15+ Brilliant Room Divider Ideas for Living Room

Room Divider Ideas – Sometimes, small homes have their own ways to configure room and no matter you just carve out the specific room that function differently, of course based on your need. The aim is finding flexible solution which is not taking too much valuable space.

There are many ways bellow that can help you t divide parts of your house. These best room divider ideascan be used for your best reference as well.

Whether just simply dividing your rooms, then room dividers can give a new look in your space by adding more textures and serve as the piece of artwork as mentioned earlier. Despite serve you with many functions, they are also consist many things. Check them out below:

1. Aquarium as The Room Divider

room divider ideas

This is a good and creative way that you can try. This is not taking much space, however is very effective to make your room achieve new look and lively. You can use embedded aquarium into the divider that only take a haft of space in the middle so you are still able to see another room. This idea provides you with lively and cozy nuance.

2. Using Sliding Door

sliding door as room divider ideas

If you can afford more and you just want to get more privacy room, then you can choose sliding door. This is actually a door that will divide your room completely. This sliding door can save your space because it does not have to open back or forward, you just need sliding it. It matches perfectly with wooden accent tile and give you with warmer nuance.

3. Fireplace as Room Divider


This is another great way that you can try. You can use your fireplace to divide your room. This is might not completely divide your room, however it still can provide you with more personal space, of course it is innovative way.

4. Sliding Hanging for Room Divider


This is another way that you can try by choosing sliding hanging door. This is also saves up your space. This dark scheme fits perfectly with the browny scheme and woody theme inside its room. You can use it divide your personal bedroom with the other features.

5. Wooden Folding Divider

Wooden Folding Divider

This divider mostly used in the bedroom and this is very simple but still provides you with something unique. This wooden folding divider is ornamented with patterned accessories to add more value inside your bed space.

6. Divide Your Room by Using Furniture


The floating bookshelf that you can see in this image can define the entryway, you do not walk into the dining space and living room. However this is also ideal spot to put the picture frames, sculpture, books and plants as well. This is simple way that helps you to divide your room.

7. Hanging Frames to Add Art Value


If you want something more interesting and peel off your artistic taste, then you can hang the frames in the hanging wall that can be used as the room divider. This idea makes your space looks cozier and you can employ with scheme for the hanging wall.

8. Squared Divider


This divider can be used inside your personal space if you just want to divide the part of room. This divider is still visible to look into another part. Then this square divider it fit perfectly with the deep brown sofa and all white schemes to add more colors inside. The black is very contrast to the white scheme which is good option.

9. Make your Secret Doorway to the Another Space


This image is actually shows you with more functional function and more personal need. This divider allows its TV to turn away into another room that other might not know that there is another space behind.

10. Wooden Folding Divider


This divider can add more rustic feeling in your temporary design. This is provides you with more personal space inside your just bed space with rest of space inside the bedroom. This wooden divider will make you more comfortable inside your bed space.

11. Vintage Screen Wall



This divider is used only for a half of space, not to divide your space completely. This divider has double function as divider and artwork inside your space. It makes you room looks great and unique. However, if you choose it then you should not place too much furniture or other decorations.

12. Using Bookshelves to Define your Room


This is one of often used furniture in order to divide a room. The bookshelves also provide you with creative way in order to display your books, artwork and sculpture as well. This is also provides more open feeling and pure square design usually can complement any room. You can use floor to ceiling bookshelves as the divider.

13. Holding Base for Bamboo Divider

bamboom as room divider

This is something that you can try if you want divider serves you with natural scene. Although your house might be very modern, however you can use this divider to make your room has the natural features.

14. Hanging Curtain


You can use curtain as the room divider which is provides you with more mobile option. This is also very easy way to try.

15. Holding Base for Plant Divider


If you are someone who love green features so much, then it can be your great way by using it as room divider. However, it requires a routine maintenance to make your plants still alive and fresh.  

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