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Small Bedroom Ideas – You think that cramped space can make you feel claustrophobic, however with smart and strategic design and styling as well as creative organization can turn your small space feel so comfortable and stand out.

At least, your room can be roomy enough that you can spend most of the time on weekend. You can use these designer tricks below for best reference and brainstorming your creative ideas ahead. It means that your small and tiny bedroom cannot get your down.

Get these tips and ideas below about how to maximize your small bedroom with proper decor, design and layout inspiration. Share this article and find out more that can transform your cramped space into something stylish, unique and stand out.


1. Make your Layout Stay Simple

You should know that there is not magic trick for layout of your small bedroom. Generally, there is obvious main wall to place your bed and you might no too smart with placement.

Then you can keep your simple layout and hang more ornaments, such as green factors as you can see on that picture. The simple white and navy wall blends together with the woody accent tile. You can add traditional pattern for your rug.


2. You Should not Feel Afraid to Go Darker Scheme

Keep in mind that you are not limited to whites or other neutral palettes when you are dealing with the wall color of small bedroom. This is not meant that you should pain your small room with overall dark color.

Then you can embrace the moodiness and size of your room then you can play with it. You can combine ornamented dark brown wall with lighter brown color on tiles. You are also able to combine your room with navy blue, charcoal gray or olive green color that so appealing.


3. Start to Re-think your Storage

You are able to rethink to cabinets or storages become one with your bed to save more space as well. So, you can use your bed as the storage in the bottom part. Then for something fresh, you can choose light blue scheme.

You are able to go with soft pattern wall that match will overall design. Go with woody accent tile to add more colors on it.


4. Try to Make Illusion of your Space

Hanging your drapery as close with the ceiling is a design trick which is really work. This thing will bring the eye up. While you doing it, this is also a good way to choose curtain which is match the wall color with the fabric as well.

This is gives you with modern look and it will great in your small bedroom because your eye will not distracted by contrasting palettes. Then for your white wall, you can hang simple
accesories on it.


5. Hang your Bed? Why Not?

If you want something different inside your small space, then you can save space by hanging your bed closed with ceiling. You can use dimmed light, darker color for furniture and they look perfect inside the standard white wall.

Then you can place your worker desk under your batch and attached proper light under the bed instead of ceiling light to add more light features inside this room.


6. Small Spaces with More Beds

If you only have small bedroom space to hold two or more children, then you can try this idea by choosing custom bed that can save up more space. This is look so inviting that well together with the deep gray wall. You can place this costumed bed in the corner of space for most convenient and safer option.


7. Take the Outdoor Inside

Ensure that you do not forget to add more life inside your space. There is no reason why houseplants must being away from the bedroom. Having something vertical like your plant insides your small bedroom can bring the eye up as well.

The plants inside your cramped room can make your space fresher. To get more natural or you want rustic feeling then combine with rustic accessories.


8. Get More Light

Whether you just go with moody color or stick with the pale palette such as pale white color, then you cannot forget adds light source is the key to keep your room from feeling cramped and dark. You can get overhead lighting with the see through glass on your ceiling. Do not forget to bring houseplant to add more lively feeling in this pale shade.


9. Place your Bed Against your Window

Inside your small bedroom space, then the wall space is so valuable and cannot be wasted easily. In addition, curtains and window can help you to create the focal point that allows you to miss the headboard as well. Of course this is makes your room airier and sunnier as well. The view behind can give you big impact.


10. Keep your Stuff Under your Bad

This bed has drawer under the bed for additional storage if you do not have enough closet space. Instead of placing big closet inside your cramp room, then you can just hang your clothes inside. This is very simple options that you can try.


11. It’s Possible to Place Canopy Bed

The canopy bed can be a great juxtaposition inside your small room. You can add largest area rug which is perfectly matched with your canopy bed. This is unexpected that you can plan with scale inside your small rum and it can be a fun way to maintain your pure design.


12. Maximize your Space

If you have to share your small space, then you can go with this option. This room has two bed which is one of them is above teh cabinets or storages. Add more accessories inside the standard white wall that combined with wood accent tile.


13. Corner and Higher Bed

If you want to get bed and drawers at the same time then you can go with this option. You can set up your bed above the drawers with the small stairs for ease access. It matches perfectly with gray and navy wall sides.


14. Playground Bedroom

Even you are able to make your small bedroom as a playground as well. Bring your bed to the corner and utilize the rest of space as your playground. Even this room has a space above for more fun space as well.


15. Cut off the Clutter

You should know that all of square spaces do not make any difference if its been crowded with many stuffs inside. Another trick that will never cost you is making your room stay clean. Get off the unnecessary clutter and make your room larger. 

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