15+ Most Beautiful Black Flowers with Pictures

Types of Black Flowers – Black Flowers will make your garden becomes different. As we know flower is chosen as decoration and it will make your room looks different too. There are so many types of flowers that you can choose.

You can choose colorful flower. There are some people who like with flower in black color.

Black can have different meaning too. It offers ominous tone. Black color will symbolize certain thing such as rejuvenation, rebirth, farewell and some other meanings.

When you like to plant on your garden, you can choose to plant it in rare way so it will add intrigue on your garden. How to plant flower in black is just the same with colorful flower.

What you need to pay attention is the proper sun for your flower and also the soil need.

For all of you who are looking for some types of black flowers for your garden, here are some examples of flower in black that you can plant.

1. Black Daylily

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Black Daylily is known as calla lily. Some lilies attract people because it is usually in various colors. How about lily in black color? Lily in black color is also great and popular. It is popular because of elegant shape both when you plant on your garden and you cut the flowers for the decoration.

This kind of flower is great   You need to plant this flower deeper and also watering it well. It is good to watering and also fertilizer your plant. You need to choose this flower because this flower is low maintenance.

2. Black Dianthus

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Black Dianthus is great to be chosen. It is in similar class as carnation. This flower is colorful and also handy annual. This flower usually gives you spicy fragrance and if you want to know the other color of this flower, you can find this flower in white, purple and also pink.

In order to plant this flower, you need to consider sun need. The spot to plant this flower should receive 6 hours of sun per day at least. You need to consider fertilizer of this flower. It should be done every 6-8 weeks.

3. Black Velvet Petunia


How about choosing black velvet petunia? This flower can be found in some countries in the world. This flower is popular because it offers different color too such as purple and white color. For all of you who like to plant this flower, you need to give well drained soil and also full sun.

This flower can grow well when you give partial sun need.  This flower can be growth in 9-11 zone and this flower is fast growing so you don’t need to wait for longer time to see your flower in the garden. When you like to have great flower on your garden, please make sure that you keep it warm and dry and you need to protect this flower from strong wind.

4. Black Hollyhock 


How about black hollyhock flower? It is real black flower that will give you beautiful black color. This flower is in bowl shape and it is also tall flower. It can grow until 10 feet. How to plant this flower?

This flower should get well drained soil and also full sun. It must be growth in 3-9 zones. For all of you who like to plant this flower, you need to consider that this flower grows so tall. That is why you need to consider area to plant this flower. You need to do regular cutting so it will grow better.

5. Black Bat Flower


You can also choose to plant black bat flower. This flower is great flower and it looks beautiful like bat with wings. This flower is suitable for all of you who want to plant this flower in semi tropical climates. This flower needs well drained soil, and also partial shade.

You don’t need to give full sun for this flower. This black flower is great to be planted in 11 zone. You need to know that planting this flower can be done indoor because it only needs partial shade of sun on your home area.

6. Black Tulip


How about black Tulip for your garden? This is also great choice for you. This black flower can be plant in easy way too. This flower is like a flower. It is usually coming in bright color and there are so many people like with this flower because it is in simple cut shape and it grows in easy way.

You need to use well drained soil, and it needs full or partial sun. It can grow in 3-8 growing zone. How to grow it well? You need to know the tip before you really plant on your garden. You should avoid excessive moisture for this flower.

7. Black Calla Lily


For all of you who like to plant this calla lily especially in black color, you need to consider some things such as soil need. This lily needs well drained soil and it need full sun.

You need to grow this flower 8-10 zones and you don’t need to worry to plant this flower in difficult way because it is example of flower with low maintenance caring. It is also need better fertilizer and you need to fertilize this flower regularly.

8. Black Pansy


Black Pansy is great type of flower in black too. This flower is blooming in all seasons. Unfortunately this flower is type of hardly handle flower because it really needs special treatment. For all of you who like to plant this flower, you need to consider the soil. You need moist soil. And please make sure you plant this flower in outdoor area because this flower needs full sun.

9. Black Dahlia


Black Dahlia is kind of colorful flower that you can choose. This flower has spiky petal and it can form in large, and also head round. It comes in different colors and size.

For all of you who like to plant this flower, you need to consider about soil need, sunlight need and also zone to plant this flower. This flower needs full sun and moist soil. You need to keep the temperature too in 60 degrees.

10. Black Hellebore


Black hellebore is beautiful flower that you can choose as best flower in black. This flower has long blooming period and you must be patient when you like to plant this flower.

This black flower needs well drained soil and you don’t need to worry because this flower still can be planted in partial shade area. It means you can grow this flower indoor or in outdoor area. When you choose to grow it in outdoor area, you should not plant it deeper. It can be growth well although it is covered only with soil.

11. Black Rose Flower

The last kind of black flower that you can choose for your garden is rode flower. Rose is black is sexy and exotic. Rose in black is also known and popular because it is old and antique. For all of you who want to plant this rose flower, you need to know that this flower is complicated flower kind.

12. Black Orchid

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13. Kenyan Dragon Flower (Plant)

14. Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

15. Hyacinth


There are some people who like black hyacinth too for their garden. This flower is known as spring flower too and it is so beautiful because this flower produces small bundles in some colors too such as blue and also white.

Flower in black is different and make your garden looks better. You can also use it as decoration. For all of you who like with white and black tone on your home, you can choose to use some kinds of flower in black above to make your home looks different.

You better know the kind of flower and also know how to plant your flower well so you can get great garden on your home. Please make sure that you do right fertilizing and watering for your Black Flowers.

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