Realize Your Bench Porch Ideas with These Bench Designs

Bench Porch Ideas – For some people, owning a house with a porch is a huge privilege. However, a porch would not be complete without a bench. With the presence of benches, you can sit, relax and enjoy a cup of drink with your friends or loved ones.

You may be confused about deciding what bench design you should use for your porch. So, we have compiled some bench porch ideas that you can either buy or build on your own.

1. Canvas bench porch ideas

bench porch ideas

Foldable, practical, and easy to use are only some of the characteristics of a canvas porch bench. As the name suggests, this type of bench uses high-quality canvas to accommodate its occupants.

In addition, by combining white canvas with dark brown wood, you can create a unique aesthetic for your front or rear porch.

2. Acapulco bench porch ideas

Acapulco outdoor chair is suitable if you have a small porch in your house. Shaped like a half egg, this type of outdoor chair is usually made out of vinyl chord on a slightly pear-shaped metal frame.

Other than its unique shape, the Acapulco chair is also characterized by its design. With only three legs, it can be fitted easily on your small porch.

3. King-size bench porch ideas

bench porch Ideas

You may have seen a king-size porch bench in old western movies before. As the name suggests, the king-size bench porch is long and big, capable of accommodating three to four people.

It’s exposed backrest makes this type of chair very similar to the farm-style outdoor chair. However, the design is more old-school with a combination of curves and dark colors.

4. Modern armchair bench porch ideas

Most people characterize armchairs for their bulkiness and indoor use. However, by adding a modern twist to the design, you can turn a conventional armchair into a comfortable porch bench.

Instead of wood and cushion, the modern armchair is typically made out of rattan cane. As some of the best reloading bench ideas, you can equip your modern armchair with separate cushions and pillows.

5. Corner bench porch ideas with side table

bench porch ideas

If you have a big porch, you may want to add a bench to make use of empty space. If that’s the case, the corner porch bench may be the best option for your porch. With the two benches meeting at the corner, you can even integrate a side table to accommodate drinks or decors.


More bench porch ideas
bench porch ideas
bench porch ideas

So, those are some of our bench porch ideas that you can adopt when choosing or building a bench porch. The idea of a porch bench is to make you comfortable when relaxing. So, besides design, be sure to consider comfort and portability.

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