5 Steps of How to Build Natural Stone Steps

Building stone steps in your garden may sound daunting. But with a little know-how, it can be an exciting project to spruce up your landscape.

Learn how to build natural stone steps from scratch so you can work just like expert gardeners and, as a bonus, simplify the budget.

1. Choose the Right Garden Stones

Choose the Right Garden Stones

Start your garden project by choosing the right stones for the garden steps. There are different types of stones to choose from such as limestone, bluestone, sandstone, and many more. The best stones must be dense and durable especially if you plan high-traffic outdoor stairs.

Besides durability in harsh weather, natural stones come with a unique and natural look. Tailoring the stones are also possible, allowing you to optimize its appearance and functionality. How to install stone slab steps is relatively easy, providing another benefit for homeowners.

2. Prepare the Foundation

Prepare the Foundation

After figuring out the type and size of the stones that you need, prepare the foundation by digging out the surface where the stone slabs will be laid. You’ll want to remove the plants, grasses, and debris and make sure the area is clear. This is how to build natural stone steps the right way.

It becomes crucial to make the surface level so the stone slabs can sit firmly. Dig a trench to give space for drainage at the base of your stairs, preventing the water from accumulating under the stair and cause instability.

3. Lay the Natural Stones

Lay the Natural Stones

Now that the area is ready, prepare a stable layer using stone chips bedding sand. The crush stone creates an even surface and provides a strong base, making it easier to secure the stones with the mortar. Once the foundation is done, you can start laying the slab.

Put the stones carefully to make a solid foundation from bottom to top. When working with the slabs, it becomes crucial to tilt the steps to prevent water from pooling on the surface.

4. Secure the Stones to Keep Them in Place

How to build natural stone steps

As soon as the steps are finished, secure them with mortar. Fill the gaps between the slabs and let them dry—read the manufacturer’s instructions for details. The mortar helps keep the stones in place so you can step on them securely for long term.

If you ever wondered how to build natural stone steps that are long lasting and durable, mortar is the answer. While some homeowners choose to fill the gaps with soils, mortar doesn’t erode easily so that the flat stones stay longer.

5. Decorate Your Steps

Decorate Your Steps

Decorating garden steps can add a visual appeal to your landscape. The simplest way is by creating a flower bed on both sides of the steps to add vibrant colors. You can also embrace the nature by making a small pond near the steps which easily direct the eyes to the area.

Stone steps can improve your curb appeal while providing easy access to different parts of your garden. How to build natural stone steps is quite simple with the right knowledge, allowing you to control the budget and customize the design to your heart’s content.

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