The Characteristics of Cottage Style Exterior Window Trim to Apply

Some people choose to apply cottage style exterior window trim. A window is a crucial element in your home since it can give you more light and fresh air. When you have more windows in your home, you will get more natural light and better air circulation.

You need to choose the right design for your home windows because windows trim ideas will influence the overall look of your home.

Cottage style exterior window trim – Double Hung Window

They’re the windows you see in fairy tales or admire while driving through charming, old districts. They could even be the reason you acquired your house in the first place.

When you look closely, you’ll notice that cottage windows are just double-hung windows. They have two sashes that slide up and down within the same frame, one on top of the other. A cottage window is distinguished from a double-hung window by two stylistic distinctions.

  • Lower Sash Cottage windows traditionally feature a 50/70 sash size ratio split. In this Western New York remodel, the upper sash is smaller than the lower sash.
  • Grilles may be seen on the smaller top sash, giving the appearance of several individual window panes. Cottage windows are either four over one or six over one, meaning the top sash has four or six panes and the bottom sash has one.

Why do you love cottage-style windows?

The divided upper sash in the traditional four-over-one or six-over-one form adds charm both inside and outside the property. The multi-paned appearance adds curb appeal to the exterior while providing divided light on the inside.

A clean line of sight is maintained thanks to the unobstructed lower sash. The asymmetrical split enhances the aesthetic by giving the impression of two, five, or seven distinct windows being utilized in tandem.

Whether you reside in a Craftsman cottage, an original or contemporary home, or simply wish to incorporate the design into your home, you may do it with only one project.

Upgrade to double-hung windows in the classic cottage style for old-world elegance with modern window functionality and efficiency.


If you don’t love the cottage style of window, you can find other window trim ideas in your favorite style. Choosing the right design and decoration for your window will improve the aesthetics of your interior and exterior look.

It is good to do DIY window trim in your home. You can save more money, and you can still get your favorite window look. After you’ve learned about cottage style exterior window trim, you can seek professional assistance.

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