How to Tackle Garage Floor Cracks by Yourself and the Right Time to Call a Professional

Garage floor cracks trigger other serious problems if you don’t repair them immediately. It is okay if you want to fix the cracks by yourself.

The information about how to tackle garage floor cracks below shows that you can do it without the help of a technician. 

Clean Out the Area

The first thing to do is clean the cracking areas and the areas around them. Ensure that these areas are free from loose pebbles, small stones, dirt, and dust. You can use a wire brush to remove loose pebbles. 

Use a crack chaser to clean dust, debris, and dirt on the cracks, especially longer cracks. A clean cracking area is easier to repair. The result also lasts longer no matter the type of house foundations you have. 

Fill the Cracks

Prepare a filler product to repair garage floor cracks. You can use epoxy and a polymerized concrete mix to fill larger cracks.

The polymer acts as a binder and helps to glue the filler and the concrete on the floor. Remember to read the instructions on the package before applying the epoxy.   

Wait Until the Epoxy Dry

Keep the epoxy dry for a few hours or overnight. Ensure that no one passes through the crack until the epoxy is completely dry.

You can let the epoxy dry manually using sunlight. Make it faster by applying special UV lights, especially if the floors have to dry immediately.

Check the crack and the binder. Ensure that they are adhered to before passing through the floor. 

The Right Time to Ask Help of a Professional

So, how to tackle garage floor cracks with unusual cases? There are some cases that you can’t fix the garage floor cracks by yourself.

For example, you should call a professional when the cracks start bulging out of the floor. Bulging is a sign that the foundation has shifted and contracted. Filling with epoxy will not fix the bulging issue. 

You can’t fix the cracking floors when there is a deeper structural issue. It is a sign of erosion on the floor.

Filling with epoxy is not enough. Check the cement of the floor. Call a professional if the cement is lower than the other side of the crack. 

You can’t fix it because there are shifting and structural issues. It will be dangerous to let the garage floor in these conditions.

It is because the floor can’t support its weight anymore. That’s why the garage floor starts to crack. 

A professional technician often shoots the material below the floor to raise the part that’s sunk.

The cost is costly but it is the best solution to solve the main problem of the garage. The right repair or maintenance prevents garage floor cracks even after a few years. 

The point is that you can repair the garage floor cracks by yourself. The most important thing is that you should check the condition of the floor.

You would better call a professional technician to fix the garage floor and get a maximum result. Best of all, you know how to tackle garage floor cracks if you love DIY projects and the right time to call a professional.

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