Best 15+ Kitchen Flooring Ideas | Tile Designs For Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Floor TIle Ideas – Remodeling kitchen is fun and important to keep the area comfortable and hygiene. As we all know,kitchen is one of the most important area in our house. This is the place where we are preparing delicious meal for our family.

Moreover, if you love cooking, kitchen will be like your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and escape from all trouble and stressful daily routine. Therefore, creating a kitchen that can fulfill its original purpose, like mentioned, is needed.

Remodeling is one of methods to do that. You can do it by yourself or asking help from professional. What you need is a good idea for remodeling your kitchen. And, fortunately, there are hundreds of greatkitchen flooring ideas can be applied. Some of them are listed below.

1. Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Natural flooring is always great to apply and one of them is bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is chosen because of its natural texture and color. This flooring is also easy to mix with different materials including wood, ceramic, and stone.

Applying bamboo flooring creates cozy and cold atmosphere. You may combine the flooring along with black, brown, or white colors to build the ambient. This is also a great option for those who want to cook in Japanese kitchen look like.

Combine it with wooden kitchen cabinet with glass, ceramic faucet, stones wall and large windows. You can hang a painting if you want to add it with accessory.

2. Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Carpet flooring is a good option if you want to create something extraordinary. Carpet is more flexible to apply because you don’t need to change the old floor design especially if you still love the floor design.

Carpet flooring also has useful function to be a separator between the kitchen and the other rooms. Just apply carpet with contrast color so you can really see the instant separator without anything to add.

Industrial theme house with carpet flooring will be great to apply. Simple design carpet such as colorful stripes is great to keep your kitchen looks simple but comfortable enough to use to cook all favorite foods.

3. Concrete Kitchen Flooring


If you don’t want to change the floor for a long time period of time, you may apply concrete flooring. It is a solid material along cool texture. Concrete flooring can be applied for a large kitchen area.

This flooring can be mixed with specific materials such as iron, wood, and stone along with neutral colors such as black, white, and brown to create modern kitchen area. It really gives you the sense of spacious and cozy area.

Giving plants as additional accessory is also good to do to make the kitchen area fresher. Concrete flooring looks simple but it gives great impact to the kitchen.

4. Cork Kitchen Flooring

Creating cozy and spacious kitchen can also be done by applying cork flooring. It is a solid floor along with strong texture. This type of flooring is flexible to combine such with wooden, bamboo, or stainless steel materials.

Just combine the cork flooring along with white, wooden color, black, or gold to create modern and cozy kitchen. You will have a warm kitchen and it is a good option for large size kitchen area.

You may choose cork flooring if you don’t want to separate between kitchen and the dining room. Indeed, you will have a spacious area to cook as well as to enjoy the foods with the entire family.  

5. Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring


Do you want to put real wood flooring but it seems impossible to do? You don’t nee to worry because laminate wood flooring is the solution. The design is similar to the real wood and it gives fresh and natural atmosphere for your kitchen.

White laminate wood flooring along with white kitchen furniture is one of perfect kitchen flooring ideas to apply. You can really have cozy and comfortable kitchen to cook.

Combine it with kitchen cabinet with a lot of storages with similar color and it works perfectly to make the area feels spacious. It is a great option if you want to create non separator rooms at home including for the kitchen.

6. Rubber Kitchen Flooring


Rubber flooring is an alternative if you want to apply softer floor. The material is also effective to prevent slippery. White rubber flooring can be applied if you don’t want to use any kind of separator between the kitchen and dining room or any kind of room at home.

Just mix it with white color furniture such as white kitchen cabinet, white dining chairs, and white wall painting. Make it perfect with wooden furniture such as wooden dining table or faucet.

To give more colors, you may use real colorful flowers or painting. Let the sunlight passing through the area by using large glass windows.

7. Stone Kitchen Flooring

Having a cozy kitchen is great so you can focus to cook your favorite foods. Stone flooring is a good alternative if you want to create a cozy kitchen at home. Stone creates natural and relaxing atmosphere.

You can mix it with ceramic faucet, wooden kitchen cabinet, and also stone flooring for the wall. Balance the area with small light from small bulbs. Use natural colors such as brown, green, black, metallic, and many more.

The black metallic can be taken from refrigerator, stoves, and oven. Choosing materials with strong texture are also great to mix with stone flooring. Definitely, you will have an elegant and super comfortable kitchen. 

8. Tile Kitchen Flooring

Tile flooring is also strong on its texture but simple and design. You will have an elegant kitchen by applying tile flooring. To create elegant kitchen at home, you can combine black tile flooring along with white furniture such as white kitchen cabinets and black kitchen storage.

It is also possible to add wooden cabinet to give more color. This is also creating super comfortable kitchen at home. The tile flooring makes the area looks larger than the actual size and you can reduce slippery risk while cooking.   

9. Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

10. Wood Kitchen Flooring

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One more floors for kitchen is wood flooring. People love to use this type of flooring because of its texture and natural color. Wood kitchen flooring is a perfect option if you want to build a classic kitchen theme.

Just mix between wood kitchen flooring with white or gray color kitchen tools. Stainless steel and ceramic are also great materials to make your dream to have classic and clean kitchen come true. Use simple shape such as square with a little bit glass. You may take this on the reference of your kitchen flooring ideas. 

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