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Kitchen Paint Color Ideas – Cooking is one of the best hobbies you can have. You cook to please your palate and stomach. If you cook for other people, you also can make them smile, which means your hobby can bring happiness to others.

However, in order to enjoy your cooking, the kitchen where you cook must be able to give you the place where you can do your hobby at the maximum pleasure. In simplest way, your kitchen must feel comfortable for you.

How can we create and keep our kitchen comfortable? The way to keep your kitchen comfortable can be done by deciding the bestkitchen paint color. Let’s learn a little bit how to mix and match the kitchen paint color so you can get the best kitchen just like what you want. 

1. Rustic Color

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Do you love to stay in a rustic home? How about applying rustic kitchen paint color? You don’t have to use too much color. Specific color such as white, brown, and powder blue is perfect to create rustic kitchen and dining room.  

You may add some nature paintings, glass or ceramic kitchen accessories with the similar color.  Square pattern and plants are also a good option to make everything balance. 

2. White Color

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Some people love white because it looks clean and simple. If it is so, you can also apply white paint color for your beloved kitchen. Just paint the wall with white, choose white kitchen cabinets, and white stone backsplash.

To prevent monotonous, you can mix the white kitchen with glass such as kitchen cabinet with glass door, glass jars, glass opal lamps, and windows. Use specific color such as powder blue and wooden color to keep the kitchen neat and simple just like what you want. 

3. Contemporary Color

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Contemporary kitchen looks simple and simple. In the sense of color, you can apply some colors such as powder blue for the wall, wooden color for the kitchen cabinets, and ceramic natural color for the table and backsplash. To add the touch of modernism on the kitchen, just choose stainless steel kitchen utensils. The color is great to create contemporary theme in your kitchen. 

4. Bold Color

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Do you like to play with bold colors? It is not a bad thing at all. In fact, you can use it as great kitchen paint color idea. For example, you can apply bold pale green for the wall, bold blue for the bar table along with wooded table. Those colors are perfectly matched with bold white. You may combine it also with white hexagon flooring and colorful rug.

5. Mix Bold 

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Bold colors can be enchanting as long as you can apply it well. Don’t use too much color so it doesn’t looks crowded. Let say, you can get natural bold color from wooden kitchen cabinet. Then, you can combine it with specific colors such as bold pale green and bold powder blue.

It can be applied on chairs and kitchen utensils. You can also choose bold white tile for the floor. That’s it! You have cool bold kitchen paint color.

6. Yellow and White Colors 

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Bright and bold colors are uncommon to use because it looks to strong to your eyes. Actually, you can apply it for your kitchen. Using bold yellow and white can be the best option to create neat and modern kitchen. It seems that the contrast colors give strong separator for each area on the kitchen. It is a good option for those who have small or medium size kitchen.    

7. Bold Blue Navy Color 

There is no need to worry if you only have small kitchen area. You just need to play with paint color to make it looks larger. The best trick is using bold and strong color such as bold navy for the kitchen wall.

Moreover, you can add wooden kitchen cabinet and stainless kitchen utensils. The combination is perfect to keep your small kitchen comfortable and looks larger than the actual size.

8. Bold Dark Gray Navy 

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Do you want to make your kitchen looks larger than the actual size only by using three different colors? Actually, you just need to combine bold dark gray navy, chocolate from the wooden cabinets, and white from the kitchen appliances. That’s it! You have neat and cozy enough kitchen to cook and it doesn’t matter although it is a small kitchen.

9. Black and Red Colors

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For those who like to use black in any kind of applications, you can also apply it on your kitchen. Just create a modern kitchen design along with bold black color. Combine it with bold red and white. Those three bold colors are enough to keep the kitchen looks brighter although it uses dark color.

For the simplicity, you don’t need to use any kind of additional accessories and change it with white porcelain, stainless, and glass kitchen appliances. 

10. Green and White 

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Some people are confused about how to apply bold green at home. You don’t need to get confuse and try to apply it on your kitchen. Just use the bold green for the wall painting. Then, you can combine it with neutral colors especially white. If it is necessary, try to combine also with floral backsplash with soft color. To make it perfect, buy some green kitchen utensils.

11. Bold Red Color

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Can you image to use bold red on your lovely kitchen? Why not? You may paint the wall with cream color to neutral the area first. The fun part is choosing red kitchen appliances including red kitchen cabinets, red door refrigerator, red kitchen utensils, red chairs, and many more. To balance the color, mix it with mosaic kitchen backsplash and wooden color flooring. It looks cool, right?

12. Gothic Style

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How can you apply black without making your kitchen too dark? The key is finding the right color combination. Let say, apply black color to all parts of the kitchen including the ceiling, floor, and kitchen appliances.

Then, add big size window which goes to the outside so the kitchen get enough sunlight. You can also install small spotlight lamps at the top of the kitchen and use it in low light condition.  

13. Bold Orange

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In contrast, you can also apply brighter bold color such as orange. The contrast color helps to define between one are to another. You just need to combine between bold orange with white to strengthen the area on your kitchen. Apply orange for the part of the wall and kitchen table. Cover up the rest with white and add some unique accessories which have orange on it.

14. Neutral 

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Some people think that neutral colors are bored. Actually, it is not as long as you can apply it well. Just try to combine blue, white, and black on your kitchen. Use the blue color for the wall, white color for the kitchen cabinets and utensils, and black color for the dining table. It looks perfect!

15. Purple Kitchen Paint Color

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Do you like purple and want to apply it on your kitchen? It’s easy to do! Just cover up the wall with purple color. Then, make it contrast by choosing neutral color such as white to produces lighter ambient. Some stainless steel and glass kitchen utensils and appliances are acceptable to make the kitchen looks eye catching. It is really great kitchen paint color to apply! 16-25 ON PRCS

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