How Many Minutes, Second, Day in a Year?

How Many Minutes, Second, Day in a Year? – If you ever found yourself asking about how many minutes, second, day in a year, then you should not be embarrassed by that question. At the same time, that question is somewhat a bit unimportant for the masses.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn about new things, even when those new things are unimportant, right? 

It might not be knowledge that can bring out some praises from the people, but it is something that can be fun to learn about.

1 Year = 52 Weeks

1 Year = 12 Months 

1 Year = 365 / 366 Days

 1 Year = 8.760 Hours

1 Year = 525.600 Minutes

1 Year = 31.536.000 Seconds

How Many Minutes, Second, Day in a Year?

how many second in a year

Not a few moments ago, someone somewhere around the world had the mind to ask about how many minutes, second, day in a year. Now, this type of knowledge is not something that all people know.

No, sir, it is the knowledge that is a bit hidden to the eyes of the masses. It is a knowledge that is only granted to those with the brightest of minds and the most diligent of disposition.

Just kidding, though. That kind of knowledge does not mean anything in the eyes of many people.

Many people would rather think about how they should pay their taxes and how they can earn more money, but no person in the world would dare to ask about the numbers of minutes, seconds, days, and months in a year.

That is unless they are working in departments in which information surrounding that thing is needed. You see, while many folks do not see the importance of knowing about how many seconds are in a year, there are those who will see that kind of information as a treasure.

Those kinds of people, while rare, do exist. You might not encounter one in your lifetime, but those people exist.

Now, why would you need to know about how many minutes a year is?

No apparent reason, really. Unless you are working as a historian or a mathematician, then you can definitely throw this information into the trash can because nobody would care if you know or do not know about it.

Forget this question and move on to other questions that are definitely more important for you.

But if you are a historian or a mathematician, then by all means, continue with your read down below:

So how many minutes are in a year?

how many hours in a year

It all depends on what kind of calendar you are basing your question in. If you are using the old, traditional Javanese calendar, then the answer would be different than when you are using the Gregorian calendar.

In a Gregorian calendar, a year will take about 525,600 minutes. The numbers might surprise you because it seems so small, but you should never underestimate what a minute could do to yourself or to people around you (spoiler: it can make a lot of damage or improvement on you, all dependent on what you are doing with it).


What about the days?

Now, this is where things start to get interesting (and confusing). A day is about 24 hours, and 24 hours total to 1440 minutes, so you can safely say that a day is about 1440 minutes.

To know about how many days it would take before a year can pass, you need to take the prior number on how many minutes a year would take. As you might have known, a year is about 525,600 minutes, and a day is about 1440 minutes.

To get the number of days in a year, you would need to divide the number of minutes per year by the number of minutes per day.

If you apply the numbers to the formula, it would be like 525,600/1440. Based on the result taken from a calculator (because only nerds could guess the result without calculators), the answer is 365.

Three hundred and sixty-five days per year. Again, if you think that it is a small number for such a long time, you need to understand the impact of a day. 

Now let us talk about the seconds

If the day formula is already confusing enough for you, then the formula for finding the number of seconds a year have will definitely be like theoretical physic for you.

The truth is, finding how many seconds a year would take is as easy as turning the palm of your hand (unless you got a condition that would make it hard for you to turn your hand).

The first thing that you need to know is how many seconds a minute is. For the answer, a minute is 60 seconds. The number of minutes per year is 525,600.

All you got to do is to multiply the number of minutes per year with how many seconds a minute would take. Putting this to play, the formula would be 525,600 x 60. The answer to that is precisely at 31,536,000 seconds.

THAT is a lot of numbers, and now you probably wonder how you can survive those many seconds in your life.


How come the world uses the 365 days calendar as opposed to other calendars?

Because a pope by the name of Gregory decides to tell the world that they should use a specific calendar. That specific calendar – often named the Gregorian Calendar – got 365 days in it.

Because Catholicism was hailed as the true religion of Europe back then, it is only right for Catholic kingdoms, nations, and countries to adhere to that calendar.

Now you might ask why does the calendar got used by the world when it all started in Europe. The thing is, big European countries like the British Empire and many other empires all got their own ‘out-of-Europe’ possessions.

Those possessions often take the shape of lands or even smaller countries. Those great European countries will often ask (or coerce) the natives of their possessions to use the Gregorian Calendar.

Why? Because European countries back then loved to have their long, hard ego being stroked by others. 

If their rivals would not stroke it (as in the case with the British and the French), then they would turn to their colonies or tributaries.

If their colonies or tributaries would not stroke it, they would force them or put them under a certain hegemony, all in the purpose of having them stroke and caress their ego (it was fun being a ruler of a great European country back then).

That is all about today’s article. Remember this, folks: if someone ever asks about how many minutes, second, day in a year, and why did we come to use this kind of calendar, you can safely answer that it was because of those Europeans.

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