5 Great Pool Deck Skirting Ideas That Make Your Backyard Stunning and Pleasant

Do you have a plan to skirt your pool deck? If so, you should check the pool deck skirting ideas below. The deck skirting ideas help to improve your old deck into an amazing and functional deck.

Imagine the sensation of spending time on a cozy and aesthetic deck at home.

Block Deck Skirting

pool Deck Skirting ideas

Block deck skirting is often used because it gives better air circulation underneath the deck. It is effective enough to avoid moisture and rot. A solid material, such as blocks, is good. Don’t forget to build some vents to feel the benefits of applying this deck skirting idea.

Alternatively, you can mix and match the blocks with wood planks. Place the wood planks one or two inches apart from another one. Make the result look more eye-catching by placing the blocks at the corners of the skirting.

Synthetic Rock Deck Skirting


Applying Synthetic deck skirting is another option to make your deck look stunning. Designers or homeowners often pick it as one of the pool deck skirting ideas because the materials are not prone to crack and rot. This deck skirting is also flexible because you can apply it vertically or horizontally.

That’s just one of the many upsides when choosing to use a composite decking material compared to wooden materials. Also, they don’t really need that much maintenance over time since they are not easily affected by weather, pests, and other elements that could degrade their materials.

Fencing Board Deck Skirting

Pool Deck Skirting Ideas

Those who love to apply classical themes at home can start a fencing board deck skirting project. It is considered one of the affordable deck improvements since you can repurpose your old fencing boards. The process is also straightforward just like when you build a fence in your yard.

Latticework Deck Skirting


Sometimes, you want to hide a specific part of your yard. If so, applying lattice work deck skirting is a good idea. It helps to cover up the unwanted view underneath the deck.

On the other hand, you create a stunning look after applying this skirting idea. Designers and homeowners also prefer to use this skirting because it gives a variety of patterns, including strips of wood and metal. This option perfectly covers up the unwanted view.

Modern Outdoor Deck Skirting

Modern Outdoor pool Deck Skirting 

Those who love to add modern ambiance at home, including in the backyard should apply modern outdoor deck skirting. It is one of the perfect pool deck skirting ideas if you love sunbathing or swimming in the backyard. The good thing about applying this skirting is the size that is not too high.

You can use common materials, such as bricks to complete this skirting project. The color of the skirting looks elegant and stunning enough. It makes you miss your backyard deck and want to stay there longer for napping, relaxing, sunbathing, or other things.

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