7 Gutter Alternatives That Really Work

Gutters are a must when you are building a house as they ensure rain water doesn’t damage your wall and foundation. But gutters can be tricky to install, costly, and sometimes they just don’t match your exterior. Luckily, you can easily find gutter alternatives to manage rainwater.

You might have never seen some of these alternatives but they work well to improve rainwater management system in your home. No more dirt splashes on your wall or eroded yard if you have one or more of these alternatives.

1. Rain Chains

Rain Chains Gutter

Inspired from Japanese houses, rain chains are a good-looking substitute to basic gutter downspout. They are not only effective to manage rain water but also aesthetic to improve your outdoor. Rain chains commonly come with a line of cups that bring water from the roof to the ground.

Today, you can find different types and models of rain chains. Get one that will accentuate the theme that you adopt for the exterior.

2. French Drains

French Drains Gutter

Also known as ground gutters, French drains are perfect gutter alternatives if you prefer to hide it. You can make a French drain by digging a trench at the drip line. Use a waterproof lining to overlay the trench and fill it with gravel or pebbles. Make sure the trench is sloping to avoid flooding in your yard.

3. Drip Path

Drip Path Gutter

If you want gutter downspout alternatives that can add a decorative touch to your yard, it is drip path. A drip path is a pathway created under the edge of your roof. It can trap rainwater and prevent it from damaging your foundation and eroding the soil. Use pebbles or gravel for a visual attraction.

4. Drip Edges

Drip Edges Gutter

Replace your existing gutters with drip edges and let it reduce the speed of the rainwater. Drip edges often come as metal strip attachments that can be installed to the roof edge. They are effective to keep water from flowing to your wall, thus it can prevent mold and stain on the wall surface.

5. Hidden Gutter

Hidden Gutter

Hidden or box gutters are gutter alternatives for homeowners who don’t want to ruin their exterior with unattractive traditional gutters. Despite their less-obvious look, hidden gutters work well to manage rainwater. But it might require a frequent checking to avoid unknown clogging or corrosion.

6. Rain Dispersal System

gutter alternatives

Rain dispersal is a system that works by dispersing the flowing rainwater into smaller drops, thus reducing their impact on the ground or wall surface. Rain dispersals are available in hardware store and they tend to be easy to install without the help of professionals.

7. Land Grading

Land Grading

Not least of all, grading is a great substitute if you don’t want to install any gutter. Yard grading means creating height differences in the yard, thereby rainwater can flow to the lower area and prevent puddles. However, this project can be costly and time wasting.

Gutters are essential to protect your home from damages caused by rainwater. But if you want to get rid of basic and traditional gutters, there are few options of gutter alternatives so you can one that works best for your home.

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