How to Insulate a Garage with Open Rafters in 5 Steps

Open rafter garage is popular because the roof is strong and sturdy. The cost to build this garage model is also affordable.

The garage is even more comfortable with stable temperature and airflow when applying an open rafter model. Learn how to insulate a garage with open rafters below and feel the difference. 

Check the Condition of the Garage

Check the condition of the garage to ensure there is no damage, loose rafters, or loose fasteners.

Start the process from the left side of the garage or the farthest away from the door. Ensure that all the rafters are securely fastened and the screws or nails are still complete. 

Tighten the rafters if there are some loose rafters. Measure the length and width of the rafters. Most rafters have the same size except the rafters on the perimeter of the ceiling. You can measure the rafter using tape. 

Prepare the Area You Want to Insulate with Open Rafter

Prepare the area you want to insulate with open rafters by cleaning it. The function of this process is to give you full access to the ceiling.

You would better remove any cars, personal items, and others that block the ceilings. It includes removing electrical wires and stocked them on shelves.   

Install Rafter Vents

So, how to insulate a garage with open rafters after cleaning the area? Prepare the rafter vents and cut them based on the size of the insulation.

Use a utility knife to precisely cut these boards. Now, place the rafter vents on the left and right sides of the garage. 

Ensure that it is the same as the insulation. Use a staple gun and ladder to install the rafter vents on top of the rafters. Staple the rafter vents every eight to 10 inches to keep it more durable and safer.

Prepare the Insulation

Take the insulation and place it outside the garage by the door. Use your utility knife and cut the insulation. Ensure that the insulation fits between the rafters.

Create identical square footage on the left side of the garage. Place the perimeter on the other side of the garage. 

Install the Insulation

Start the garage insulation project from the left side of the garage. Install the insulation in the rafters beneath the rafter vents.

Ensure that the back section of the insulation and the part that is covered with the paper face down. 

You can do it by aligning the front of the piece with the front of the rafter. Check the irregular perimeter pieces of insulation. Place them between the rafters.

Recheck the entire ceiling after installing the insulation. Ensure that there are no gaps and services left open. Cut the additional pieces of insulation and rafter vents if you see the gaps or open services.

You can also install drywall if you want. This additional drywall makes the ceiling appear. It is okay if you don’t do it due to the limited time and money.

The most important thing is that you know how to insulate a garage without the help of a technician.      

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