Best 15+ Kitchen Sink Ideas | Modern, Unique & Traditional Sinks

Kitchen Sinks –  Most of time, kitchen sink often placed in ordinary spots. The reason is simple. By placing it in the standard place, you don’t need to have too much problem to go there and use it. However, if you are looking at the design and shape of the kitchen sink you can find on the store today. you will find out that there are different shape and design.

They are all also beautiful. It looks like these kitchen sink product also can be used as decoration for your kitchen. So, it’s not only its functionality. Unfortunately, most of people are still using those beautifully designed kitchen sink in quite standard way.

So, keep reading, you can find options of sinks for kitchen with exotic and unique designs, as well as unusual spots to place them. Find your inspiration!

1. Purple House

 Alexandra Rybarova

This kitchen utensil comes with modern design. The modular shape of the sink is exceptionally wonderful and eye catching. Meanwhile the purple color chosen for the cabinets can be blended well with black corner used to place the sink. The color of the sink can also perfectly match with the white counters applied in the kitchen.

2. Stainless Corner Sink

 Owell Decoration Material

Stainless steel is the most common material used for kitchen sink due to some reasons. Its durability and ease to clean make most people choose the material for their sink. But the kitchen utensil showed in the picture comes with unusual cut that makes it looks more unique.

Moreover, the strainer available on the sink is also great asset. This contemporary design of sink is perfect to add modern touch to your kitchen.

3. Contemporary Corner Kitchen Sink


Contemporary design is always perfect urban generation, include in the choosing of corner sink. This kitchen equipment has hexagon cut that makes it very unique. The distinct shape of the sink will allow you to do many things with side parts of it easily. Thus, this contemporary design of sink is really great choice for your kitchen.

4. Corner Kitchen Sink


Another sink design you can choose is the one with modular shape. The dark color of the sink will make it possible for you to combine it with whatever color you have for the counter top of your kitchen.

The modular shape of the sink also enables you to do various tasks with it. If you love kitchen utensils that comes with fine look and will allow you to do things practically, this sink design is a perfect choice

5. Corner Undermount Kitchen Sinks

The design and color chosen of this kitchen sink is really elegant. The neutral color of the sink will allow you to perfectly match it whatever design and color you have for your kitchen. The item also comes with small size that will be perfect to be placed in the corner of the room.

6. Dahab Kitchen


Though the shape of this sink is just the same with the previous items mentioned above, but this one comes with different color. The beige color of the sink will be perfect the most if combined with dark counters you have in your kitchen. The two colors can mix perfectly to create fresh look to the room.

7. Corner Kitchen Sink

 Affordable Renovations UK

The next sink in the list comes with unique cut and shape. The extra spaces available in the sink will enable you to do many things easily with it while washing your dishes. Moreover, the color of the device is perfect to be combined with the counter. The color combination brings harmonious into your kitchen room.

8. Corner Kitchen Sink with Cabinet


Why not placing corner sink on your cabinet? This is one of the great ideas you can try. The sink design comes with two basins to provide you with more spaces. The earth – color tones used both for the sink and cabinets will bring you closer to the nature.

The ceramic material used for the sink will allow you to clean it easily. The white color is perfectly matched with the overall design of the kitchen and makes it look much fresher.

9. Corner Kitchen


Look at the beautiful design of the sink! It will catch attention from everyone who enters your kitchen room. It is really a multifunction sink to allow you do multiple tasks at the same time with it. You will love the basin that is completed with a soap holder and a draining area. The color of the sink is perfect for natural kitchen design.

10. Monaco


Monaco is actually a sink that comes with clearer shape for various purposes. The design is really innovative and practical to use. The stainless steel sink is really perfect to be placed on blue ceramic used at the top of the counter. The sink could add modern touch to your kitchen.

11. Small Kitchen Sink

 The Kitchen Dahab

Small kitchen needs specific size of utensils to be proportionally placed in the room. The modern faucet used in the sink makes it looks fabulous while the black fixture is easily combined with most colors. 

12. Athen

 Archi Expo

Athen sink comes with impressive and amazing design that will make everyone who enters your kitchen room falls in love with. The design is also simple but multifunctional with clear lines to strengthen the impression given by the sink design. The shape of the tool will give you different experience in washing dishes and other things in the sink.

13. Topmount Corner Bowl

 Houzer Sink

Another corner sink with unusual shape to differentiate it with the others is topmount corner bowl. The dual basin available in the sink is very useful. It is made of stainless steel with combination of chrome and nickel to provide durability and avoid stain and corrosion.

14. Corner Kitchen Sink



Equipped with single basin and one strain, this corner sink is perfect the most for your kitchen. With the sink, you can do dishes washing while preparing foods and drain them. It enables you to save time and make the job is practical to do.

The stainless steel material used for the kitchen is also durable and easy to clean. The material also comes with balanced combination of nickel and chrome to prevent the sink from corrosion and stain that will harm the foods you wash there.

15. Modern Kitchen

 KM Renovate


This stunning kitchen sink comes with great design that will be really perfect to be placed on maple counter. The spacious sink will allow you to put a lot of items at once inside. This will make your cleaning task becomes much easier to do.

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