4 Steps on How to Install Drip Edge on Shed Roof

Finding the ways how to install drip edge on the shed roof is the right guide to decorating your home building. The owners need to have a garage in the backyard.

The edge drip on the roof is crucial because these features will prevent floating water on the roof. It will make everything composed. These are further information details about the installation of this drip edge. It will help you to get the right installation.

How to Install Drip Edge on Shed Roof

Though it is not easy to set a drip edge on the shed roof, this project is enough to do. Furthermore, if you have construction skills, you can set it.

The edge drip will make you far away from the water. You must learn the ways of setting it on some spots. You can apply the following tutorials to install it.

1. Preparing Top Deck

Installing a drip edge on the shed roof is something difficult because all roof areas exist. You need to ensure that the edge drip is suitable for the shed roof.

The first way is to prepare the top deck. The top deck must be cleaned correctly before you install it. You don’t relate to the dirt and stain during installation.

However, if the roof is new, you must prepare the bottom layers. The edge drip installation for the shed roof must be different from the bottom layers. If the edge drip installs, you must put it before the bottom layer. However, the bottom layer must be a priority.

2. Measuring and Cutting Edge Drip

The next way how to install edge drip on shed roof is by measuring. You must follow it by cutting edge drip. The size and length of the edge drip must follow the top roof area where it sets tightly.

To cut the edge drip, you can use a metal scissor. However, the edge drip must be suitable for the space between angle and fascia. In that way, drainage will be better when water accumulates on the shed roof.

3. Setting Edge Drip

After you measure and cut it, you can continue it to the further step about the installation of edge drip on the shed roof. You must install it on sunny and bright days.

If the weather is wet and rainy, it is impossible to set the edge drip. It will be so dangerous to do. When the sunny day comes, it is better to pull a single pull easily.

To set it, you can start from the bottom and make sure that it has been installed correctly in the position. Then, tie it. Tighten all using a roof reel with an interval of 12 to 14 inches.

4. Covering

Now, the edge drip has been installed correctly on the shed roof. The next way is to cover all holes. It is essential because you can avoid water accumulated on the shed roof.

When holes are not covered, water will fall and destroy your edge drip. Make sure that you have checked it all when you want to apply steps on how to install edge drip on shed roof.

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