25+ Creative House Number Ideas & Designs

House Number Ideas – There are many Number house ideas related on how you can display your house number to add more charm and appeal. One of best parts is you do not have to display your house number in front of your house.

In this case, you are able to combine these creative ways for house number into the flowers which been placed in your terrace. Even you can design your own wreath to hang on your door that has your number house into it.

So, Number house ideas below are very creative as loud as you want them to keep your bored door. You are able to use this guide that helps you to get unique ideas for house number. 


1. The Wooden Plaque with The Lighting


This idea is actually easy to make and allow you to get more things outside your house. Even the light above on its the house number will help anyone to find out your house number at night and make it still visible even pretty far from your house. Then you can arrange the number vertically.


2. Large Number on Wooden Board


This is obviously visible even from the road because this idea using large numbers was attached into the wooden board. The size is similar to door’s size so it can make anyone can see this house number from far away.


3. Floral Pots Arrangement


If you have stairs just right in front of your house, then you can place your number house attractively by incorporating you floral pots. You can arrange them sequence by painting on your house number on these pots. Then you can arrange them in the stairs that display your house number.

4. The Fishing Cottage


You can make this house number idea by using pallet wood, driftwood and rope. Then you are able to make the proper silhouette which fits perfectly with your house and use them to display your house number.


5. The Wooden Plaque with a Plant


This idea makes your house number looks fresher and simple. You can add the plant attached to this house number to add more lively value.


6. Small Planter as the House Number


This is can be your great idea by using small planter as the house number. It attached into you wall with the vertically arranged. This is pretty visible because the planter has the contrast color with the wall.

7. Blue White Wreath 


This idea is perfectly for your winter ideas as well. You can put your number in that white and blue wreath and hang it in your door. Instead of classic wreath, then you can choose this blue white scheme.


8. Metal House Number in Front Yard


This is might not visible enough to see from far distance. However this is creative way to decorate your front yard by planting this house number in your front yard.


9. Colorful House Number


If you like play with colors then this idea is good for you. You attach them on your wall in front of house and they will be visible because of colorful numbers which is different from the wall’s color.


10. Rock House Number Display in Your Garden


This is very lovely and makes your garden more beautiful as well. This is make your garden has more value and clearly visible from the outside of your house.


11. House Number with Screws


This is another creative idea that you can try. Attach screws on the wood broad and make them into number shapes that reflect your house number.


12. House Number Burned into the Log Section


You are able to utilize the log woods to display your house number in distinctive way. You can burn that log to engrave your house number and arrange them vertically. Then you can hang it in front of your house.


13. The Hanging Floral Pot Arrangements


You are able to use milk jugs as the hanging floral pot as well as display your house number. You can paint your number house in the milk jugs and arrange them in order.


14. Attach your Number in the Wall


This is basic way that you can try by mounting the house numbers in your wall. These numbers are large enough to see.


15. Stone Display in your Front Yard


Another great idea if you have front yard with garden. Then you can make the stone display that represents your house number that attached to the ground. These numbers are large and visible even from the far away as well. 16-25 ON PRCS

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