5 Steps on How to Drywall Your Garage for DIY Project Lovers

The Drywalling a garage is one of the crucial steps to transform it into a living space. The function of this process is to stabilize the temperature and for energy efficiency.

The process is tricky because the goal is to achieve a comfortable temperature for living. The steps on how to drywall your garage below help to get a good result.   

Prepare the Materials and Tools

Ensure that the materials and tools for drywalling the garage are complete. It keeps you doing the process comfortably without getting confused looking for the materials and tools. Indeed, you should prepare the drywall. 

This product comes in sheets. Buy it based on the size of the wall. It is okay to buy extra sheets in case the products are damaged or any accident happens.

Other materials and tools you need to prepare are including drywall tape, joint compound, and paint. Remember to prepare metal cutting saw blades, level, mesh sandpaper, gloves, tape measure, assorted tools, and safety equipment. 

Essential safety equipment includes gloves, goggles, and a high-quality N95 mask to safeguard against potential hazards such as dust and airborne particles. By prioritizing safety and equipping yourself with the necessary protective gear, you can work confidently and efficiently, achieving professional-grade results while keeping you safe.

Remove the Old Wall Cover

Remove the old wall cover. It depends on the material of the wall cover. For a vinyl cover, you need to put a cloth on the floor by the wall.

Use a wall cover scraper to lift one of the covers. Pull the cover slowly at a 45-degree angle to peel off as much as the vinyl. 

Use a sanding block to rub off the remaining vinyl. Clean the wall with a mild detergent and rinse it with a wet sponge once the vinyl is completely removed.

Dry the wall with a clean cloth. You can also use a mixture of white vinegar and water to remove the vinyl. 

Install the Drywall

The next step on how to drywall your garage is installing it. Install screws to hang the drywall.

Give a sign for the locations of outlet boxes, wiring, and plumbing. It is also time to install the wiring and plumbing system if it is unavailable yet. 

Complete the wiring and plumbing installation before installing the drywall. It is crucial if you want to transform the garage into a bedroom, a kitchen sink, a bathroom, and others.

Hang the drywall sheets once the wiring, plumbing, and lighting systems are ready. Screw the drywall into the studs and use drywall tape to glue the joints between the sheets.

Cover the connections with the joint compound to get a smooth and flat surface. 

Finish the Drywall

Finish the drywall before painting it. Fill the gaps between the drywall sheets and the drywall screws with tape.

You also need to use tape to cover the seams. Ensure that you buy enough tapes to accomplish this project.   

Continue the Garage Transformation Process

Ensure that the drywall installation is done. Recheck the drywall, tape, and others to ensure that they are sturdy enough. Continue the transformation process when the drywall installation is ready.

The explanation about how to drywall your garage above may not be as easy as you can imagine.

It takes a few weeks to finish the process, especially if you are a beginner and busy enough. The most important thing is that you can install drywall in a garage by yourself if you love DIY projects.  

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