Why Does My Garage Floor Sweat? Please Check the Causes and Solution Below!

Why Does My Garage Floor Sweat? Talking about the garage, of course, the existence of a garage is crucial for you as a place to store vehicles and vehicle tools and building tools.

The parts of the garage that are of concern are the garage structure, garage walls, garage doors, and garage floor.

What makes the garage floor important?

The garage floor is important because there is traffic, especially vehicles entering and leaving. If the garage floor is slippery, of course, it can endanger you, you can slip when walking, or your vehicle tires become slippery.

When you use a motorbike, passing through a slippery floor can make your motorbike lose balance and fall.

So, Why are Garage Floors Sweating?

Your garage is fickle, and it appears to be a constant battle to keep its flooring from getting wet, resulting in a damp, smelly environment that no one wants to work in.

Garage floors sweet are not only inconvenient, but they may also be dangerous. It generates a slick surface that, if not handled carefully, can result in significant harm to people who are not paying attention.

You need to figure out what’s causing the floor to sweat before you can stop it. Condensation is the cause of a slick garage floor for many homeowners.

When moist air meets the chilly concrete of the garage floor, condensation forms. When two opposing temperatures collide, the air cools below the dew point and condenses on the concrete’s surface.

The result is a hazy garage floor and become garage floor sweating.

Is Condensation Becoming the Only Problem of Sweaty Garage Floors?

Condensation isn’t the main cause of sweaty garage floors. Moisture can rise from beneath the slab, which is not the same as the floor sweating but is sometimes confused with it.

The lack of a protective moisture barrier beneath the surface of the concrete garage floor causes this in many homes.

Homeowners are unaware that even concrete can be penetrated by moisture, and when it comes to water we need to be careful about pores that act as sponges.

How To Stop Sweaty Garage Floor?

Because of the quick and easy testing, you did with the taped plastic square, you now know you have a sweating garage floor.

But now that you have a sweating garage floor, how do you cure it? Condensation is what you’re trying to avoid here.

A sealer applied to the garage floor will not solve the problem of a sweaty surface. You must concentrate on resolving the issues that cause the garage floor to sweat in the first place. 

Changing the conditions in your garage isn’t as tough as you would think. Start with a dehumidifier, which will assist to reduce the humidity in your garage and so alleviate the problem of floor perspiration.

To keep the dehumidifier functioning efficiently, remember to empty the water.

Then, by increasing circulation in your garage, you’ll be able to help it out. A fan aiming towards the floor can be used to accomplish this.

If the air near the concrete cannot cool down for long enough, it will not condense, and you will not have to worry about a sweaty floor. If you can install an oscillating fan in your garage, that would be excellent.

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