25+ Best Bathroom Sink Ideas and Designs

Bathroom Sink Ideas – The bathroom sink is more than just functional need. This is also part of statement design that can take seriously with the power in order to decide the look and nuance of your space as well.

Whether you just look for something space and more sculptural or  slim shape and more storage friendly (or you might not know where you start), there is series of options as well as endless option that can turn in choose the right sink for bathroom become the daunting task.

This is why, you can share this article to choose best bathroom sink ideas. There are several criteria that can help you to decide the choice which most suits based on your needs, of course, with so many styles to space as well.

1. Get Antique Sink

bathroom sink ideas

This sink looks like the colonial home design that serves as the dealer in the showcase and this is might blend well with your contemporary design. You can see the wood textured of this sink on the gray scheme. Even the pipe also looks antique that perfectly match in your simple decoration.

2. Raised Corner Sink with Storage

bathroom sink

This style is combined the metal sink with the wooden storage below. This sink tried to maximize the function which set in the corner space of your bath. Then you can hang mirror above the sink and this is one best idea if you have small bathroom space. This sink can combine with the pattern wall and black tile as well.

3. Classic White Sink with Mirror


There is anything wrong when you decided to back with classic white in your white bathroom scheme. As you can see on its picture that design is so simple but still being able to represent your style. You can combine your white patterned wall with your white sink. Do not forget to hang a large mirror above your sink with the ornamented light, this classic white ideas also works well with your black tiles.

4. Rustic Sink with Rounded Mirror


This rustic sink is not only shows you with rustic look, however it can perfectly match in your simple bathroom design. This raised rustic sink has the wooden squared storage underneath. The rounded mirror above the rustic sink can complement the sink and surrounding gray scheme.

5. Rustic Basin Sink


This sink gives you something more nature and you can add more green features. This rustic basin sinks matches perfectly with your white rustic scheme. Then you can see simple backsplash and the lightbulp can match perfectly with overall bathroom design.

6. More Rustic Sink with Minimalist Design


This rustic sink has very minimalist features that can complement each bathroom design as well. The stone inspired for the sink even can adjust into your modern bathroom design as well. Then there is pretty simple pipe above the sink and do not forget to hank square mirror. To add slight rustic feeling, then the flower with rustic vase is good to bring out.

7. Squared Sink with Very Minimalist Design


This sink above is suited for those who love very simple design in their bathroom. As you can see that grayish sink above has minimalist size along with the black pipe. To complement the squared shaped then the round mirror can give more elements inside this space. The wall also has grayish palette with the wood accent underneath.

8. Sparkling Sophisticated Black Sink


This sink above has very unique shape that can reflect your unique characteristic. This sink has the same color and same pattern with overall bathroom’s design. With the curvy design which is gives your room looks modern and fabulous.

9. Unique Square Sink with Wood Accent


This is wooden squared sink gives more value inside your bathroom space. This is raised sink that you can place close with your white bath. Think sink can blend well together with your classic white wall and black tile as well.

10. Above-Counter Bowl Sink


This sink offers you with cleaner lines and it has bowl style that can compliment your organic feeling inside your bathroom.

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Then you can add green features inside your bathroom space. Above the sink, you can see the storage and hang the big square mirror. This sink shows you with clean lines in white along with white patterned wall.

11. Simple Square Sink


If you want sink which is blending with your overall design, then you can with this idea. You can choose simple square sink that has same pattern and design inside your bathroom space. You can attach it close to your bath and mounted the mirror along the wall.

12. Full Ornamented Sink


This is same idea with the previous sink, you can choose same patterns for the sink with the overall pattern inside your bathroom space. This image shows you with full ornamented sink which is pretty unique because almost all of decoration has same pattern.

13. Back to all White Sink


This is another idea that you can consider if you prefer to get clean scheme with white color. You can combine your white closet with simple white sink. This white sink is combined with the wooden storage that adds something fresh inside the all white decoration. The mid size of square mirror was hanged above the sink that complements overall design.

14. Wide Flat Sink with Mirror


This sink is flatten with the rest of space and provides you with stylish look as well. This gray sink is also match with your white wall. Then square mirror over the sink can make this idea looks more interesting.

15. Raised Sink with the Lighting

bathroom sink ideas

This is can be set on as your raised corner sink. This sink has same scheme with the wall scheme as well. Then the lighting above the sink can add warmer feeling and wooden ornament on the mirror can blend together with the lighting. 16- 25 ON PRCS

So there are many bathroom sink ideas that you can use as reference. Then one of the most common sink is the top-mount or you know as drop-in sink which is designed to sit above the counter as the name implied. Generally, most of bath sinks places below the counter along with just the rim in the top, so obviously visible that this is the counter.

The rim can be very slim or thicker, as been pictured above. This is also depending on your style as well. This type is suitable for almost all of materials, including of laminate and wood because of that piece will be completely sealed by the sink and hence does not damage your piece as well. 

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