fountain was placed in the center of small squared shaped pool in the middle of greenly garden. 

2. Climbing Fountain

Fountains Backyard Ideas

The lush ivy grows up beyond this stand out the stone fountain, it makes a great structure and blends effortlessly with the rest of landscape as well. The other side has a clear path and you can enjoy it as relaxation. Surround the fountain, you can add a stone chair for your best spot to relax and enjoy the view.

3. Urban Fountain


You should know that the fountain is not only for excessive backyards. Here, you can design your narrow outdoor with the streamlined fountain that fits perfectly with urban residence as well. Even, that space is not completely outdoor because this space has wooden tile that adds more nature feature in your narrow space.

4. Ceramic Fountain


This fountain is actually so beautiful. The water flows from the one ceramic to the next ceramics and thanks to the hidden powered pump. This is also perfect for your small space but still, give you a rustic scene. You can place it in the corner of your space that you want to give fountain. To add more rustic scene then you can lay the plants around this fountain.

5. The Wooden Barel Fountain


This is a perfect choice for your backyard or patio as well. This wooden fountain had been layered with plastic so it is able to withstand toward any mold and any moisture. This is so unique and you do not have a spacious space to get it. Even you can place it in your small patio space as well.

6. Watering Can in Your Fountain


This stylish fountain was made from the recycled watering cans and can be used as the great addition in your garden or backyard as well. In this image, you can see the original function in the fountain system where the water come from the main pump then flow to the water cans. This fountain was placed in the stone surface to make it more well-blend each other.

7. A Half Circular Fountain

Fountains Ideas

This fountain shows you something more modern in your urban residence. The red scheme very contrasted with the design and can be used as the focal point in outdoor space. Even it only has small space to make it and the hidden pump system make this fountain looks more modern as well.

8. Secret Garden Fountain

fountains backyard

This type of fountain is actually pretty classic, however, it still matches perfectly in your garden space. You can make the miniature of a waterfall along with the watering layers on it. Then you can make it looks so real as possible with the green plants surround it.

9. Unique Squared Fountain


This is pretty unique and makes your patio or garden looks stand out. It might look simple but fascination at the same time. It gives you a view that this fountain was stuck deeper into the ground, then the water just comes out and back to the ground. 

10. Bamboo Fountain


This breathtaking bamboo fountain can add more beauty in your backyard or even porch as well. This fountain shows you that the bamboo was tied between two poles which make it more unique as well. Then the water flows out of bamboo then down the pool. This fountain is pretty high than standard fountains which make it more appealing.

11. Fountain in Your Patio

Fountains backyard

This is also a great idea if you want to enjoy in your patio while you get soothing feeling form the fountain at the same time. Form this image, you can see that the patio is on the side of a pool and the fountain just come up from the edge of patio the flow down the pool.

12. Stair Fountain


This is another creative idea if you do not have much space or do not have space at all in the same time you want to add fountain on it. Then you can make this fountain om your stair which is pretty simple as well. You can see that the water flow out in the middle of the stair and go down to the tiny circular pool.

13. Modern Bamboo Fountain


This concept might be almost similar to the previous idea, however, it made from the bamboo and can be placed indoors as well. This fountain has small size and can be placed above your table as the decoration.

14 .The Pump Fountain


This is might be far enough from the term of fountain, however, you still able to get the water rustling as well. This is as simple as you made a tiny poll and pump fountain above it. This idea actually looks like the water tapping.

15. Fountain with Pool in Your Comfy Patio


This is also a great idea if you want the comfy place in patio blend well with the fountain. Even you can use the fountain as the water pumping of your fishpond while you are enjoying the day. You can add more features with the hanging baskets and other greeny scenes to make your space more inevitable.

16. Table Fountain


This fountain shows you with double function in your backyard. You can use your table as the fountain surface along with the small pool and you can gather your family to enjoy the dinner on it. This is a great way to spend your best time with family there.

The outdoor fountain can transform your room become lively and relaxing spot. Choosing your right fountain for landscape decoration is a combination of some preferences and the personal practice as well. There are many points that you have to consider first. And choose your fountain backyard ideas above to compliment your landscape theme.

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