What Are the Weeds with Purple Flowers Called?

When you are weeding the patio landscape, chances are that you may find some weeds with beautiful purple flowers. What are the weeds with purple flowers called?

Do they have a beneficial role in the ecosystem or are they simply invasive weeds that must be eradicated? Find the answers right here.

Bittersweet Nightshade

Bittersweet Nightshade

Bittersweet nightshade is a climbing perennial weed that is characterized by broad leaves, purple flowers, and slightly purple stems. It also has red to purple berries that look attractive. But don’t ever try to eat or crush any part of the plant because they are toxic.

This species of plant can add visual interest to your lawn but the growth must be under control. Weeding and hand-pulling are effective in controlling their growth but you can also use either a chemical or natural weed killer.


What are the weeds with purple flowers called

Bugleweed is an invasive perennial weed that is commonly found in the decking or patio landscape. The species plant spreads on its stolon, sporting dark green leaves with purple or blue flowers growing in its spikes.

This weed can take over your lawn because the rhizomes can spread fast. How to get rid of purple weeds in lawns is relatively simple using a commercial weed killer. But if you want to do it naturally, a vinegar and water solution works effectively to kill the plant.

Canada Thistle

Canada Thistle

What are the weeds with purple flowers called when they have a distinctive teardrop flower shape? Commonly known as Canada thistle, the invasive weed is native to North America. It can be identified from its lance-shaped leaves with spines and teardrop flower bud clusters.

Unlike the other weeds that spread on its rhizomes, Canada thistle is an erect plant that spreads aggressively. Unless you are attracted to the floral color, you can get rid of the plants by mowing repeatedly.

Tufted Vetch

weeds with purple flowers

Tufted vetch is another weed with purple flowers you may find in the backyard. This species is relatively easy to identify by its raceme flower stalk and compound leaves. What are the weeds with purple flowers called if they can fix the nitrogen? These useful weeds are known as nitrogen fixers.

Tufted vetch is commonly planted for the benefit of the ecosystem. But if you are not interested in this plant, you can easily detach the roots by pulling the stem to kill it off.

Common Heal-All

Common Heal-All

Heal-all is a creeping perennial from the mint family that offers several benefits, not surprisingly it was used as a traditional medicine. But unless you have comprehensive knowledge of traditional medicine, there is no reason to keep this plant in your lawns.

Heal-all is characterized by a square stem and a short flower spike that blooms in early summer. Eradicating this plant can be a bit tricky because of its rooting system that regrows a new plant quickly. Hand-pull the stem and use a chemical killer to make your job easier.

What are the weeds with purple flowers called? There are several varieties that you may find in the backyard, such as bittersweet nightshade, bugleweed, and heal-all. Most of these weeds are invasive so you can get rid of them to prevent the weeds from taking over your lawns.

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