Top 35 Most Beautiful White Flowers with Pictures

Beautiful White Flowers – When you see or think about white flowers, what do you normally have in mind? Do they remind you of weddings or purity?  Many have associated the color as the symbol of purity and perfection, something flawless and untainted. Others consider white as a sign of truce or peace, just like when one raises a white flag during the war.

Of course, based on the types of white flowers, each symbolizes different meanings. Without further ado, the list of white flowers is here. 

Actually, there are so many types of white flowers around the world. The 30 of them are on this list with a similar trait: they also come in pink. Let’s check them out, shall we?

1. Anemone Flower 

white flowers

No, this is not the place where the clown fish live. (Remember that movie “Finding Nemo”?) Anemone, or also known as Anemone nemorosa in Latin, is one of the small white flowers that also come in other colors, like red, blue, and pink. Their shapes are also different, regarding colors, places, and time that they grow.

Some anemone flowers bloom in the spring, while others do in the fall. Despite their small size and slow growth, they tend to spread once they are planted on moist, well-drained soils and watered regularly.

2. Camellia Flower

white flowers
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This pretty white flower is often given by a young lover to another. Its exoticism, with its precious and fresh look, symbolizes the true promise of a man to protect his beloved lady. Camellia (also known in Latin as ‘Theaceae’) can be slightly pinkish, but the purest white of this flower seems to be every young lover’s favorite.

Want to compliment your lady? Hand her this. White Camellia means “You’re adorable.” Indeed.

3. Ranunculus Flower

most beautiful white flowers

Perhaps this flower does not sound familiar to most people. Not only in white, but they also come in other bright colors. Their long stems make them favorite residents of every glass vase at home. They bloom so many, especially under full sunlight. Grow them in well-drained soil, and they grow beautifully.

Their foliage should not be removed throughout the summer. This is the time when they turn yellow. Surrounded by green leaves, they can survive until the next year, since the leaves will gather the sunlight – just for them.

4. White and Green Flower | Snowdrop Flower

white flower

This snow white flower has a combined Greek and Latin words in the name: Galanthus nivalis. If Galanthus means “milk-white flower,” then nivalis resembles snow. Snowdrop can grow up to 4-inches tall.  and its pure white color symbolizes many things: purity, hope, sympathy, and rebirth.

No wonder, sometimes snowdrop flowers are often present during funerals. This type of white flower was classified by Carl Linneaus in 1753.

5. White Rose Flower

white flower

Who doesn’t know this famous pretty white flower? A white rose is the most traditional flower, whether at weddings, funerals, or simply as an expression of love. A white rose symbolizes “true love.” If someone ever gives you this, then please beware. Do not play with their heart, for this simple gesture means very, very deep. It means “I am thinking of you”.

6. Orchid Flower

white flower

There are various of orchid flowers here, and they come in various colors too, not just white. One of them is Dendrobium orchid, small white flower which can be categorized in two: the soft-caned and the hard-caned.

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The hard-caned ones have much darker leaves, while the soft-caned have green leaves that can stay that way for a longer period. Orchid has a very big family, which is impressive – knowing that it has an asexual reproduction.

7. Tulips 

red and white flowers

Many people automatically think of Holland when they see tulips. It is no surprise, knowing that tulips greatly bloom there. Although their pretty white flowers are the most popular, tulips actually come in many other colors. (Yes, including pink.) In fact, all existing colors in a rainbow are also owned by this type of flower.

Despite being most well-known in The Netherlands, this Mediterranean vegetation originally ranges in various places, from Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, Greece, Balkans, Turkey, some Middle Eastern countries (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iran), up to Ukraine and East Asian regions like Mongolia and China.

8. Dianthus Bright Eyes

white flowers dianthus

Dianthus is actually still related to the family of carnations. The unique part of this flower is its spicy fragrance. Coming in pink, purple flowers, and white, dianthun can be grown in well-drained soil. They do not need so much sunlight, only six hours a day.

It takes around six to eight weeks for these lovely flowers to fertilize. They are also well-known with another more flattering name: “Bright Eyes.”

9. Prevalence Rose (Hellebore)

green and white flowers

Roses are probably the most famous of all flowers, especially the white ones. Prevalica Rose is one of the more than 2000 varieties. As long as the land is filled with moist, well-drained soil, all roses grow very well – including this one. They only need a five-hour, full sunlight at day to bloom perfectly.

10. White Flowers | Cosmos Flower

perennial flowers white flower

The most beautiful parts of these pretty white flowers are their long stems and showy annuals. They are also bowl-shaped and greatly-cut, which attract birds and bees in the garden.

As long as their color still has not faded yet, they still look attractive. However, you might want to remove the faded ones to prolong flowering and stake. Growing in well-drained soil, they need full sunlight.

11. Small White Flowers | Yarrow Flower

small white flower

At a glimpse, you might mistake these small white flowers as ferns. Well, they do look almost similar to each other. What makes them different are yarrow’s flower heads. Their tiny blooms often come in the color of white or yellow.

Just like ferns, yarrow takes up quite an invasive space. That is why, when you want to grow them, make sure they are not planted closely to other flowers or plants. Their latin name is Achillea, and they can be found in Asia, Europe, Africa, and introduced and grown in some parts of Australia and New Zealand.

12. Cherry Blossom

perennial white flower

Cherry Blossom is also well-known as “Sakura” in Japan. The world has claimed that cherry blossom is the country’s national flower, especially since it just grows naturally there. Another flower that is also considered the same in Japan is chrysanthemum.

Cherry Blossom is not only grown in Japan, but also other countries like China, Korea, West Siberia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Canada, and even The United States. It is called ‘cherry blossom’ not because it literally grows cherries. The flowers look like cherries from a distance.

13. White Flower | Begonia Flower

white flowers

How to first identify this type of flower? They can come in either yellow, orange, red, pink flowers, and… yes, also white. Their leaves are dark green, though, despite the bright-colored top.

Unlike most flowers, Begonia does not need too much sunlight. Begonia also does not need too much water and should stay away from the windy areas. The best place to grow them is in moist, well-drained soil and cool weather.

14. White Flowers Names | Daffodils

most beautiful white flowers

Daffodils are also well-known with its Latin name, Narcissus. It is also based on a Greek mythology about Narcissus, a man who is too fond of himself that his reflection in the water causes him to drown himself and turn into a flower.

However, the symbol for this trumpet-like flower is much more positive than the backstory its Latin name is inspired from. This beautiful flower symbolize friendship.

15. Convallaria Flower (Lily of The Valley)

pretty white flowers

These are very small white flowers, much smaller than the other types of white flowers. Why are they called “Lilies of The Valley”? It is the translation of the Latin name. They are mostly grown in the valleys of the cool-temperate Northern Hemisphere in Europe and Asia. In fact, Convallaria also became the national flower of Finland in 1967.

You might want to be careful with direct contact to these flowers because they are very poisonous. Their berries may attract the children, but if you eat them, you might end up with a stomachache, vomiting a lot, reduced heart rate, blurred vision, a sense of drowsiness, and skin allergies like rashes.

16. White Flowers | Hellebore

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There are about 20 species of Hellebores. In Greek, the name means “to injure,” which is why you must also be careful with these small white flowers. Most of the species are poisonous, although they still look beautiful on the outside.

Make sure you do not plant them too deeply in the ground. Keep the ground visible, perhaps only covered by soil.Their colors grade from white to purple. Which one is your most favorite? Go ahead. Take your pick.

17. White Flowers | Candytuft Flower

green and white flowers

This small white flower with a very cute name can only be found in Europe. They also grow well in rock gardens. In well-drained soil and under the full sunlight, Candytuft can grow really tall but do not let it go overboard. If Candytuft gets too tall, it also gets spindly.

18. Tuberose (Polianthes Tuberosa)

beautiful small white flowers

Despite the name, Tuberose is not related to the family of roses at all. Tuberose also has a Latin name, which is “Polianthes tuberosa.” It blooms in the evening and can grow up to three-feet tall. Its six petals are shaped like swords. You can find them grown in Southern Hemisphere, although they also do exist in many parts of the world.

19. Edelweiss Flowers (Leontopodium Alpinum)

white flowers
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Hikers, mountain climbers…they all know Edelweiss. Before there was a warning no to pick them up on the edge of the mountain (for fear of reducing the population), many hikers had done so and given them to girlfriends as a sign of romantic gestures, sacrificial love.

Leontopodium alpinum is Edelweiss’ Latin name, which obviously means the same thing: “mountain flower.” This pretty white flower even has a song with the same name.

20. Perennial Flowers | Phlox Flower

pretty white flowers

Feeling unfamiliar with the name? No surprise, since Phlox Flower can only be found in Siskiyou County, California, USA. Since it is also the official city flower of Yreka, Phlox is also known as “Yreka Flower.”

This beautiful flower can grow up to six inches tall, with hairy stems at the base. The flowers can come in white, pink, and purple.

21. Pink and White Flowers | Plumeria Flower

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Plumeria is part of the dogbane family. They can mostly be found in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean and up to the southern part of Brazil. They grow very well in warmer regions and are more fragrant during the night.

These flowers also attract sphinx moths to pollinate them. The name Plumeria was given after French botanist Charles Plumier. This common flower is also known as “Frangipani.”

22. White and Yellow Flowers | Azalea Flower

most beautiful white flowres

Azalea blooms in the spring, with its slightly reddish petals. Its colors grade from white, pink, orange, purple, to red. A part of Rhododendron family, Azalea is a very festive flower. There are many Azalea festivals held in countries like Japan, Korea, Hongkong, and even The United States.

23. Gerbera Flower (Gerbera Jamesonii)

beautiful flowers

Gerbera or Gerbera Daisy comes in various colors. Although they are still classified as small white flowers, Gerbera can range to 5 inches in diameter. Growing in well-drained soil, this flower needs full sunlight. You may need to beware of a crown rot, possibly caused by planting Gerbera way too deep.

24. Hibiscus Flower

beautiful white flowers

This is another white flower that looks a bit like a trumpet, although Indonesians figure it looks more like a shoe. (Yes, they call hibiscus “kembang sepatu,” which is literally translated as “a flower that looks like a shoe.”) 

Hibiscus rosa-sinesis is its Latin name. It grows on a small tree but with large petals. To make hibiscus last, avoid putting these flowers in a dry area or a cold one. Room temperature is the best choice.

25. Columbine Flower

beautiful white flowers

Columbines are also known as “Aquilegia,” which means “eagle.” Obviously, the petals of this flower do look like an eagle’s claw.

It is hard to find this type of flower since Columbines can only be found in the meadows, woodlands, and higher altitudes in Northern Hemisphere.Columbines are quite receptive to the sunlight, as long as it is partial. It can grow up to 20 inches tall.

26. Calla Lily 

white flowers

Calla lily has a shape that looks like a trumpet. This kind of flower has a long stem which are able to give the impression of beauty, elegance, and holiness. Calla lily is from South Africa and it thrives there and also other countries around.

According to the flower language of Victorian classic and ancient Greek tradition, calla lily means unlimited beauty and prettiness. Resurrection and rebirth, because this kind of white flowers always grow again after winter.

Calla lily is also available in other colors besides white. Such as orange calla lily, which means happiness, growth, and change. But you need to remember that calla lily cannot be used as beauty skin care or medicines, because this flower is poisonous. Use calla lily only for decorations or gifts.

27. Dandellion Flower

beautiful white flowers

Do you look for a meaningful white flowers? Dandelion may be the right choice. Dandelion teaches us the real meaning of life. Even though it has little stems, dandelion can freely grow everywhere. It doesn’t have to be in garden or vase.

No matter where the winds bring the seeds, they will grow. That is why dandelion represents strength, freedom, and beauty. No matter the place, dandelion will be brave to start a new life.

28. Peony Flower

beautiful white flowers

Peony is one of flowers which are often found in marriage. This kind of white flowers has a lot of benefits since it is related with Paeon, God of healers in Greek mythology. Some parts of peony flower has benefits, such as the root is often used as traditional Chinese medication for painkillers, febrifuge, and also prevention of infection. 

Peony is often used in marriage celebration because it represents love, prosperity, happiness, and a better fate. Moreover, peony is a symbol of honor.

29. Kadupul Flower

unique white flower

30. Morning Glory

morning glory

Morning glory has 1000 variations of colors and species. This flower contains a meaning of glorious morning as a bless from God. Morning glory represents a strong and firm promise and commitment.

This flower will start blooming at 5 in the morning and completely bloom at 7. That is why this flower called as morning glory because it blooms in the morning. It is only life for about 1 year.

30 – 35 (Onprcs)

All white flowers are beautiful and with meanings of their own. So, which do you prefer? 

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