5 Functional Ideas for Front Porch Deck Skirting Ideas

Finding the best front porch deck skirting ideas can be confusing, but you can make a better decision by considering these functional and beautiful ideas for your deck skirting.

Wood Lattice

You might consider something traditional when trying to skirt your front porch deck. In this circumstance, wood lattice might be the very first thing that comes to your mind. It is very popular with the timeless criss crossed pattern.

However, you might worry a bit that your wood lattice will look too common. You can always play with different textures, colors, and patterns to make it unique.

Solid Wood Boards

Another popular option for deck skirting is using solid wood boards. People love this option because they can customize it easily. Solid wood boards are one of the most suitable deck skirting ideas if your deck is short. Installing solid wood boards vertically for deck skirting will make it look taller.

Of course, you will get a different effect if you install the boards horizontally, your deck will get a more rustic feel. You can also combine latticework between the wood boards to make it more classic.


Wooden material for deck skirting might be a classic and traditional choice. It is beautiful, as well, but you might be looking for more durable options.

Using composite or vinyl boards can be a great idea. You do not have to worry that the skirting material will be worn out too soon due to weather changes.

Brick for Front Porch Deck Skirting Ideas

You should consider brick for front porch deck skirting ideas if you have brick siding for your home. Skirting your deck with bricks of the same color and texture will bring a seamless look to your deck. The brick will look warm and earthy.

That is why it can be a great combination if you love greenery for your landscaping. However, it will be harder to install brick deck skirting than wood. You might need professional help for working with brick deck skirting.

Faux Stone

Last but not least, using faux stone will also be a great idea especially if you want to cover the deck skirting completely. This material is very versatile as well, with various color options.

It is also less expensive because it is not real rock. Compared to brick installation for deck skirting, faux stone is easier to install. You can also combine real stones for the landscaping around the deck skit to make the front porch deck skirting ideas more earthy and natural.

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