Best 15+ Modern Entryway Ideas With Bench

Entryway Ideas – Entryway storage helps you to store your stuff easily. When you open the door, you can store your stuff in entryway storage. And, that’s all what most of people use this storage for. Actually, if you put your thought on this storage thing, you can have great benefits from it.

It won’t only become the place where you can store shoes, and other. The entryway storage also can be used as the decoration to make your entryway looks beautiful. Therefore, when you enter your house or guest visit your house, they will be pleased with the appearance of your house.

You can even create specific nuance and show your personality with this furniture. Now, if you want to get that great effect, there are so many ideas about it. Even, you don’ need to spend much money for having entryway storage. Here are some ideas you will love:


1. Under Window Storage Bench

entryway ideas

This idea can be your recommendation, especially if your entryway near with window. Yes, you can install under window storage bench. It is useful to store your stuff. Put some wicker baskets under bench. Finally, it can be the best storage to store your shoes and other stuff.

Look at the picture. If under window storage bench is not enough, you can also place a drawer to store other things. Make sure you choose under window storage bench that has good color–a color that fits with your home design.

2. Bench and Hooks

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Combining a bench and hooks is a good idea for your entryway storage. A small bench can be placed near with your entryway. Cover it using patterned fabric. So, it creates elegant look in your entryway area. The area below bench can be used for storing shoes, while the area above bench can be used for installing some hooks.

Hooks can be used for hanging your clothes, hats, and other stuff. To add elegant look, you can also hang a big mirror above some hooks. Finally, your entryway will be more beautiful than before.

3. Simple Drawer and Hooks behind the Door

If you have a drawer you don’t use in other room, you can place it in entryway area. A drawer can be used for storing your clothes and other stuff. If a simple drawer is not enough for you, you can use area behinds the door. Yes, the door can be the best place to install some hooks.

Finally, you can use the hooks for hanging clothes, hats, bags, and many more. It makes your stuff well-organized. Near with the drawer, you can also hang a big and high mirror. Finally, your entryway can be area for dressing too.


4. Entryway Closet

How about building your own entryway closet? Look at the picture. This entryway closet looks elegant. It combines bench and open shelves. To add exotic look, you can use wicker baskets and put every basket in open shelves.

The area above bench can be best area to install some hooks. Even, the area above the closet can be used for storing other stuff. It is the best idea for you who need large entryway storage.


5. Bench and Floating Shelves

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Bench always becomes best storage idea for entryway. By combining it with floating shelves, you will have enough storage to store your stuff. Wooden bench looks elegant, especially if you combine it with wooden floating shelves.

Above the bench, install a floating shelve for placing some wicker baskets. Use the baskets for storing your goods. You can also install some hooks below the floating shelves. The area below bench can be used for storing your shoes.


6. Bench and Open Shelves

entryway storage ideas

Installing open shelving near with ceiling creates large area above the bench. The area below open shelving can be used for hanging your stuff, such as hat, bag, clothes, and many more. But, don’t forget to install some hooks in right position.

To make the bench looks elegant, try to put some baskets made of wood pallet. Finally, it can be used for storing your stuff, while you can use open shelving for storing accessories.


7. Small Table and Mounted Shelves

If you don’t have a bench, you can place a small table near your entryway. It is good idea, as long as the table has good construction and strong enough. Place some small pillows above it. Finally, it looks like a comfortable bench for sitting.

A mounted shelve can be installed above the small table. Store your stuff there. You can also install some hooks below the mounted shelve to hang your stuff.


8. Tiny Drawer

If your entryway looks narrow, place a tiny drawer as solution of entryway storage. In other side, you can attach a length board and install some hooks on it. Finally, it can be used for hangings your clothes.

A tiny drawer can be used for storing your own stuff. The top surface of drawer can be used for showcasing some accessories.

9. Coat Rack

You can easily create a coat rack by using area on the wall. Just install some hooks for hanging your coats or clothes. Combine it with a long bench and some open shelves. Use the area below the bench for placing some baskets. Label every basket to make you easier when storing your stuff.

10. Pastel Entryway Closet

For you who like pastel color, this idea may be good for you. Create a small entryway closet that makes you easier to store your stuff. The bottom area can be used for storing your shoes. You can install some hooks to hang your clothes.

Other area can be used for storing towels. And the top area can be used for storing some appliances.

11. A Comfortable Bench with Drawer and Storage

The drawer looks unique and consists of 3 storage areas and 3 drawers. You can use bench storage to place some wicker baskets. Above the bench, you can also see a unique hat rack. Try this idea to create elegant look in your entryway area.

12. Corner Bench

entryway ideas

If your entryway area has corner, you can try this idea. Place a small bench, install some hooks and mounted shelves around the corner. It creates beautiful entryway storage for storing your stuff. You can also mount the basket above the bench.

13. A Floating Drawer

If your entryway looks narrow, you can try this idea. A floating drawer will not spend too much space in your entryway. Combine it with mounted shelves to store your stuff. Install some hooks near the drawer to hang your clothes, hats, and belt.

14. Black Wooden Coat Rack with Bench

It is other idea you can choose. Create a coat rack made of wood, and paint it with black paint. Combine it with a bench made of same material. It creates unique look in your entryway area. Place some baskets below the bench to store your stuff. You can also place a long basket to store umbrella.

15. Metal Coat Rack with Bench

You can also create a coat rack from metal or other solid material. Combine it with wooden bench. The surface of bench can be used for storing helmet, while the coat rock can be used for hanging coat, hats, and other stuff. Place some buckets below the bench to store your clothes or other stuff. It is a recommended entryways storage idea you can choose.

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