Best 15+ Tiny House Ideas Cottages & On Wheels

Tiny House Ideas – Due to the high price of housing, more people are looking for ideas to build a small but multifunctional and affordable house. Smaller size means you need to spend less for material and service to build your house.

Moreover, the multifunctional feature is also important here. With this feature, the people that live in that house wouldn’t need too many appliances, features and other. It will save more money and space, so even though the house has smaller size, you can still live comfortably in it.

Even though it has small size, but actually it’s suitable with today’s trend. The minimalist and modern style use this kind of concept. Those ideas will help you to create comfortable and beautiful tiny house.


1. Bold Design

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This is a small house with bold design and color. The wheels available will make it possible for you to move the house easily. The small windows attached will allow you to enjoy more sun light during summer. This is also such a great way to save electrical energy and the bill you have to pay for that.


2. Small House with Two Floor

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The design of the house is quite simple. But it has two floors that will give you more spaces inside to put your belongings. The first floor of the house can be used for living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Meanwhile the second floor can be occupied as a simple bedroom. This is so practical and functional.


3. Close to Nature House with Small Space

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The next tiny house design in the list is really close to nature. The unpainted wooded walls chosen for the house make it looks so natural but elegant. The dark roof will help you to save heat during the winter while the small windows will give you more access to get sun lights and fresh air.


4. Railway Coach House Design

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This small spaced house comes with unique design that looks like a railway coach. The walls made of woods with unique cuts and shapes to add artistic touch to the simple design. The colors chosen for the house all come with earth – tone that could bring you closer to the nature. You will love the unusual curved shape of the roof.


5. Rectangular Small House Design

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The design of the house simply imitates rectangle shape completed with wheels. If you take a brief look of the house, you will see that it looks like a truck container. The only thing to differentiate the house with container is the wooden elements chosen for its structure. The small terrace added is a smart idea to maximize the spaces available.


6. Blue Little House

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The blue color chosen for the house is really perfect. It reminds you of the sea and beach out there. The color really creates fresh ambience to the small house. The yellow and orange colors applied for the door really cheer up the atmosphere.

The tiny windows attached in perfect spots will allow more lights to come into the house. The wheels will make it easier for you to transport it to wherever you want to move.


7. Opened Design for a Small House

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One of the main problems with small house is the lack of fresh air you can enjoy inside. But with the design shown in the picture, the problem will be easily settled. The house comes with three large windows, in which two of them also function as doors.

There will be also access to rooftop that will give you large space to enjoy starry nights during summer. The wooden materials mainly chosen for the house’s structure can blend perfectly with the nature.


8. Tree House – Like Design

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Tree house is not only the monopoly of children. You can also build your own tree house for daily life. But, instead of building it at the top of trees, you will only need lower part of the plants to create your house.

To make it more natural, just let the wooden walls like their original look without any color painted. Small windows are things you cannot leave. The small terrace added makes it looks more comfortable. You can also hang series of bulbs for creating romantic ambience.


9. Indian Tent Design

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Indian tent is the inspiration chosen to create this house. Instead of creating it with leather, wooden elements, again are the perfect choice. Since there is no leather you can lift up to enter the house, a door made of glasses and woods is really perfect replacement. The door can also function as window to let fresh air and sun light enter the house.


10. Simple Tiny House Design

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A small house can be created in as simple design as possible but keep functional. The bright colors picked up for the house is a great idea to make it looks fresher. Due to the lack of space to attach more windows, applying glass door is smart choice.


11. Natural Small House Design

tiny house ideas
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This is another design of small house that comes with natural look. To enter the house, there two main doors you can access. The terrace is completed with comfortable chair to make it looks so warm and cozy. The windows and doors that are made of glasses help to create illusion of more spacious house than its original size.


12. Small House with Dark Walls Design

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Dark colors can also look fabulous in small house. The colors which dominate the walls can mix perfectly with the outside nature. The door which is painted with red brings more color to the house. The long windows used are really functional.


13. Brown Style

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The design of the house is really simple with no terrace at all. The house is also dominated with brown and black colors that will attract less attention. The only brighter color only comes from the door. The design will be suitable the most for you who want to live a quieter life.


14. Earthy Small House Design

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This is another house with natural design in the list. Though the design only uses earth – tone colors but it looks so fresh and cute. There is only little accent with grey color added on the wall. But, it blends perfectly with the whole design of the house.


15. Small House with Earthy – Tone Color

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More people back to nature now. This tiny house design also comes with natural look that will capture your heart. The earth – tone color used is so perfect. A long window which also functions as door to give access to the terrace is really wonderful.

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