When to Apply Iron to Lawn for Amazing Results

Iron plays a key role in ensuring a lush green and healthy lawn. When your lawn turns yellow or the green shade is lighter than before, it may sign that you need to apply the iron. Learn more about when to apply iron to lawn for the best result and why it is important for your outdoor landscape.

Why Your Lawn Needs Iron

Why Your Lawn Needs Iron

Iron is a micronutrient that is available in soil but in a less soluble form. In many cases, grasses can’t take enough amount of iron to maintain their dark green shade, causing them to turn yellow or brown. That’s why iron application is needed.

Iron supplements help retain a darker shade of green during the summer by promoting the circulatory system. With more oxygen carried throughout the leaves, roots, and other parts, it produces a greener color that indicates a healthier plant.

When to Apply Iron Supplements

When to apply iron to lawn

Many people really want to know when to apply iron to lawn to achieve the best result. Basically, iron supplements can be applied at any time throughout the year. But if you expect it to be the most effective, be sure to use iron supplements in the spring.

During the spring, the air temperature is relatively low. This temperature is ideal for boosting the performance of iron supplements. Applying iron in the summer may reduce its effectiveness due to the heat. It is also essential to read and follow the instructions before using.

Kinds of Iron Supplements for Lawns

Kinds of Iron Supplements for Lawns

A plethora of varieties are available on the market when it comes to iron supplements. However, there are only two major categories, including organic iron and synthetic iron. Organic iron is made from organic sources that are healthier for your lawn ecosystem. In addition, it is easier to absorb.

Synthetic supplements, which are often available as granular iron for lawns, act more quickly than natural ones and are less expensive. But it can make your grass turn gray, not to mention it leaves stains on your concrete. So, use this iron supplement carefully.

Now that you know when to apply iron to lawn, another question may pop up in your mind. Which one is better between spray and granular forms? A spray iron can be absorbed by grass leaves which promises a quick result. Meanwhile, granular forms take more time to absorb with longer-lasting color.

When to Avoid Applying Iron

When to Avoid Applying Iron

Although iron can be applied any time of the year, avoid using this supplement in the summer. When the air temperature is hot, the iron won’t work effectively. When your grasses can’t absorb the nutrients, the result won’t be optimal and it will end up becoming a waste of money.

Applying iron to the lawn is a great way to achieve your dream outdoor landscape. To get the best results, it becomes crucial to know when to apply iron to lawn. Spring is the best time to apply iron as it has an ideal air temperature and avoid iron application in the summer if you don’t want to waste money.

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